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SP's Land Forces April-May 2013
SP's Land Forces April-May 2013 >> Raising New Formations >> Indian Army’s Alignment for Net-centric Combat >> Defence Spending: Army, Navy & Air Force >> Optimising Technology for Border Security >> Anatomy of China’s DBO Intrusion >> Emerging Concepts in Air and Missile Defence >> Exercise Ajeya Warrior
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Becoming a "Sense-and-Respond" Academic and Government Organisation
The Information Resources Management College is the largest of four colleges of National Defence University, the pre-eminent U.S. graduate-level institution responsible for educating military and civilian senior leaders across government for national security. The college, dedicated to developing information leaders who can leverage information and information technology for strategic advantage, is rapidly becoming an adaptive enterprise. The college is transforming into a "sense-and-respond" organisation (Haeckel, 1999), that is increasingly netcentric and agile, an essential quality for survival in a dynamic Information Age environment. By engaging more directly with stakeholders, the college is sensing the learning needs of government organisations. In response it is re-designing current, and designing new, educational programs, re-framing its courses into professional development seminars, and designing tailored educational services to meet the learning needs of government...
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SP's Land Forces October-November 2012
SP's Land Forces October-November 2012 >> Interview: 'Net-centricity will usher in profound changes in operational concepts and organisational changes' - Lt General Sunit Kumar, Director General Information System (DGIS), Indian Army >> Lessons Learnt and the Way Forward - General (Retd) V.P. Malik >> China’s Military Modernisation >> Managing Battle at the Cutting Edge >> Preparing Soldiers for Future Wars >> Siachen Surrender: An Expensive Affair >> Future Wars in India >> Indian Army in Disaster Management
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SP's Naval Forces August-September 2011
> Net-centricity to Ne(x)t-Centricity > Flexible and Long-Range > China’s Aircraft Carrier Project > Tension Boils Over the Narrow Waters > Indigenously Designed Warship
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CrossTalk July '07
The Journal of Defense Software Engineering.
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Modernisationof Indian Army
GeoIntelligence Jan – Feb 2013 edition
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Products of the NCOIC
NCOIC enters its fourth year with a solid organizational foundation and a robust set of net centric analysis tools. As we apply our tools to specific customer missions, we continue to develop, refine and validate our processes and concepts of operations.
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Mobile Networking Overview
The NCOIC Mobile Networks Working Group (MNWG) is evaluating and recommending mobile networking solutions for network centric systems. This Mobile Networking Overview (MNO) document identifies the key mobile networking problem areas and the process for addressing them.
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SP's Land Forces Dec 2010-Jan 2011
SP's Land Forces December 2010-January 2011
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MIT DISA Who's Who and FCSA GSA/DISA Issue 0909
DISA's Bruce Bennett and GSA's Kevin Gallo share the vision of the joint FCSA contracting for commercial satellites, plus the complete DISA Who's Who!
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