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All I Want for Xmas is a Thug
The family you fell in love with is back and bearing gifts this Holiday season. Over the years you’ve witnessed The Kenneth Family multiply and be fruitful. The union of Thug and Tahari brought forth a lot of love and laughter. Not to mention a lot of heartache. After being married for several years and overcoming drama Thug feels like Tahari needs a wedding do over but of course it’s not as easy as it sounds. Thug demands to be the Boss and Tahari needs him to understand that she is Boss Lady. The rift in their relationship is having a domino effect on other relationships within the family. If this family has done nothing else they’ve stuck together no matter what. Tis the season for family bonds to be tested.The family will need more than the spirit of Christmas to bring them back together and remind them of the importance of family.
Author: Mz. Lady P
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 12/23/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 148 pages

Boss Ladies and The Thugs Who Love Them: Thug Legacy 3
A Thug can’t be a Thug without a Boss Lady to ride shotgun with him in the streets. For years Boss Lady Inc. held down Thug Inc. and took no shorts or losses from anyone. With them all being retired it’s a new crew with new issues and of course the relationship drama that goes with it. Cut from a different cloth the new breed of Boss Ladies will have to Boss Up and show that with Legacy Inc. is where they belong but are they worthy of the title. Being a Boss Lady sounds good but it’s a title earned and not given. As much as Tahari wants to train them she knows that you have to have the heart for it. The ladies have to find their place in a Thug’s Heart. In this installment of the Thug Saga the ladies will learn that being a Boss Lady isn’t just about standing next to your man in battle. It’s also about being able to get over hurt, pain, and betrayal that he causes. They will learn that even when it hurts the most women have to Boss up and roll with the punches no matter what and thats the definition of a real Boss Lady.
Author: Mz. Lady P.
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 11/29/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 169 pages

M.V.P. 2: His Most Valuable Player
The couples you fell in love with are back and the drama continues. In this highly anticipated finale Ni’Yoka and Sheik are trying to build a life together. That’s pretty hard to do with Zuri lurking in the shadows trying to dismantle everything. Being with Sheik is everything a woman could want but it’s hard looking toward the future when your past won’t let you go. Now that she’s the mother of his child the bar has been raised.She’s no longer the chick that risked her life to save his without even knowing him. She’s now his woman. He wants her to show and prove that she’s ten toes down. However, she might not be equipped to be the team player he needs. Seven and Hussein are in for the struggle of their lives. After being shot by Kimora Seven is trying to go on with her life but it’s pretty hard when the love of your life is being cold hearted and selfish. Seven results to desperate measures that just may have dire consequences for everyone involved. Buckle up! It’s about to be a bumpy ride for both women as they embark on a journey to see that being a man’s MVP is not all it’s cracked up to be!!
Author: Mz Lady P
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 06/03/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 169 pages

Married to The Mob 4: A Black Mafia Love Affair
It's not easy being Married. It's even harder when you're Married To The Mob. The Demonte Family is back for their final roller coaster ride and it's crazier than ever.The wives have been nothing short of understanding and accepting of their husbands lifestyle but, no matter how much they love Corleone, Lucci and Dominic, they have their limits.Being the wife of a Mobster has had its luxurious perks and heartbreaking pitfalls. British, Katera, and Chloe have been the glue that holds their marriages together.The women have come to realize that the lifestyle they have accepted is also the basis of their regrets. It's only so much a woman can take before she decides to walk away.In this final installment of the highly anticipated Black Mafia series. Corleone, Lucci, and Dominic will have to choose which family means more to them. Will it be the Mafia family they've built with their blood, sweat, and tears or the wives and children that wait at home while they conquer the streets?The brothers very existence and their bond will be severely tested. It's up to them to either overcome whats been set in motion to hurt them or succumb to the lifestyle Mirah has instilled in them.
Author: Mz. Lady P
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 08/05/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 190 pages

Thug Legacy 2: A Young Thug Love Affair
Do children pay for the sins of their parents? If so, the new generation of the Thug Passion saga is paying dearly.Growing up the Legacy Inc. kids were all exposed to their parents way of life. Now that they're adults and building families of their own history is starting to repeat itself.From street beefs to trouble on the home front. You name it, they're going through it. In this installment to the highly anticipated follow up to Thug Legacy you will be on an emotional rollercoaster. The young men of Legacy Inc. can't seem to juggle the street life while maintaining their personal lives. While the women that they love are failing miserably at being the stronger force they need. In the past, Thug Inc. had Boss Lady Inc. to be the force they needed to hold them down. But, what's this new generation to do when they aren't built like the parents they've watched run the streets. There's only one thing they can do and that's learn from the best or die trying. In the midst of the parents trying to help their kids on the right path old wounds are opened and dire consequences will follow.Take a ride with the Kenneth family to find out if the new generation can keep the Legacy going or lose it all within the blink of an eye.
Author: Mz. Lady P
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 04/05/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 231 pages

King and I 3: A Royal Love Affair
From the moment Siyah laid eyes on Kingston "King" Banks she had to have him. She wanted to be in his world, give him beautiful babies, and live happily ever after as his wife.It could all be so simple but King would rather make it hard. Siyah has had to prove her love for King despite him constantly placing limitations and demands on their relationship.Being the good woman she is Siyah has stood ten toes down. She has been so loyal to King that she takes a charge in order for him to keep his freedom.After serving two years in prison she's released and quickly realizes things are different. King has taken drastic steps to keep his position in the streets. Those same steps has the potential to ruin everything his relationship with Siyah stands for. Sometimes it only takes one bad decision to give a man a lifetime of regrets. With Siyah on the the edge of a mental Breakdown behind King's actions she finds solace elsewhere. In this highly anticipated finale follow Siyah and King as they fight each other and their enemies in order to save not only their relationship but their lives as well. In the midst of loosing his grip on Siyah, King will realize he needs to change his mean ways before it's too late. Siyah is struggling with loving him but learning to live without him. She has decided to stop asking why and has grown to be content with the fact there may never be a King and I.
Author: Mz. Lady P
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 09/13/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 178 pages

Charmed by a Prince 2: A Hood Fairytale
The couple you fell in love with is back. This time around it’s more emotional than ever Charm met Prince when she needed him the most. He came in like a thief in the night and stole her heart. She wasn’t expecting his love because in her mind nobody wanted someone with a past like hers. However, Prince showed her that she was worthy of his love and so much more.Life for the couple was great until Majestic revealed that Prince had a hand in Shiloh’s death. Still reeling from that Charm can’t deal and goes into hiding. While away she gives birth and keeps it from Prince. He’s definitely not happy at all and going crazy not being able to find her.In this installment both Charm and Prince have a lot of soul searching to do in regards to their relationship. The couple realize that It’s hard being in love when you’re in a battle with your mind and your heart. That added with unforeseen forces that don’t want them to be happy. It’s going to take more than the Love they have for each other to overcome the issues that’s hindering them. Follow the Hood Prince and his Good Luck Charm as they embark on a Hood Fairytale like no one has ever seen.
Author: Mz. Lady P.
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 01/24/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 161 pages

The Real Dopeboyz of Chicago
Welcome to Chicago! Where it’s kill or be killed, Where you got to pay to play, and where you can’t hang if you ain’t gang. The Montega Crime Family stand behind these rules wholeheartedly.Meet the infamous Maximillion “ Mad Max” Montega head of the Montega Crime Family. Running things beside him is his trusted partner and brother Capone Montega. The two of them along with the rest of the family is a force to be reckoned with. The money is the motive but more money brings more problems. At every table sits a Judas and the Montega Crime Family will come to find out that blood don’t mean a thing when Greed takes over.The Real Dopeboyz of Chicago is a story that will take you into the world of killing, stealing, and a whole lot of drug dealing. Follow the Montega Crime Family as they race against the clock to save their business, relationships, and most importantly their lives.Get ready to ride an emotional rollercoaster of deceit and betrayal on the gritty streets of Chicago. It’s Blood in and Blood out in the State of Illinois. Strap up and see what happens when you cross The Real Dopeboyz!!
Author: Mz. Lady P
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 10/29/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 146 pages

M.V.P.: His Most Valuable Player
Meet Ni’Yoka Campbell a beautiful young woman in the prime of her life who just happens to be in love with Zuri. He may be the man in the streets but he’s an abusive monster to Yoka at home.A hurtful discovery about Zuri sends Yoka to Miami to be with her best friend Seven. While in route she runs into the infamous Sheikem “Sheik” Shakur. They’re perfect strangers who just happens to save one another’s life unexpectedly. Never in her life has she met a man with a heart of gold like his. But, with everything she’s been through Love is the last thing on her mind.While in Miami a chain of events will bring both Yoka and Seven closer than they already are. They have more in common than they know. Seven is in a secret relationship with Sheik’s brother Hussein.Follow Yoka and Seven as they embark on a journey of forbidden love with men that wasn’t theirs to begin with. While the men realize being married is nothing when your heart isn’t in it anymore.MVP will show you that a man’s Most Valuable Player on his team is the woman he least expects it to be!!!
Author: Mz. Lady P.
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 03/25/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 150 pages

Thug Legacy
The First Family of the streets is back and in full effect but this time around The Kenneth children are all grown up and carrying on their father's legacy.At a young age Ka'Jaire "KJ" Kenneth Jr. was groomed to one day takeover his father's position as Head of the family. With Thug Inc. officially retired Legacy Inc. is now holding court in the streets.Just like their predecessors with status and money comes problems. With his brothers Kaine and Kash, Best Friend Lil Hassan, and cousins Lil Rah, Lil Markese, and Lil Sarge standing on the front lines beside him KJ is ready for whatever but what's beef to a young a Thug when you've been raised by the coldest to ever do it. In this new saga of the Best Selling Thug Passion series you will witness the birth of a new breed of young Thugs. Get ready to embark on a journey with the Kenneth children as they deal with the trials and tribulations of being the offspring of Ka'Jaire and Tahari Kenneth. The drama, secrets, and lies are far from over. As a matter of fact they're just beginning!!!
Author: Mz. Lady P
Published by: Shan Presents, LLC | Publication date: 07/28/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 236 pages
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