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Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function, Seventh Edition
With authors who are both accomplished researchers and educators, Vollhardt and Schore's Organic Chemistry takes a functional group approach with a heavy emphasis on understanding how the structure of a molecule determines how that molecule will function in chemical reactions. By understanding the connection between structure and function, students will be better prepared to understand mechanisms and solve practical problems in organic chemistry. The new edition brings in the latest research breakthroughs and applications, expanded problem-solving help, and new online homework options.
Published by: Freeman/Worth | Publication date: 01/01/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 1344 pages

Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function 8e maintains the classic framework with a logical organization that an organic molecule’s structure will determine its function and strengthens a focus on helping students understand reactions, mechanisms, and synthetic analysis and their practical applications. The eighth edition presents a refined methodology, rooted in teaching expertise to promote student understanding and build problem solving skills. Paired with SaplingPlus, students will have access to an interactive and fully mobile ebook, interactive media features and well respected Sapling tutorial style problems—Where every problem emphasizes learning with hints, targeted feedback and detailed solutions as well as a unique pedagogically focused drawing tool.This new edition is revised and enhanced throughout, including a much stronger array of superior online tools that are part of a complete, integrated online learning system.When it comes to explaining fundamental economic principles by drawing on current economic issues and events, there is no one more effective than Nobel laureate and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and co-author, Robin Wells. In this best-selling introductory textbook, Krugman and Wells’ signature storytelling style and uncanny eye for revealing examples help readers understand how economic concepts play out in our world.This new edition is revised and enhanced throughout, including a much stronger array of superior online tools that are part of a complete, integrated online learning system.
Published by: W.H. Freeman | Publication date: 01/12/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 1472 pages

Química Orgânica: Estrutura e Função (Portuguese Edition)
Química orgânica tem tido êxito em seu objetivo: ajudar os estudantes na organização lógica das informações e no consequente entendimento da química orgânica contemporânea. A abordagem dos autores, os professores e pesquisadores Peter Vollhardt e Neil Schore, enfatiza que a estrutura de uma molécula orgânica determina seu funcionamento em uma reação química. O entendimento dessa relação permite aprender a resolver problemas práticos da química orgânica. Nesta nova edição, foram reforçados os temas da compreensão da reatividade, dos mecanismos e da análise sintética na aplicação dos conceitos químicos a situações reais. Novas aplicações da química orgânica às ciências da vida, às práticas industriais, à química verde e ao controle ambiental foram incorporadas, além de novos problemas de sínteses e problemas “desafiadores”.
Published by: Bookman | Publication date: 01/01/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 1472 pages