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Massachusetts' Singles Magazine Spring 2010 issue
MSM shifts from monthly to quarterly schedule. Allison DeJesus covers MSM's Spring 2010 issue.
Uploaded by singlesmag on 03/22/2010
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How to innovate: the tools for social innovation
This paper provides a first output from a major study, funded and in partnership with Nesta on the methods being used to generate and grow social innovation around the world. It sets out the context for the methods project, analysing why social innovation is coming to be seen as an important issue for government, communities and businesses. It also describes the growing social economy and its distinctive approaches. This study takes a systemic approach looking at social innovation in all fours sectors – the household, state, market and grant economy and the intersections and interfaces between them. The paper also provides an initial list of methods and enabling conditions for social innovation.
Uploaded by youngfoundation on 12/01/2008
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March 2010: The Transition Issue
In the Art World seasons come and go in twos rather than fours. Little consideration is given to what comes in between summer and winter, the transitional periods of autumn and spring. For the March issue, VNTD will explore the concept of transition.
Uploaded by vntd on 03/01/2010
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Mass Article Control – The Truth Is In The Trying
Mass Control works. It is not a scam, just because it is expensive and Frank Kern once had some trouble with the FTC over claims in a marketing promotion. I know it works because I am a Mass Control student myself and I've seen the secrets up close. The truth behind Mass Control is that it is a very precise sequence of marketing messages that use the Six Secret Weapons of Power Persuasion to amplify the psychological intensity of every email, video, website, and ebook used during the promotion.
Uploaded by panther85 on 09/16/2009
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The way to Select a fantastic Gas Mass Flow Meter Calibration Service
Selecting a great gas mass flow meter calibration ...
Uploaded by badgestop9 on 02/19/2013
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Money Makers - Earn Unlimited Profits With the Hottest Trends
Mass Money Makers Review:
Uploaded by torsina3 on 01/11/2012
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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - The North American Old Roman Catholic Church
The people's English Missalette for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass according to the use of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church.
Uploaded by ejford on 02/15/2011
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MSCM Alumni Newsletter Fall 2009: The Headliners
The Department of Mass Communication at Georgia College & State University values its relationship with alumni. This newsletter highlights the achivements within the program and spotlights work the students do later as they enter the workforce.
Uploaded by mmcginley on 01/12/2010
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Mobile Mass Money-Marketing On The Go
the Mobile Mass Money system think you're safe? I DARE you to tell me you didn't get chills watching this footage: I'm figuring out how to protect myself right now. You should be too. Richard
Uploaded by redwormcompost on 01/02/2012
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How University of Illinois Basketball Improved Because of the Matto Chart
I'm a die-hard University of Illinois basketball fan and have been for as long as I can remember. I've seen some great teams there though they've never won a national title. I've witnessed 2 final fours in my lifetime and both teams I'll never forget. One of them was in 1989 with a group that was led by Kendall Gill, Nick Anderson, Kenny Battle and others.
Uploaded by basketball-training on 04/30/2013
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