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The Role of Agent Based Modelling in the Design of Management Decision Processes
Abstract: Agent based modelling (ABM) is a new modelling paradigm and one of the most advanced practical developments in modelling. ABM promises to have far-reaching effects on the way that business practitioners and academic researchers use information communication technologies to support decision making at different levels of management. Modern design models and architectural structures are opening up new possibilities and new application areas are coming to the foreground. Multi-agent systems as sys tems of distributed artificial intelligence are now having a significant influence on information systems design, simulation and analysis. This paper focuses on the various modelling methods and technologies that are employed in the development of intelli gent decision support systems. Its goal is to evaluate the role of the agent based modelling in the design of management decision processes. The paper considers the main features of intellectual agent modelling methodology, and...
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Process Modelling towards e-Government — Visualisation and Semantic Modelling of Legal...
The paper discusses the visualisation and formal modelling of a legally regulated process. The approach is motivated by a historic retrospective. The technical innovation is not only to consider the given law when developing business process models - like many other approaches do - but to explicitly derive a process structure which is implicitly specified within the paragraphs themselves. To translate paragraphs into process models the Semantic Process Language (SPL) is used, since it enables us to articulate language structures into executable workflow models. The paper illustrates its approach with a demonstration example which considers the obligation right of Switzerland. It selects those paragraphs which participate in the definition of a causal ordering. The presented approach provides means for verifying whether process-like behaviour fulfils the selected paragraphs formally.
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Modelling erosion, sediment transport and sediment yield
This publication emphasises the diversity of the approach to modelling erosion and sediment yield and the need for closer integration of field monitoring and modelling activities, but nevertheless provides clear evidence of many significant advances and achievements within the general area. The central role that modelling must play in dealing with the many environmental problems associated with erosion and sediment transport and in the development of effective catchment management and sediment control strategies is also highlighted.
Uploaded by christinadianparmionova on 08/21/2012
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Introduction to Performance Modelling
This tutorial is an introduction to the concepts of Performance Modelling. It delves into the basics of Performance Modelling and provides you an understanding of the different modelling techniques available to the Practical Performance Analyst.
Uploaded by trevorwarren on 07/14/2012
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Modelling Geomechanics Of Residual Soils With DMT Tests
The work presented herein integrates a long term research activity under the subject of residual soils characterization, performed by the author since 1995 within his professional activity in Laboratório de Geotecnia e Materiais de Construção (LGMC of CICCOPN) and MOTA-ENGIL, in very fruitful partnership with FEUP. The aim of that research has been the establishment of a model for characterizing residual soils using Marchetti´s Dilatometer test (DMT), on its own or combined with other tests.
Uploaded by nbdfcruz on 10/30/2012
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Technical Paper 5 - Energy modelling of a mid 19th century villa
This paper summarises the assessment of a traditional, two-storey sandstone villa in rural Scotland in terms of its energy performance and internal comfort conditions. Dynamic thermal modelling was used rather than steady state calculation methods in an attempt to record results from an alternative software testing technique. The dynamic thermal modelling enables factors such as thermal mass and retrofitted draught proofing to be taken into account which are generally neglected in steady state simulations.
Uploaded by hspubs on 07/30/2009
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Aspects of Modelling Skin and Hair During Shaving
A preliminary model of shaving has been consuucted using the ABAQUS/Explicit solver. It consists of a single hair mounted in a block of hi-layered skin. across which a razor traverses. Modelling features include ( l) deformable and non-deformable contact boundary conditions between the razor. skin and hair. (2) material moduli ranging over seven orders of magnitude and (3) infrnite clements to simulate far-field boundarv conditions. T11e skin material properties are described using a large strain. viscoelastic material modeL based on experimental test data. Current work is focussing on the modelling of hair cutting. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the problems associated with developing a physiological model and the hurdles faced in simulating hair cutting with the ABAQUS/Explicit solver.
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Technical Paper 3 - Energy modelling analysis of a traditionally built Scottish tenement flat
Four different energy modelling methodologies were tested in relation to a traditionally built tenement flat.
Uploaded by hspubs on 08/01/2008
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Modelling Inspiration #1
The new online railway modelling e-mag
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