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Philadelphia Zionist Moshe Phillips Shows His True Colors
Philadelphia Zionist Moshe Phillips was assuredly unaware of it when he attacked The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Howard University itself, but he was faithfully following the racist legacy left to him by his Philadelphia family of Jewish slave owners. Phillips calls himself the president of the Philadelphia Chapter of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI), a group of Jews that advocate the draining of American tax money to finance Israeli Jim Crow 6,000 miles away.
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Jewish Press
Jewish Press - weekly newspaper
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Issue 41
Designing a sustainable future is the theme of the cover illustrated by Ben Johnston. After this year’s Design Indaba it’s been the topic of many conversations, can we truly design a better future and save our world? Kendal Brown discusses the matter using green building as an example. Sir Paul Smith designs a set of stamps for the 2012 London Olympic stamps showing us that there is nothing wrong with multidisciplinary designers. Clive van Heerden is designing a sustainable future with his Microbial Kitchen, Clive basically designs things for Phillips that don’t yet exist. In keeping with our theme we take a look at the Bicycle Portraits project by Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler and how this project represents so much more than just pretty pictures. We also pay tribute to Sori Yanagi the Japanese designer known for his Butterfly stool and homeware designs. Fresh furniture designers, Werner Venter and Warno Rüde have created three unique designs on page eighteen. Enjoy!
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Soya & Oilseed Bluebook
The authoritative worldwide directory for the soybean and oilseed industry.
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The Natsari View of Hebraic Sotariology
The Natsari View of Hebraic Sotariology
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Hatzolah Auction Booklet 2013
Hatzolah Auction Booklet 2013
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Jewish Voice and Opinion March 2013
The Jewish Voice and Opinion speaks out forcefully and unashamedly for the unique concerns of what we have termed “classical Judaism.” As a politically conservative Jewish publication, we take as our mission to present news and feature articles not generally available elsewhere in the Jewish or secular media. This issue covers Bibi's new coalition government, Obama's visit to Israel, Jewish Siena, and more...
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Middle East Studies
Issue n°5 - Volume n°2 - Year 2011
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Middle East Online Journal.ISSUE-5.Volume2-2011
Middle East Online Journal
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2009 TCU Football Media & Recruiting Guide
2009 TCU Football Media & Recruiting Guide
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