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NavNews Mar 2004
Building Spiritual Generations: 30 Years of NavTeens, Today Is My Day To Be A Guest In Your House, First Ever Combined SP Navs and Coronation Baptist Church Camp, NUS Yunnan Expedition 2003, NTU Navs Explore Nepal, Hands Together in Vietnam
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Animal Defender Spring/Summer 2009
Quarterly magazine of the Animal Defenders International - not-for-profit organisation campaigning for animal welfare and conservation
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Save the Primates
A study of the use of primates in experiments - Where they come from - Life and death in a typical laboratory - The experiments - The alternatives
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Keep animals out of REACH
Evidence against the adoption of an animal acute toxicity test for Annex V of REACH on the grounds that such tests have in the past proved wholly inconclusive, and caused severe animal suffering.
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ADI Annual Report 2007
A review of the year's campaigns, rescues, reserach and other activity for Animal Defenders International, National Anti-Vivisection Society and Lord Dowding Fund
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Primate Testing in Europe
A report on the use of primates in regulatory testing in a typical European commercial testing laboratory
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NavNews June 1973
Will They Recognise You?, God's Soldiers
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Huntingdon Life Sciences Exposed
Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is a major European contract testing laboratory, which conducts toxicological (safety) tests for a range of clients including manufacturers of drugs, chemicals and other products. The 'Save The Primates' report describes one of the most ambitious NAVS investigations ever, during which our investigators exposed every distrubing aspect of the capture, trade and use of primates for this sordid industry. The investigation ended at HLS, where primates and other animals including guinea pigs, mice, rats and rabbits suffer and die in tests. Read on to find out about the world you were not to see - all done in your name. These experiments can be replaced. Help us to fight for lasting change.
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Political Animals 2010
The annual ADI/NAVS/LDF political briefing on the most pressing animal issues.
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