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Determinants of eGovernment Maturity in the Transition Economies of Central and Eastern Europe
Our research focuses on the possible determinants of eGovernment (E-gov) maturity in the Transition Economies of Central and Eastern Europe (TEECE). E-gov maturity, in this research, refers to the growth levels in a country’s online services and its citizens’ online participation in governance. Our study of the extant literature indicated that few have discussed the determinants of E-gov maturity in TEECE. Studies from differing parts of the world are needed for theory development. Building on a prior framework, we used the contingency theory and the resource-based view perspective to guide our discourse. In particular, we examined the relationships between macro-environmental factors such as national wealth, technological infrastructure, rule of law, and so forth on E-gov maturity. A 5-year panel data of 16 TECEE selected from two main groupings was used for analysis in conjunction with structural equation modeling technique; the data consisted of 80 observations or data...
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An empirical Investigation of Maturity Levels in Knowledge Management
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to analyse if knowledge management maturity models can be applied in corporate practice. So far, empirical studies have mainly examined the influence of knowledge management (KM) on innovation and have identified K M success factors. The underlying assumption is that more KM leads to more innovation and an improved corporate success. Therefore, a thorough KM application is recommended. Little attention has been paid to the question which level of KM application is e ffective and efficient for a company. This paper tries to close this gap using the concept of KM maturity. It investigates if different KM maturity levels can be identified in corporate practice and in how far they are influenced by specific factors, e.g. company size. To answer the research questions, exploratory case studies were conducted through semi-structured qualitative interviews with representatives from ten northern German companies.The results show that the practical...
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Support Center Maturity
An article describing a maturity model for support contact centers.
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From (Happy?) Campers to Camp Counselors: Fostering Students’ Maturity
Like summer campers, our students (for the most part) follow our directions, participate in our activities, and complete our assignments. But it is our job to help them reach the next level of maturity. Like camp counselors, our students should feel initiated in our culture, a responsibility for their fellow students, and a sense of increasing control. This presentation provides classroom practical ways to foster maturity in the college classroom.
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Middle Managers’ Maturity of Knowledge Sharing: Investigation of Middle Managers Working at...
Nowadays knowledge is becoming an increasingly important factor of organizational competitiveness. The way it is shared within the organization is essential and central not only to the success of organizations but also among those who share it, since those who take part in the knowledge sharing process also benefit from it. Since middle managers have an important position within the organization and play a significant role in the knowledge sharing process, this paper focuses on the knowledge sharing of those middle managers who work at medium and large-sized enterprises in Hungary. A new method of how to measure middle managers’ maturity of knowledge sharing is presented in this paper. Between 2007 and 2010 an empirical survey was conducted during which 400 middle managers working at medium- and large-sized enterprises in Hungary were investigated by a questionnaire. The answers of this survey have been analysed using Principal Component Analysis and four different principal...
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IT Risk Management: A Capability Maturity Model Perspective
Abstract: Understanding the value derived from IT investments and IT enabled operational improvements is difficult, and has been a subject of research and debate among ICT practitioners and academics for many years. This is particularly so because innovat ive technological developments have supported transformative changes in organizational operational activities. Research continues to investigate approaches to not only understanding the value derived by IT but also to optimizing this value. One of the key aspects of optimizing IT-driven value is the requirement to effectively manage risk. The continual evolution of the IT risk landscape requires effective Risk Management (RM) practices for all IT risk areas, such as, but not limited to security, investm ents, service contracts, data protection and information privacy. Effectively managing these risk areas pose specific concerns from the perspective of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Risk Officers (CROs). Hence,...
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Design Science Research: The Case of the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT CMF)
Design science (DS) is a problem solving paradigm that involves building and evaluating innovative artifacts in a rigorous manner to solve complex, real world problems, make research contributions that extend the boundaries of what is already known, and communicate the results to appropriate audiences. The importance of this paradigm in the Information Systems (IS) field has been recognised since the early 1990’s with the publication of seminal articles by for example Nunamaker et al (1991), Walls et al (1992) and March and Smith (1995). However, over the past 15 years, DS research in IS has been sparse. In more recent times this has begun to change, with an increasing number of research contributions considering DS research. DS research in IS is important as the dominant behavioural science paradigm is not sufficient for addressing the types of problems that call for human creativity and innovative and novel solutions. One widely debated problem in the IS field that calls for...
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Employing a Mixed Methods Approach to Benefit Business-IT Alignment and Levels of Maturity
Abstract: This paper examines the design, implementation, benefits and challenges of employing a mixed methods research approach with the aim to provide an emergent, integrative and multi-layered perspective on Business-IT alignment influences and maturit y measurement. The application of mixed methods is underutilised in this domain and it is opined that it can serve to elucidate this perennial, but often elusive, core objective of senior management. It also begins to redress the predominance of quantitat ive studies and the frequent application of tools and techniques in isolation, not combination. The case of a leading UK Communications Service Provider in a two year period of joint venture integration provides a transformational context for examination, with a methodological focus. It is argued that mixed methods can achieve a mutually supporting depth and breadth of coverage that is appropriate to complex and multifaceted phenomena such as Business-IT alignment and...
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Andrea Prosciutti - Different Maturity.
Andrea Prosciutti - Different Maturity. 2012
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Wine: BRICs and the Western Wall of Maturity
With Western Europe slipping back into recession, US consumer confidence precarious and maturity issues flaring up across the West, the BRICs are increasingly viewed as the key markets for growth. There might be legislation-induced volatility, taxation-hit consumption or temporary swings in drinking patterns, but one thing is certain. As the West continues to suffer stagnation or outright declines, the wine industry's hopes are tied to China's ascent and the rising still light red wine tide.Euromonitor International's Wine: BRICs and the Western Wall of Maturity global briefing offers an insight into to the size and shape of the Alcoholic Drinks market in both the off-trade and the on-trade, it highlights buzz topics, emerging geographies, categories and trends as well as pressing industry issues and white spaces. It identifies the leading companies and brands by total volume, offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market - be they new product developments, packagi...
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