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“True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.” —Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, Writer “To have a good friend is the purest of all God's gifts, for it is a love that has no exchange of payment. It is not inherited, as with a family. It is not compelling, as with a child. And it has no means of physical pleasure, as with a mate. It is, therefore, an indescribable bond that brings with it a far deeper devotion than all the others.” —Frances Farmer, Actress Whether it's the love we feel for parents, significant others, or even pets, this treasury of quotes and passages offers a wonderfully diverse way to discover the meaning of love. Included are thoughts from talented minds such as George Bernard Shaw, Anna Quindlen, Woody Allen, and many more. This beautiful hardcover gift book, affordably priced at $14.95, is perfect for readers of any age who are in the mood for love. From the Hardcover edition.
Author: B.C. Aronson
Published by Random House Reference on 03/03/2010
Book details: 224 pages.

Love Quotes
Love Quotes is a classic compilation of awesome love quotes from the personal collections of the author, its not like anything you have read before.
Author: Ola Josiah
Published by PunchLine Media
Book details: 224 pages.

Love Quotes
Expressing love… I wish to write The words of my heart The cause of its beats The delicacy of thoughts.
Author: Ekta Kalra
Published by Ekta K. Kalra
Book details: 224 pages.

The Forty Rules of Love
In this lyrical, exuberant follow-up to her novel, The Bastard of Istanbul, acclaimed Turkish author Elif Shafak unfolds two tantalizing parallel narratives—one contemporary and the other set in the thirteenth century, when Rumi encountered his spiritual mentor, the whirling dervish known as Shams of Tabriz—that together incarnate the poet's timeless message of love. Ella Rubenstein is forty years old and unhappily married when she takes a job as a reader for a literary agent. Her first assignment is to read and report on Sweet Blasphemy, a novel written by a man named Aziz Zahara. Ella is mesmerized by his tale of Shams's search for Rumi and the dervish's role in transforming the successful but unhappy cleric into a committed mystic, passionate poet, and advocate of love. She is also taken with Shams's lessons, or rules, that offer insight into an ancient philosophy based on the unity of all people and religions, and the presence of love in each and every one of us. As she reads on, she realizes that Rumi's story mir­rors her own and that Zahara—like Shams—has come to set her free.
Author: Elif Shafak
Published by Penguin on 02/18/2010
Book details: 368 pages.

Unattainable 42
Titled ‘Unattainable 42 Love Quotes’, a book with 42 deep love quotes based on the experiences and turmoil of every strong woman; one sided love, the fall and rise of her emotional quotient, of gathering herself from bits and pieces to a deep loving soul, of finding herself and living through these sheets of papers filled with her words to rebuild her soul. The quotes living within these pages touches topics of loving selflessly and accepting the art of letting go graciously; warm hellos and goodbyes; lust & love; freedom in oppression; confessions and transitions. At the end I would like to conclude, always remember you need to fall down to learn how to rise so cherish every moment and embrace love as it comes and it goes cause it teaches you to master the art of letting go. Weak moments Are blessings in disguise? As it teaches you The real power inside TANYA LUTHRA
Author: Tanya Luthra
Published by Notion Press on 11/28/2018
Book details: 88 pages.

Love Quotes Collection
SAPIENS HUB is a collective of passionate individuals that love to appreciate timeless wisdom compiled and compressed into insightful quotes. Our main goal is to infect you with motivation and inspiration to live life and engage with it at its fullest. SAPIENS HUB brings you a compilation of the very best quotes from the world's most iconic humans takes on "LOVE", including: Marilyn Monroe Dr. Seuss Bob Marley Friedrich Nietzsche Pablo Neruda William Shakespeare Lao Tzu Suzanne Collins John Green Elizabeth Gilbert Anaïs Nin C.S. Lewis J.K. Rowling Mahatma Gandhi Paulo Coelho Oscar Wilde John Lennon Lady Gaga Edgar Allan Poe Plato Martin Luther King Jr. Jalaluddin Rumi Fyodor Dostoyevsky J.R.R. Tolkien Mother Teresa Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Charles Bukowski Jimi Hendrix Vincent Van Gogh Taylor Swift Albert Einstein Coco Chanel Maya Angelou Johnny Depp Julio Cortázar Victor Hugo And many more!
Author: Sapiens Hub
Published by Sapiens Hub on 11/28/2018
Book details: 60 pages.

Quotable Love Quotes
The first & foremost Divine Quality of Human Life is Love. Love is the only connecting Link between individuals & the Higher Self. If we can love Our Fellow beings the whole Life of everybody will change. Without real Love, can we lead a Happy & Serene Life? Never! The value of Love is very much emphasized in all teachings all over the World. Here in this title “Quotable Love Quotes”, you can find the Best Love Quotes quoted by Great Teachers, Thinkers & Philosophers of the World.
Published by Centre For Human Perfection
Book details: 99 pages.

Love Quotes – World’s Best Ultimate Collection
Love Quotes - World’s Best Collection “If a thing loves, it is infinite...” - William Blake Love, the miraculous emotion that touches us, and makes us feel amazing. Do you want the largest collection of beautiful quotes all about this incredible emotion? A collection that can make you feel the wonderful emotion that is love? The Biggest Collection Available We all know the beauty of love and all want to feel it, whether it is romance, between friends, between family, and even love for ourselves. So, in this collection, you get over 2000 quotes, and each is like a tiny story about the beauty of love...drawn from famous people and personalities from around the world, Shakespeare to Socrates, poets to writers to artists. “Love is not blind, it sees more not less.” Will Moss Divided Into Easy Categories The collection is divided into 20+ easy to navigate categories, such as ‘Passion’, ‘Love Means..’,’the Beauty of the Kiss’, ‘Love in Lyrics’, ‘Family Love’, ‘Friendship’ and ‘the Bittersweet Side’, making it easy to find quotes about all aspects of love. “I love her and that’s the beginning of everything..” F. Scott Fitzgerald Bonus Self Love Section It also includes a special ‘self love’ section, filled with powerful quotes about having love for yourself, created to inspire you. Read each quote carefully and let them help you feel that intense emotion, and let the beauty of love lift you up. “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha Share With The One You Love Or Hold Inside As Powerful Affirmations You can share these with the ones you love. Or you can keep them inside you and remember them when you feel that powerful feeling. Or use them as powerful inspirational quotes. These are all the reasons why this Love Quotes Ultimate Collection was created. “Soul meets soul on lover’s lips.” Percy Bysshe Shelly Get This Collection Right Now This is the best Love Quotes collection you can get, so get it now and start enjoying and being inspired by the words inside! “Being loved gives you strength, loving someone gives you courage.” - The Tao
Published by Imagination Books via PublishDrive on 07/01/2018
Book details: 125 pages.

365 Love Quotes For 365 Days
365 Love Quotes For 365 Days offers the reader a new love quote for each and every day of the year in a simple to read format.
Published by Kristy J. Lamoreux on 05/12/2015
Book details: 370 pages.

This Book Loves You
This Book Loves You by PewDiePie is a collection of beautifully illustrated inspirational sayings by which you should live your life. If you follow each and every one, your life will become easier, more fabulous, more rewarding. Imagine what a chilled-out and wonderful human being people would think you were if you lived by the simple principle "You can never fail if you never try." Your wasted life would be an inspiration to others. Think of all the pointless, unhappy striving you could simply give up. Throw away that guitar! Give up on your dreams! Embrace your astounding mediocrity. This Book Loves You has something for everyone--or at least everyone willing to give up and stop caring. If all else fails, remember: "Don’t be yourself. Be a pizza. Everyone loves pizza."
Author: PewDiePie
Published by Penguin on 10/20/2015
Book details: 256 pages.
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