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DIY Lithium Batteries: How to Build Your Own Battery Packs

Are you a hands on person? Do you prefer making things yourself? Are you working on a project that requires lithium batteries?If so, then this book is for you! We'll cover everything you need to know about lithium batteries. From choosing the right cells to designing a battery pack and building it yourself, this book includes all the steps for building safe, effective custom lithium battery packs.
Author: Micah Toll
Published by: Toll Publishing | Publication date: 03/20/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 136 pages

DIY Solar Power: How To Power Everything From The Sun

Are you a hands on person? Do you prefer making things yourself? Are you ready to power everything from your devices to your home with solar energy?If so, then this book is for you! We'll cover everything you need to know about solar power. From understanding all of the components that go into solar powered projects to choosing the right solar panels and even building your own solar panels, this book teaches you everything you need to know about custom solar powered systems and creations. Learn about topics from small scale solar powered projects like portable phone chargers all the way up to large off-grid and grid-tied home solar power systems, and even mobile solar power for RVs and other vehicles and boats.
Author: Micah Toll
Publication date: 12/23/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 136 pages

DIY Lithium Batteries: Beginner’s Guide To Building Your Own Battery Pack

Batteries have become such a part of our everyday lives that we do not notice them anymore, yet they serve essential functions. Think about the battery that is keeping your phone function or the battery in your laptop that allows you to work at remote locations. Electric bikes, hoverboards, digital cameras and even some types of vehicles rely on lithium batteries to power their electronics in the modern-day world. The problem is, lithium battery packs can be quite expensive, usually going for at least over $200 and they are obviously not tailor-made to fit your particular demands. Deciding to build your own DIY lithium battery pack is a great decision, and picking up this book tells me that you are interested in doing this. In this guide, I cover everything you need to know about building custom, tailor-made lithium battery packs. You decide what you want; then you build it. By choosing the particular specifications of a battery pack yourself, you can ensure that the pack can be customized toward the requirements of the project you are working on. I start my guide by telling you more about the process of building a lithium battery pack, including what you can do with such a pack and where they can be used. I also cover the basics of the different lithium battery types that you will find on the market today and point out which ones are preferred over the others, as well as why they are the preferred options. In addition to explaining all the terminology and other aspects there are to know about the process of building a DIY lithium battery pack, I also provide a complete step-by-step guide that tells you how you can plan the layout of your first lithium battery pack, how to find the right material and tools that will help you build a working, high-quality battery pack, and I also cover the process of installing a battery management system, an essential part of a battery pack that lets you effectively charge and discharge the device without causing an imbalance in the capacity or charge rate of any batteries included in the pack.Another relevant section covered in my guide is the safety guidelines that surround the building of your own DIY lithium battery pack. These safety guidelines should not be taken lightly, as potential hazards have occurred in the past with people who worked with lithium errors. Even though most hazards are not considered potentially harmful and usually only includes poor performance of the battery cell that has been affected, imbalances in the charge and discharge of these battery cells could potentially lead to more serious complications, such as the batteries exploding or catching on fire.
Publication date: 03/25/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 58 pages

A Practical Guide to Electric Bikes (Discovering Electric Bikes)

Electric bikes are becoming mainstream but still present mechanical and electronic complexities that can be a challenge to understand and overcome. This electric bike book is intended to help people who might be considering the purchase of a mass-market ebike but want to validate their interest and choose the right product for their price range and projected use.It's designed to be short, enjoyable and actionable. Complementing this guide are videos, images and an entire website of detailed electric bike reviews at ElectricBikeReview.com along with a forum where you can post further questions and get realtime tips from the author and other enthusiasts who have already jumped into the space.Included in this guide are:- Original photographs and videos to clarify complex subject matter.- Bike recommendations based on rider body type and expected use.- Tips on protecting your electric bike and extending its life.- Advice for ways to save money when purchasing an ebike.- References to award winning products and independent resources.Upon reading this guide you'll know the pro's and con's of buying local versus online. You will be able to zero in on a specify style of electric bike that best suits your needs. Terminology like volts, amp hours and watt hours will make sense and actually become useful when choosing a bike. You'll know how to properly care for the bike you do choose and deter theft. You'll find out where to get further support and how to recycle your battery when it ultimately starts to degrade. You'll also learn about safety and feel better equipped to address questions and concerns from family, friends and coworkers.The author of this book, Court Rye, is a long time bicycle enthusiast who has test ridden hundreds of electric bikes. He's attended industry events and received feedback from the CEO's and top leaders of the biggest ebike brands in America including Pedego, Currie Technologies, Easy Motion and others. He has owned many electric bikes over the years, using them to commute to and from work on a daily basis in snow, rain, wind and muggy hot unbearable heat!
Author: Court Rye
Published by: Court Rye | Publication date: 03/07/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 66 pages

Adventures on RV Traveler (Free Trader Series Book 3)

A Cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity. For readers from 13 to 65, find compelling characters engaged in an adventure of search, conflict, and discovery. Can the remaining ancients on Cygnus VI be saved? The computer on planet Vii has a plan, but it takes Free Trader Braden and his companions to travel to the long-abandoned colony ship first, establish the computer links and functional systems that the AI needs for the precise maneuvers necessary to transfer the survivors to the ship, then realignment for final transfer to a new home. Once on board, they find the ship wasn’t completely abandoned. Far from it. “Not only does Craig tell an entertaining tale full of rich characters and creativity, he also challenges your existing paradigm and current events. It's a lovely book and a joy to read!” Amazon Review of The Free Trader of Warren Deep, the first in the series.If you like Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern, you’ll like the Free Trader series. Craig Martelle writes about a world colonized by humans long ago. After a civil war on Cygnus VII, life and civilization rise again. Can humans and intelligent animals work together to protect humanity from itself? Follow the adventures of Free Trader Braden, a female warrior, a Hawkoid, Hillcat, and Tortoid as they fight to build a new world.Other books in this series:Book 1 - The Free Trader of Warren DeepBook 2 - The Free Trader of Planet ViiBook 3 - Adventures on the RV TravelerBook 4 - Battle for the AmazonBook 5 - Free the North!Book 6 - Free Trader on the High SeasCygnus Space Opera (set in the Free Trader Universe)Book 1 - Cygnus RisingBook 2 - Cygnus Expanding
Publication date: 05/14/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 290 pages

Storm Season (Accidental Roots Book 1)

They say you can’t go home again, Adam Klay doesn’t intend to until the death of his father, a famous artist, forces his return to Skagit, Washington. Cleaning up his father’s chaotic life was never on Adam’s bucket list. Worse, Adam finds himself inexplicably drawn to the elusive, terminally-clumsy, gorgeous, Micah Ryan. No way is he getting involved with someone from his hometown, he’s always insisted the best view of Skagit was in his rearview mirror.Micah Ryan has been coasting on auto-pilot since his family was killed in a car accident a decade earlier. He runs a web business and has an irritable cat. He hardly leaves his house, unless it is for his afternoon espresso. His world tips upside down when Adam Klay rolls into town. For the first time in years, he feels alive. Unfortunately, Micah’s return to the living has been noticed and is not appreciated.Someone has a secret. Someone is exploiting the vulnerable youth population in Skagit. Teenagers are disappearing, young women turning up dead, the dirty secrets of Skagit are surfacing.
Author: Elle Keaton
Published by: Dirty Dog Press | Publication date: 03/10/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 268 pages

The Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen: A Novel wherein she tells her own story of lost love, second chances, and finding her happy ending

For every fan who has wished Jane Austen herself might have enjoyed the romance and happy ending she so carefully crafted for all her heroines: "The Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen."What if the tale Jane Austen told in her last, most poignant novel was actually inspired by momentous events in her own life? Did she in fact intend "Persuasion" to stand forever in homage to her one true love?While creating "Persuasion," Jane Austen also kept a private journal in which she recorded the story behind the story - her real-life romance with a navy captain of her own. The parallel could only go so far, however. As author of her characters' lives, but not her own, Jane Austen made sure to fashion a second chance and happy ending for Anne and Captain Wentworth. Then, with her novel complete and her health failing, Jane prepared her simple will and resigned herself to never seeing the love of her life again. Yet fate, it seems, wasn't quite finished with her. Nor was Captain Devereaux. The official record says Jane Austen died at 41, having never been married. But what if that's only what she wanted people to believe? It's time she, through her own private journal, revealed the rest of her story.
Published by: Heather Ridge Arts | Publication date: 08/06/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 266 pages