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What You Need To Know About Wireless Networking And Why
This is a very informative article about wireless networks.
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MDG 8 ( Development Global Partnerships) and Telecentre networks : October 2005 Issue
i4d encompasses the role and relevance of ICT in various development sectors such as Rural Development, Gender, Governance, Micro-finance, Education, Health, Wireless Communication, ICT For Poor, Local Content, Culture and Heritage, and more.
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Virtual and Social Networks
A major shift in Engagement Marketing
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Inclusive Exclusivity: How to Build Open and Innovative Cultural Networks
In this paper we look at densely interconnected networked structures with a high innovative potential, high cost of entry, and a certain degree of exclusivity towards new members. After modeling two cultural networks using real-life data from Facebook, we find that their resulting graph topology, especially among the cliques of the most influential members, is close to that of a random graph. We demonstrate that while this structure is typical for many innovative networks because it allows for the more efficient propagation of knowledge, it also carries certain disadvantages making the networks much more susceptible to node removal, uncontrolled oscillations, and a high degree of exclusivity that leads to stagnation. We then discuss the possible strategies to retain these networks’ innovative potential and their capacity for information propagation, while making them less exclusive, more stable, and more heterogeneous.
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Rowing against the tide: Making the case for community resilience
Rowing Against the Tide sets out The Young Foundation’s definition of community resilience: what nourishes it, what acts as a barrier to its development and what role professionals and the state play in brokering or impeding community resilience. We draw on observations in two neighbourhood areas: Roquetes in Barcelona, Spain and Lindängen in Malmö, Sweden. The challenges in these places resonate with many of the issues faced closer to home and the scenarios described will be familiar to policy makers working in the UK context. The report shows that community resilience is a powerful tool for enabling communities to thrive in difficult times but the idea that it requires little or no state intervention is an illusion.
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What Is Bonded 3G And What Are Its Main Uses
The Internet has evolved rapidly in recent years. Nearly a decade ago, broadband was in its infancy and only a small amount of UK households and businesses had access to the Internet.
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2010 Small Arms Survey: Gangs, Groups, and Guns
Reviews a range of issues related to gangs and armed groups, focusing on their use of violence, as well as emerging efforts to prevent and curb the damage they inflict on society. The volume includes studies of prison gangs, girls in gangs, and pro-government groups; it also features case studies from Ecuador and Southern Sudan. Rounding out the book is original research on the global ammunition trade and on options for controlling illicit firearm transfers by air.
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The Structure and Function of Complex Networks
Inspired by empirical studies of networked systems such as the Internet, social networks, and biological networks, researchers have in recent years developed a variety of techniques and models to help us understand or predict the behavior of these systems. Here we review developments in this field, including such concepts as the small-world effect, degree distributions, clustering, network correlations, random graph models, models of network growth and preferential attachment, and dynamical processes taking place on networks.
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Complex Networks - Structure and Dynamics
Coupled biological and chemical systems, neural networks, social interacting species, the Internet and the World Wide Web, are only a few examples of systems composed by a large number of highly interconnected dynamical units. The first approach to capture the global properties of such systems is to model them as graphs whose nodes represent the dynamical units, and whose links stand for the interactions between them.
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New Ways to Explore Australian Media Ownership Opportunities and Threats
In this paper, a technique is illustrated for firstly visualizing media ownership relationship webs, and secondly, to then analyse them to look for new opportunities, or threats that may exist once the media ownership laws are relaxed. The technique is called Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), which is an evolution of social network analysis techniques commonly used by sociologists to understand personal relationship networks. Our research has shown that many of the concepts and analytical techniques
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