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Tackling Firefox: The Unofficial Manual
Are you a little overwhelmed by the browser choices available to you? Have you been sticking to your old favourite because you never had time to really see what the other browsers had to offer? Does your current browser have advanced security options? Does it sync your settings across devices? Can you manage your tabs easily? These are all things Firefox can do for you. We think Firefox is one browser you should really consider carefully. It's packed full of useful features to make it secure, easy to use and convenient. Many of us at MakeUseOf love it and we think you will to. Take Firefox for a spin and check out all the most important features with the help of this awesome manual by Mohammed Al-Marhoon, who you can find out more about at his Facebook page here: "Tackling Firefox: The Unofficial Manual" and get started learning about this fantastic browser. You'll learn all sorts of details about: - Add-ons- Core features- Security tools- Bookmarks- Advanced tab management- Web developer tools- Syncing across devices- Automatic form filling- Search tools - And much more.
Publication date: 09/22/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 47 pages

The Password Management Guide
Don't feel overwhelmed by passwords, or simply use the same one on every site just so you'll remember them: design your own password management strategy. MakeUseOf's Password Management Guide, from author Mohammed Al-Marhoon, outlines tips and tricks you need to know to stay both secure and sane. We are all overwhelmed by passwords. Everyone has an account for Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Outlook/Hotmail, Drop- box... the list goes on. Unfortunately, most of us use either one password or a group of passwords for all of our major accounts.That’s dangerous.It doesn’t matter if the individual password is unique, or if it’s a long mix of numbers and letters; if you only use one password it won’t matter. When one account is compromised, all of your ac- counts will likely follow.This guide aims to educate you about the importance of proper passwords without overwhelming you. Check it out today and lock down your files properly. This manual will show you how to: -Avoid common password mistakes-Design a strong password by combining tricks offered by Google, Microsoft, -Mozilla and more. -Test your password's strength, online and off-Design high-quality passwords you'll actually be able to memorize-Store you passwords securely, online or off
Published by: MakeUseOf | Publication date: 03/20/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 67 pages