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XBOX Manual: NBA 2K3
XBOX Manual: NBA 2K3
Published on 07/06/2013
Document details: 351 downloads.

NBA basketball : an official fan's guide
Published on 04/16/2012
Document details: 138 pages. 36 downloads.

Sega Dreamcast Manual: Sega Sports NBA 2K (1999)(Sega)(US)
Sega Dreamcast Manual: Sega Sports NBA 2K (1999)(Sega)(US)
Published on 05/20/2013
Document details: 17 pages. 249 downloads.

MRVF 258 Marcus Mann
Marcus Mann- The Draft Review; "Mann Trades Pro Basketball for Pulpit;" "He Just Said No/Marcus Mann Turned his Back on Big Money in the NBA so he Could Find Happiness Working with Troubled Kids in Mississippi."
Published on 08/22/2018
Document details: 17 pages. 8 downloads.

Basketball top 10
Published on 04/22/2019
Document details: 102 pages. 5 downloads.

Yao Ming
Published on 07/18/2018
Document details: 42 pages. 1 download.

Marcus Mann Basketball Card
This collection is stored in the Memorabilia Room. Please ask at Circulation Desk for material. 1 collectible Basketball Card in clear protective cover. Collectible Basketball Card is of Marcus Mann, ECCC graduate 1992-1994. He was nominated into the Hall of Fame and was Mr. EC. He also played basketball at Mississippi Valley State University 1994-1996. He was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the 1996 NBA Draft. MEM 223
Published on 09/26/2018
Document details: 42 pages. 2 downloads.

Dwyane Wade
Published on 06/30/2018
Document details: 74 pages. 6 downloads.

ERIC ED458147: Team Work: Sports and the Law.
This lesson plan uses students' interest in sports to teach good citizenship. With its focus on rules, responsibility, conflict resolution, and teamwork, the unit emphasizes the development of critical thinking, decision-making, and citizenship skills in young people. This lesson plan is part of a series of fully prepared, interactive classroom lesson plans offered by the Sports and the Law program of the Constitutional Rights Foundation. Each lesson includes detailed teacher instructions, background information, and student handouts. This lesson presents a National Basketball Association (NBA) mock draft. Students roleplay team owners, players, and members of an arbitration panel while dealing with free agency, the salary cap, and building a competitive team. (BT)
Published on 01/10/2016
Document details: 14 pages. 39 downloads.

Only the strong survive : the odyssey of Allen Iverson
There are few figures among America's media-saturated landscape that loom larger than the National Basketball Association's undeniable superstar Allen Iverson. He was the first overall pick of the 1996 NBA draft, and the spotlight has not left him since. Defiantly tattooed, with his hair in cornrows, the six-foot Philadelphia 76ers point guard has been vilified by a sports press still fawning over Michael Jordan's non-threatening, clean-cut visage. From Iverson's rap sheet to his rap album, from his on-court feats to his off-court antics, breathless fans and journalists alike seem determined to track his every move. Part sports star, part antihero, part hip-hop icon, Iverson has managed to cross over into the mainstream of American culture -- without compromise. It wasn't long before Iverson's prodigious athletic skills became apparent. Raised in poverty, with his father in prison, Iverson retreated to his local playgrounds and found escape from the all-too-common woes of the inner-city dweller. In one summer alone, eight of his friends were killed in shootings. But Iverson's talent simply could not be denied, and basketball remained the one constant in his tumultuous existence. And so Iverson, despite all odds, rose. A now-infamous scuffle in a bowling alley led to near race riots in Iverson's hometown of Newport News, Virginia, resulting in his being sentenced to jail time during high school. Eventually, Governor Douglas Wilder granted him clemency, the conviction was overturned on appeal, and his ascent continued. Georgetown coach John Thompson stepped in, giving Iverson a berth on his team at a time when other universities were too skittish to offer the same. It was their loss. After two tremendous years at Georgetown, Iverson declared himself eligible for the NBA draft. And the rest is history
Published on 10/25/2010
Document details: 282 pages. 41 downloads.
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