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Private label in Russia 2012. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014.
Private Label in Russia 2012Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014.Private Label in Russia 2012, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014 takes a comprehensive look at this special segment of the Russian retail market, supplying new information and in depth analysis of current trends that affect expansion, market value and the structure of the private label product distribution network in Russia. This new report evaluates the opinions of Russian consumers with regard to their purchase and use of private label products. It contains profiles of a selection of top retailers, revealing their current sales volume, share of their total sales occupied by private labels and development plans for expansion of this sector within their stores. This all-inclusive document reviews current economic conditions in Russia and projects economic development for the period to 2014. It dedicates an entire section of information on private label product manufacturing, bene...
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China Osteoporosis Market Analysis and Forecast, 2007 - 2015
DescriptionThe Chinese Osteoporosis drug market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.4% from 2007 to 2015.Increased prevalence of Osteoporosis among Chinese female population is the principal growth driver of the Osteoporosis drug market. The other key growth drivers for Chinese Osteoporosis market include increasing elderly aged population, rising living standards of the Chinese people and increasing awareness and bone health education. Geographical analysis of Chinese Osteoporosis drug market shows that there is a huge growth potential for Osteoporosis drug in many cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou. Bisphosphonate is the leading Osteoporosis drug class in China for Osteoporosis treatment and is expected to remain so for next few years. To gain a competitive advantage, market players should develop cost-competitive drugs with easy dosage pattern, which promote bone building effectively. Large numbers of patients are unable to comply with the strict dosage s...
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China hdpe pipe and tube manufacturing market analysis
China hdpe pipe & tube manufacturing market analysis is an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to invest in the hdpe pipe & tube manufacturing industry, to import into/from China, to build factories in China, to partner with one of the key Chinese corporations, or to compete in the segment. The report provides in-depth analysis and detailed insight into the hdpe pipe & tube manufacturing industry, market drivers, key enterprises and their strategies, as well as technologies and investment status, risks and trends. Data sources: National statistics organizations, market research (monitoring) center, industry associations (institutes), import/export statistics organizations.Data periods: Recent 3 to 5 years.Knowledge is power. If you want to invest in, import into/from, partner with, or compete against any of the companies in this field, then China hdpe pipe & tube manufacturing market analysis is required reading. ...
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Global Cosmeceuticals Market Analysis
Cosmeceuticals are the latest addition to the health industry and are described as cosmetic products with drug-like benefits. With the rise of more knowledgeable, wealthy, and beauty-conscious class of urban consumers, cosmeceuticals have come a long way in recent years to become one of the fastest growing cosmetic options. Advancements in technology and emergence of new ingredients have further contributed to the progress in the commercialization of cosmeceutical products worldwide. The market that reached to the mark of US$ 27.2 Billion in 2010 is likely to augment at a rapid pace in the coming years with anti-aging skin care taking the top spot in revenue patterns.According to our new research report, 'Global Cosmeceuticals Market Analysis', the global cosmeceutical market offers huge potential in the Asian countries, such as Japan, China, and India, which are also set to attract major players in future. Though the market is at the nascent stage in India and China, there remains ...
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US Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Market Analysis and Forecast 1st Edition, FY2012-FY2016
This report provides a comprehensive analysis for the United States UAV market and procurement by the following armed services branches: Air Force Army Marines Navy Special Operations Command (SOCOM)Features FY2012-FY2016 US UAV Procurement by US Armed Service Branch FY2012-FY2016 US UAV Procurement by Platform Revenue analysis of US UAV potential FY2012-FY2016 by Prime Contractors Total Pages: 30 Total Tables: 4 Total Exhibits: 24...
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HoReCa market in Poland 2012. Market analysis and development forecasts 2012-2014.
HoReCa market in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014 is a balanced compilation of data, analysis, survey results and growth projections for the food service industry ' specifically Poland's hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. This report chronicles changes on the market for the period 2008-2011 using descriptive data from each of the major segments and sub-segments and looks ahead to the possibilities for expansion indicated over the coming years. It clarifies the economic and consumer trends at work in the current market, as well as those expected to exert influence on growth and direction during the forecast period.The document lays a road map for readers interested in hotel gastronomy, restaurants and catering facilities that includes all major and minor segments. It offers specific details and insightful analysis on monetary worth, size, and structure and trends. For example, the text breaks down the restaurant segment to describe the profitability and oppo...
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United States Manned Aircraft Market Analysis and Forecast, FY2012-2016
This report provides a comprehensive analysis for the United States manned aircraft market and procurement by the following armed services branches: Air Force Army Marines Navy Coast GuardFeatures FY2012-FY2016 US Manned Aircraft Procurement by US Armed Service Branch FY2012-FY2016 US Manned Aircraft Procurement by Platform Total Pages: 37 Total Tables: 16 Total Exhibits: 261H report going forward is scheduled for publication in June/July covering the Congressional Budget Office Department of Defense budget while 2H report scheduled for publication in Jan/Feb and updates any changes within the current FY budget....
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Global Leukemia Therapeutics Market Analysis
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Leukemia Therapeutics market to grow at a CAGR of 10 percent over the period 2012-2016. To Buy A Copy Of This Report: For All Latest Reports Kindly visit:
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Russia: Chipboard Market (DSP). Analysis and Forecast to 2017
The report provides current information about the state of the Russian Particle Board market (DSP) as at March 2011 The purpose of this market research report is to describe the current situation of the Russian chipboard market, providing relevant information on production, exports, imports, consumption and market conditions, as well as the changes that occurred in 2010 Currently, in Russia, particle boards are the most popular material for furniture production. Market volume of particleboard in 2009 decreased by 29% compared with its value of 2008, but since 2010 there has been a recovery in output, which have almost reached the values of 2008. To explain, there was, in 2009, a drop in domestic demand, which led to a drop in wholesale prices of chipboard, as well as a reduction in exports to Central Asia. In 2010, though, growth in the consumption of particle board raised the costs of the product. Still, the actual prices in 2010 remained below the 2008 levels. The report...
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International IPX Market Revenue Analysis and Forecasts 2011-2015
This 20-page report gives telecom executives around the world the information they need to develop winning and informed strategies to launch and grow their International IPX service offering. This exclusive report provides you with an in-depth 5-year forecast of the world's International voice and data IPX service revenue on a region-by-region basis. The report also outlines current and forecasted data IPX revenue by service. Finally, International IPX voice forecasts are outlined from a traffic origination and termination point of view.This report is an invaluable source of information for telecom executives worldwide seeking to establish how and where the world's International IPX service revenue is expected to grow over the next 5 years and where the industry is heading in the coming years.The report is provided in pdf as well as excel format.Other IPX subjects we cover through market researches or consulting projects include:- Competitive analysis- Service delivery- Competitor s...
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