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Believe It Or Not, Success Comes From Failure
In this century, I am sure most people want to succeed in life in this competitive world. Yet, we don’t know how to. To be honest, we all actually know the answer. It is just that we need to constantly remind ourselves that always, success comes from failure.
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200 Motivational Quotes - An Inspirational Reference
200 of the most profound motivational quotes compiled by motivational speaker, personal development author and karate world champion Clint Cora. These words of wisdom passed down from individuals all the way from ancient times to the present will help keep you on track for your life goals. These quotes are by both famous individuals and those who are relatively unknown but all statements are equally profound. Clint even included a few of his own motivational quotes to this collection. Read a few each day for inspiration or pull some for a work or school presentation.
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From Poverty to Power
Another classic from James Allen which details steps you can take to rise to power and prosperity.
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Above Life's Turmoil
Another great James Allen classic.
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As A Man Thinketh
The James Allen classic.
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Sorin Cerin- Wisdom Collection - The book of revelations
Aphorisms,maxioms,quotes,quotations about love,life,death,etc.
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Short Motivational And Inspirational Stories For Success Short Motivational Stories To Beat The Blues And Turn You On POSITIVELY. Feel Good everyday with these doses of short motivational and inspirational stories.
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Shade of a Tree
135 motivational quotations to share with your children as they grow up
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You Can Fly: Think Do And Act For Greater Success
You Can Fly, is one of the best motivational book ever written in Singapore. Why the best? Because it is written by someone who is not just very successful but truly down-to-earth. In “You Can Fly”, Ismail Gafoor reveals the princples of success through analoges and colourful personal anecdotes. An entrepreneur, a leader and a self-made man who has risen from rags to riches, he believes that the potential to achieve personal success abounds in everyone. Distributed by Rank Books and available at
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Inspire to Reach Higher Zig Ziglar Edition
This free Ebook has been created as a tribute to my idol, the internationally renowned motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar who passed away on Nov. 28 2012. This book contains handpicked quotations by top thinkers and leaders such as Zig Ziglar, Mahatma Gandhi, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma and other great minds arranged topic-wise in alphabetical order to remind us of our inner strengths and abilities. After each quote, I have presented a one-liner summary of a key learning related to the topic. Please feel free to share this free Ebook with your friends and contacts to spread Zig Ziglar's inspirational message. Download the complete Ebook with over 125 quotes from For more empowering quotes, join the Inspire to Reach Higher Facebook group (3100+ members)
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