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OMG… Hope This Unknown Person Gets A Jail Sentence For Cruelty To Dog (Must See!)
A dog is a man’s best friend. But sadly, not all of us humans behaved the same way as dogs do to us. Sad fact, isn’t it? There was a recent cruelty to dog case uncovered recently. The attacker was really wicked. It uses a shot gun, hoping to kill this poor dog from living.
Uploaded by fanomar on 01/09/2013
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Reasons to Go Vegan
In Defense of Animals presents reasons to go vegan – protect the earth, preserve your health, prevent animal cruelty. Find out more on the IDA website Make a donation to IDA
Uploaded by veganfuture on 12/24/2012
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Missing calves - Say NO to dairy products
A VIVA poster detailing the cruelty of the dairy industry which results in calves being cruelly separated from their distraught mothers. Dairy Products – Just Say No! More details at
Uploaded by veganfuture on 01/13/2013
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Compassion for Cows. Be inspired to ditch dairy
An eye-opening VIVA USA leaflet about the cruelty of the dairy industry. You are encouraged to be compassion towards cows and replace dairy products with vegan alternatives.
Uploaded by veganfuture on 05/11/2013
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Three Approaches to the Ethical Status of Animals
An Occasional Paper Volume 9
Uploaded by maguireethicscenter on 03/25/2012
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25 Reasons to Try Vegetarian
A Mercy for Animals booklets listing 25 reasons to try a vegetarian diet. For your health, the environment and the animals, eliminate meat, eggs and dairy products from your diet today. Support the work of Mercy for Animals at Order print versions of this booklet at
Uploaded by veganfuture on 09/12/2011
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Animals Asia's response on progress to end bear farming
An outline of the initiatives and action undertaken by Animals Asia to end bear farming in China and Vietnam
Uploaded by timrobinson6 on 11/01/2010
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Reasons to Go Veggie: Farmed Animals
A VIVA leaflet encouraging readers to stop eating animals. Highlighted in the leaflet is the suffering being inflicted on cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, fish and ducks and the fact that more than 50 billion animals are slaughtered annually across the world.
Uploaded by veganfuture on 12/31/2012
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PAWS to Think DEMO
PAWS to Think DEMO
Uploaded by nsalamerica on 07/16/2008
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Say no to Fur project
Say not to fur project brief and handouts
Uploaded by chigraphics on 07/25/2011
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