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Design of Least Mean Square Algorithm for Adaptive Noise Canceller
This paper describes the concept of adaptive noise cancelling, an alternative method of estimating signals corrupted by additive noise or interference. The method uses a “primary” input containing the corrupted Signal and a “reference” input containing noise correlated in some unknown way with the primary noise. The reference input is adaptively filtered and subtracted from the primary input to obtain the signal estimate. A desired signal corrupted by additive noise can often be recovered by an adaptive noise canceller using the least mean squares (LMS) algorithm. Computer simulations with uncorrelated Gaussian noise and signals confirm the results of the analysis and demonstrate the effectiveness of the least mean squares (LMS) algorithms.This Adaptive Noise Canceller is then useful for enhancing the S/N ratio of data collected from sensors (or sensor arrays) working in noisy environment, or dealing with potentially weak signals.
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EEWeb Pulse - Volume 57
Interview with Rod Callison – Engineering Fellow at Raytheon Missile Systems; Pulling Energy Out of Thin Air; Improved Noise Figure Using anFDA and Input Transformer; RTZ – Return to Zero Comic
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Time Medical - MRI
Time Medical, Time Medical MRI, MRI, low field MRI, Hybrid MRI, PICA, MONA, HTS, Hybrid PICA, Hybrid MONA, QY Ma, MRI technology, High Temperature Superconducting Coils, HTSC, MRI Scanner, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, SNR
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In the present paper, Radio over fiber (ROF) transport systems have the potential to offer large transmission capacity, significant mobility and flexibility, as well as economic advantage due to its broad bandwidth and low attenuation characteristics.
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MRI research scientists, engineers and clinical experts have been delivering increasingly impressive MRI innovations for the past four decades. The library of MRI innovations has had a most profound effect on the way Radiologists make their diagnosis. Improvements in hardware design and clinical applications have brought MRI scanner technology to an unprecedented level of sensitivity and specificity - enabling early detection and more effective treatment of disease. This paradigm of continuous innovation has (in fact) saved lives, reduced human suffering and reduced the overall cost of delivering healthcare.
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Hybrid PICA
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A New Ultra Low-Power and Noise Tolerant CircuitTechnique for CMOS Domino Logic
Dynamic logic style is used in high performance circuit design because of its fast speed and less transistors requirement as compared to CMOS logic style. But it is not widely accepted for all types of circuit implementations due to its less noise tolerance and charge sharing problems. A small noise at the input of the dynamic logic can change the desired output. Domino logic uses one static CMOS inverter at the output of dynamic node which is more noise immune and consuming very less power as compared to other proposed circuit. In this paper we have proposed a novel circuit for domino logic which has less noise at the output node and has very less power-delay product (PDP) as compared to previous reported articles. Low PDP is achieved by using semi-dynamic logic buffer and also reducing leakage current when PDN is not conducting. This paper also analyses the PDP of the circuit at very low voltage and different W/L ratio of the transistors
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Development of Jet Noise Power Spectral LawsUsing SHJAR Data
High quality jet noise spectral data measured at the Aeroacoustic Propulsion Laboratory at the NASA Glenn Research Center is used to examine a number of jet noise scaling laws.
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Multi Sensor Image Fusion For Impulse Noise Removal In Digital Images
The digital images are corrupted by impulse noise due to errors generated in camera sensors, analog-to-digital conversion and communication channels. Therefore it is necessary to remove impul
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Speckle Noise Suppression of SAR Image usingHybrid Order Statistics Filters
Synthetic Aperture Rader (SAR) images are inherently affected by multiplicative speckle noise, which is a granular noise that degrades the quality of SAR information content and akes image interpretation, recognition and terrain classification difficult. In this paper, an lgorithm using Hybrid order statistics filter- MM (Hybrid Mean Median) is proposed, which s a combination of mean and median filters to suppress speckle noise in SAR images. The filter is tested with two different mask sizes of *7 and 5*5. The performance of the proposed ilter is tested against the standard filters such as Frost, Kuan, Lee and Median for reduction f speckle noise. The performance metrics hows that the proposed filter performs better in terms of PSNR and MSE.
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