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Looking for Clues about Quality: A Multilevel Mixed Design on Quality Management in Greek...
As methodology, mixed methods (MM) provide a means to facilitate and explain several complex phenomena across various disciplines. Tashakkori and Creswell (2008), identified a nurturing and dynamic intellectual community as one that encourages scholarly debate and intellectual risk-taking as well as developing graduate students as stewards of their disciplines. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to describe how a multilevel mixed design was applied to a research project designed to investigate the adoption of quality management in Greek universities through the lens of neo-institutional theory. Appropriate research design is a critical choice when performing organizational research, especially when the research lacks previous precedents; thus, this gap in the literature empirically investigated these issues by using MM, which led to a process in design development and compatibility to overcome many challenges. This paper presents part of the methodological and pragmatical...
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Routledge Complete Catalogue: October - December 2009 UK
Routledge Complete Catalogue: October - December 2009 UK 2009 Catalogue for the European, Asian, African and Australian Markets from Routledge and the Taylor & Francis Group.
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Fiscal Federalism in Latin America: From Entitlements to Markets
The aim of this book is to provide policymakers in Latin America with the stylized facts of what works and what does not in decentralization policies and schemes, based on analysis of the recent experiences of several Latin American countries.
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TOD N#9 Geert Lovink, My First Recession
My First Recession starts after the party is over. This study maps the tran- sition of critical Internetculture from the mid to late 1990s Internet craze to the dotcom crash, the subsequent meltdownof global financial markets and 9/11. In his discussion of the dotcom boom-and-bust cycle, GeertLovink lays out the challenges faced by critical Internet culture today. In a series of case studies,Lovink meticulously describes the ambivalent attitude that artists and activists take as they veerback and forth between euphoria and skepticism. As a part of this process, Lovink examines theinternal dynamics of virtual communities through an analysis of the use of moderation and ‚Äúcollaborativefiltering‚ÄĚ on mailing lists and weblogs. He also confronts the practical and theoreticalproblems that appear as artists join the growing number of new-media education programs.
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Politics 2010 Update
The Politics 2010 Update catalogue from Palgrave Macmillan
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AUCA Catalogue 2012-2013
AUCA Academic Catalogue for 2012-2013 yr
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Holistic Marketing Management, Volume 2, Issue 3, Year 2012
The School of Management-Marketing of the Romanian-American University prides itself that as ambitious newcomers in the educational field, we are entrepreneurial, lean-agile, strugling to improve the effectiveness and performance of work processes in adapting to our world in accelerated motion. That is why we are inviting to the right conversation and action, considering that it is always a reward to share views with people who innovate and re-innovate, and people who are depositors of a high level of expertise.
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Economics Update 2010
The 2010 Economics Update Catalogue from Palgrave Macmillan
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EUI Academic Publications 2011
This directory of academic publications lists all academic publications reported by the European University Institute's academic community, including books, doctoral theses, articles, chapters in books, working papers, and research reports.
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Industrial, Organizational & Work Psychology 2011
Industrial, Organizational & Work Psychology 2011
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