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UNICEF Handbook on Water Quality
This handbook provides an introduction to all aspects of water quality, with a particular focus on the areas most relevant to professionals working in developing countries. It covers the effects of poor water quality, quality monitoring, the protection of water supplies, methods for improving water quality, and building awareness and capacity related to water quality. Finally, the handbook provides an extensive set of links to key water quality references and resources.
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Water Quality for Ecosystems and Human Health. 2nd edition
Drawing on examples from around the world, this publication presents assessments of current water quality status and trends. It also provides an introduction to a diverse range of global water quality issues, including approaches to their identification, analysis and resolution.
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Water safety planning for small community water supplies
This manual is designed to engage, empower and guide communities in the WSP development and implementation process. Guidance is provided on how to develop and implement a WSP through six achievable tasks. By following the WSP approach as described in this manual, small communities can improve the management of their drinking-water systems to achieve incremental and sustainable improvements in their drinking-water quality.
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Freshwater for the Future
What about water? “The achievement of all the Millennium Development Goals... hinges on the quality and quantity of available water as water plays a disproportionately powerful role through its impact on, among other things, food production and security, hygiene, sanitation and health and maintenance of ecosystem services.” Achim Steiner, Executive Director of UNEP
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Improving Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability in Water Supply and Sanitation
World Bank Institute - Promoting knowledge and learning for a better world
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Water and Development
Development patterns, increasing population pressure, and the demand for better livelihoods in many parts of the globe all contribute to a steadily deepening global water crisis. Development redirects, consumes, and pollutes water. It also causes changes in the state of natural water reservoirs, directly by draining aquifers and indirectly by melting glaciers and the polar ice caps. Maintaining a sustainable relationship between water and development requires that current needs be balanced against the needs of future generations.
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Clearing the Waters: A focus on Water Quality Solutions
This publication addresses the urgency of controlling pollution and preserving water quality around the world. Water quality impacts human health, water quantity, livelihood, economic activity, and climate change. Emerging contaminants, population growth and urbanization present additional stresses to water quality. This publication quantifies these water-quality related issues and uses case studies to illustrate both problems and solutions.
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Charting our water future
Charting Our Water Future is a report of the 2030 Water Resources Group, which was formed in 2008 to contribute new insights to the increasingly critical issue of water resource scarcity. Members include McKinsey & Company, the World Bank Group, and a consortium of business partners: The Barilla Group, The Coca Cola Company, Nestlé SA, New Holland Agriculture, SAB Miller PLC, Standard Chartered and Syngenta AG.
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Water safety plans: Managing drinking-water quality from catchment to consumer
This document describes the water safety plan approach and further substantiation is provided in a set of companion volumes addressing source protection, treatment processes (at supply and household level), distribution of drinking-water and selection of parameters and analytical methods. It is aimed at practitioners at all levels. It is especially relevant to water quality managers, regulators (including those people responsible for putting together guidance notes on interpretation), auditors, consultants and international organizations.
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Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Water Utilities
'Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Water Utilities: A Review of Experiences in Developing Countries' analyzes the market growth of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the developing world since 1990, and the performance of more than 65 large water PPP projects—representing more than 100 million people—for access, service quality, operational efficiency, and tariff levels.
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