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MMS Marketing - eSalesData
Multimedia messaging has been around since the early 2000’s and despite a few hiccups during its inception the technology has spread like wild fire with over 1.5 billion users as of 2010. The service generates almost $26 billion a year and that figure is on the rise with the introduction of 4G, high-resolution camera phones. What makes MMS such a great marketing tool is that you it features the lightning fast delivery times of SMS along with added features that include images, video, audio and animation. This allows you to deliver more powerful advertisements that can engage the recipient on multiple sensory levels. The following article will explain why MMS is such a handy marketing medium, regardless of your product or service.
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Mobile Web Marketing - eSalesData
This article details some of the basic techniques involved in creating and marketing a mobile website. Mobile web marketing is projected to rise exponentially as more and more users acquire high-end mobiles allowing them to access websites on-the-go. More than half a billion people across the globe use their mobile phones to access the web. And with mobile devices quickly gaining popularity over traditionally PC’s, user counts are expected to increase dramatically.
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Sms White Label Reseller Program
Interested in starting your own Mobile Marketing company? You can now get a Mobile Marketing Platform with your Own Branding, Logo, Colors, and Design. If you are an agency, have access to clients who are looking for mobile marketing platform or you simply want to be a part of the mobile revolution that is taking place right now, you can jump onboard with ProTexting's SMS White Label Reseller program.
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Marketing made simple
Go to and use promo code 11353 for FREE TRIAL.
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WORLD GMN http://worlduniversal.globalmobilerev... users to receive high quality and targeted ADVs, directly on their own android mobile, each time they receive a call or a sms/mms. ADKASH shares profits with its users and affiliates, thanks to a pay per click system like Google Ads. For each incoming call, sms or mms user earns up to 5 cents. When he accumulates 10 US$ receives a branded AdKash Debit Card. Affiliates can invite users or affiliates to install AdKash App, and earn on all the apps installed by all their network of users and affiliate UP TO 1 US$ per APP / WEEK
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Mobile Marketing Solutions for Agencies
Agencies are always ahead of the curve and are looking for new ways to achieve higher marketing results for their clients.
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Mobile Solutions
A presentation on different mobile solutions that Amorphous Direct has to offer.
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Miracle Mineral Solution
The latest free eBook explaining all about Jim Humble's MMS, Miracle Mineral Solution, the benefits it can have on your health, how to use it and where to get your hands on it. Check out the video links in the ebook!
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MMS Corporate Brochure
Medical Measurement Systems enables medical professionals to perform accurate, simple and very convenient diagnostics in the urinary and gastro-intestinal tract.
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Aktifmob Mobile Advertising Product Updates
Aktifmob 2011 mobile advertising product updates that include: LBA (location based advertising), Retail Integration, Mobile Vouchers and many more.
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