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Top 10 Fiction Writing Tips
The following 10 tips should help you along your way to getting a good story written, keep your readers absorbed and interested in the fiction you have created.
Uploaded by rowdyrhodes on 05/16/2011
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Shanghai Love: A Novel
Shanghai Love is a gripping novel about the unlikely love story that develops between a Chinese herbalist and a Jewish refugee in Shanghai during World War II. Peilin is betrothed to Kwan Yao, the only son of a wealthy pearl farmer. However, months before their wedding, Yao is killed by the Japanese in the Nanjing Massacre. The Kwans insist on proceeding with the wedding and beautiful Peilin is married to a ghost husband. When an uncle passes away, Peilin is sent to Shanghai to manage the Kwan family herbal shop. Meanwhile, in Berlin, Henri graduates from medical school just as Hitler rises to power and unleashes prejudice and violence against the Jewish population. He flees to Shanghai where he's befriended by Ping, a young disfigured rickshaw driver. Ping introduces Henri to his sister Peilin. Through her kindness, Henri becomes fascinated with Chinese herbs as well as the exotic culture surrounding him. Shanghai Love is a classic story of love's triumph over adversity.
Uploaded by authorlaynewong on 03/31/2013
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Pepper's Ghost
We all can think of one day we would relive if we could,---to say something we should have said, to do something we should have done, or just to live that one perfect day one more time. Pepper's Ghost is a real story in real time about how one person's love can make that happen.
Uploaded by markranderson on 08/14/2011
Digital publication details: 37 pages.

Sheltered by An Angels Wings
This book is a work of fiction. People, places, events, and situations are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or historical events, is purely coincidental.
Uploaded by ebooks_fowm on 05/07/2013
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Fishy Love
I inter-designed fishy love as the impossible love story of every day, that one that only takes place in the imagination. Regardless you are six years old experiencing your first love or 90 going through the same paths. Fishy Loves talks about the impossible. That liminal space between emotion and reality.
Uploaded by hypertypo on 02/10/2009
Digital publication details: 20 pages.

Spring Summer 2011
Cult activity, love gone wrong, learning to love flaws and all - it's in this issue of PARABLES MAGAZINE.
Uploaded by pecantree on 06/05/2011
Digital publication details: 80 pages.

One of the works of small fiction included in Paperweight, a collection--coming out January 2013.
Uploaded by winapuangco on 09/21/2012
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A Brief Courship
Flash Fiction, but it is a little long for Flash. It is right at 1000 words.
Uploaded by kevincking1986 on 02/01/2011
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Tickle Me
In this tale of wanton love, decadent seduction, and dangerous liaisons, the reader meets Alice—a quiet, meek woman who, at 29, has never been touched by a man, let alone experienced the piercing pangs of love’s bittersweet kiss upon the heart.
Uploaded by monicabouvier on 02/06/2013
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Espresso Fiction: A Collection of Flash Fiction for the Average Joe
Dive into a world full of shrinking husbands, one-night stands, and President Lincoln doppelgangers. Flip through FictionBrigade’s first collection of flash fiction stories, where death meets love meets politics. Here, 25 talented writers, plus poets and artists, embrace the challenge of short form storytelling and deliver page-turning fiction. Enjoy it all in one sitting, with your morning cup of coffee.
Uploaded by fictionbrigade on 08/08/2012
Digital publication details: 73 pages.
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