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Programs & Resources Guide, fall/winter 2012-2013
Programs & Resources Guide, fall/winter 2012-2013
Uploaded by mssocietymn on 10/30/2012
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

Issue Four
December Special
Uploaded by symbal on 12/25/2012
Digital publication details: 39 pages.

The Wilderness Society 2009 Annual Report
This is the 2009 Annual Report of The Wilderness Society, America's only organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of federal public lands. We work to protect America’s wilderness as a thriving ecological community that is central to life itself. We address climate change, identify places where alternative energy should be explored, and broaden bi-partisan coalitions to promote sound stewardship of lands belonging to all Americans. With the support of our members and donors, we maintained our trademark Wilderness Society strengths such as economic and ecological analysis, advocacy on Capitol Hill and at federal agencies, as well as public education about the value of our wild places.
Uploaded by thewildernesssociety on 06/20/2010
Digital publication details: 36 pages.

MSConnection, spring 2013
MSConnection, spring 2013
Uploaded by mssocietymn on 02/24/2013
Digital publication details: 17 pages.

Volume 3 Issue 1 2005
Journal of Critical Animal Studies
Uploaded by icasonlinepublications on 12/31/2004
Digital publication details: 67 pages.

MS Connection - Winter Edition 2012-13
Inside the Issue: 2012 Annual Report, Thank You for Helping Me...Pursue My College Education, Take Control of My MS, Advance MS Research, Stay Independent, Reconnect with My Family, Just Be a Kid
Uploaded by nmss.gatewayareachapter on 01/13/2013
Digital publication details: 19 pages.

Faith in Britain
A book by David Alton about Faith in Britain
Uploaded by davidalton on 12/12/2010
Digital publication details: 234 pages.
Tags: faith · britain

Ocean State Guardian - Spring 2009
The official publication of the Rhode Island National Guard.
Uploaded by ripao on 03/31/2009
Digital publication details: 24 pages.

Muzzling A Movement - Introduction
The ability to protest peacefully and to voice unpopular opinions without being arrested and imprisoned arbitrarily are cornerstones of the U.S. Constitution, and are the reasons why, in spite of the many limitations imposed upon sectors of its society over the centuries, the dominant order has been forced to change to allow people of color, women, and others to take their place in society. Animals raised for their flesh or body products, however, remain without even the most basic natural rights: to move around, to associate with their conspecifics, to breathe clean air, and to nest or wallow or graze. They have no choice but to rely, as do all non-human animals, on human beings to speak up for them and articulate those basic rights, as well as to challenge those who are either indifferent to, or actively complicit in harming, their welfare.
Uploaded by sparrow on 06/05/2010
Digital publication details: 177 pages.

Animal Defender Winter 2009
Animal Defender Magazine, Winter 2009. Published by Animal Defenders International (ADI), and where you can catch up on our recent activity.
Uploaded by animaldefenders on 11/26/2009
Digital publication details: 28 pages.
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