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Alien and the Wedding Planner
It was just one of those days...After catering a particularly difficult bridezilla, successful wedding planner Alana Watson can't wait for the wedding season to be over. Or at least, she hopes to get a reasonable client. That is why she's excited when a pair of insanely gorgeous men come to her shop for a consultation. But no, they aren't a couple and they ask weird questions. Things escalate when one of them decides to kidnap her and bring her to his home planet . . .This alien feeling in the alien's heartLord Ice Silverkiller is a renowned scientist on his home planet, Crimea. His planet is dying and it seems his people don't want to procreate. His emperor orders him to find a solution. Ice and his crew then embark on the first expedition to Earth. They want to know the secret behind the humans' explosive population growth. But when he sees Alana, science is the farthest thing in his mind.And the chemical reaction between them is sizzlingLike other Crimeans, Ice is even-tempered and relies on logic rather than his heart. But there's nothing logical about this crazy urge to possess this curvalicious human female named Alana. Suddenly, he is hit by all kind of feelings he's never experienced before. To make love to her. Always worry about her. To protect her and keep her safe. To make her his. Ice wonders if he finally feels what the humans called love? Because this newfound love and Alana might be the keys to save their dying race...
Publication date: 08/21/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 145 pages

Soul of the Wolves
Vivaciously plump Susan “Sookie” Alkin is blackmailed into marrying a stranger. Her younger brother, Jesse, had been infected with a designer virus that transformed him into a feral, dangerous monster: a manmade werewolf. If she wants Jesse to be cured, she has to play as a mourning widow of a young billionaire alpha who rules the Underworld.Ethan Hunter, Alpha of the only direwolf pack in North America, recently survived an assassination attempt. He fakes amnesia to flush out the traitor within his own family. Imagine his surprise when his cousin, Cain, brings Ethan’s curvy new bride who he said Ethan had married the night before his accident. It’s bogus, of course, and Ethan plans to punish her as Cain’s accomplice once he sorts everything out. But when Ethan sees her, he immediately knows that the curvaceous Sookie is his mate. A bonded mate.Ethan then decides to play along with the charade. He tries to coax Sookie into revealing the truth. But Sookie has too much at stake even though the attraction between them grows into an uncontrollable wildfire. The question is can he gain Sookie’s trust because he’s the only one who can help her? If he can’t, then their bond will perish in the upcoming war that will sweep the Underworld.
Publication date: 01/22/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 125 pages

Hot Like Fire, Cold As Ice
A man like him should come with a five-alarm warning…Vivacious and bubbly Melissa “Missy” Thornton is a career-driven lobbyist on top of her game. She is sent to convince eccentric billionaire Henry Parker to lease out his oil-rich land in Alaska. Before she could meet him, she gets into a car accident and stranded in a snowstorm. She would’ve frozen to death if a handsome stranger hadn’t helped her.Henry “Hal” Parker likes solitude. As a polar bear shifter, he prefers to live in the wilderness rather than the glamourous life he left behind after his fiancée died. When he helps a trapped Missy from her car, he wonders if it’s a sign for him to finally move on. He can’t get his eyes off her and their attraction is instantaneous. It doesn’t take long before Missy falls hard for him. Does it matter when Hal forgets to mention he’s a werebear? Uhm, maybe. Regardless, fur or no fur, a guy like him is perfect to curl up with in front of fireplace waiting for the ice to melt…
Publication date: 01/15/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 95 pages

Single Weretiger DILF
All curvaceous weretigress Juliette Crabtree ever wanted was a family of her own. When her marriage crumbled apart and she discovered that she couldn’t conceive, Juliette’s heart froze forever. She withdrew from her clan and chose a solitary life—away from other shifters, making sweets in her confiserie, hoping that someday the candies she made would chase away the bitterness in her heart.Wilhelm was the alpha of his clan and a successful businessman. There were two things he wanted from the curvaceous she-tiger who rented space in his building: 1) he wanted Juliette to date him. 2) He wanted Juliette to open a confectionary boutique shop in his new shopping mall. But Wilhelm soon finds Juliette lives up to her nickname, “The Subzero Queen.” She isn’t interested in him, romance, or opening a new shop.When tragedy strikes Wilhelm’s brother and his mate, leaving their twin baby cubs in his care, Juliette miraculously opens her heart when she finds out he became a dad overnight. Can Wilhelm convince Juliette that the family she wanted can be a reality?
Publication date: 06/19/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 140 pages

Firefox: a Fox Demon's Claim
Chloe Greyson thinks her days are numbered when her psycho ex-husband is paroled early from prison. Driven by a dark obsession, Norman Greyson has made her life a living hell. Norman continues terrorizing her even though he was incarcerated behind bars. And now, they let the monster out…Distraught, thinking it’s only a matter of time before Norman gets her, Chloe seeks refuge in liquor. While she drowns her sorrow in bourbon, a tall, mysterious and handsome stranger approaches her and announces that she’s the new Gaia and he has been chosen as her consort. The rest of the night goes kind of blurry. But the next morning Chloe wakes up only to find him in her bed in his glorious birthday suit.Ugh. Chloe doesn’t need this headache. After all, she has a bigger problem to face. After she finishes freaking out, Chloe learns that 1) she’s a living goddess. 2) his name’s Sparrow and 3) he’s a fox demon. Like seriously? Why are cute guys always one fruit loop short of a full bowl? Chloe hasn’t anticipated that Sparrow could be overzealously possessive when he learns Norman has unfinished business to settle with her. She doesn’t want Sparrow to fight her battle, but then her deranged ex has his own terrifying secret to unfold. Having been independent her entire life, is it really okay for her to let down her guard and depend on someone who swears to protect her?But Sparrow is a powerful demon and hell hath no fury as a very pissed fox shifter...
Publication date: 05/03/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 109 pages

Dragon Hunts
FROM POPULAR ROMANCE AUTHOR LIZZIE LYNN LEEA newly edited version!Hot boss turns into a dragon? Jessica thinks she's bitten off more than she can chew…In ancient times, when a dragon needed a mate, he could just swoop down on a village and kidnap a maiden. In modern times, this has proven to be a dilemma. Declan, the eldest of the Cairne brothers, is due to claim a bride. As a Harvard graduate, CEO of a trading company and Versace-clad executive, he can't just shift to his true form and kidnap a woman to claim her as his. A perfect woman is hard to find, since Declan thinks dating is overrated.Plump single mother Jessica Knapp is running away from her past. Between struggling to make ends meet and keeping herself and her son under the radar of her deranged mafia ex, dating is the last thing ever to cross her mind. So when her new boss Declan sets his sights on her, Jessie thinks his attention is nothing but flattery.But Declan is a determined dragon. He swears he will have her even if it means he has to show her his scales, wings, and talons.The hunt is on…
Published by: Totally Bound Publishing | Publication date: 03/19/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 92 pages

Wicked As He Comes (Tiger In Her Bed Book 3)
Jane Eyre Sinclair is at the end of her rope. Since her parents passed away, the curvaceous waitress has been the sole provider for her much younger twin siblings, George and Harry. Their greedy uncle cheated them out of their inheritance and now, he’s made an attempt on the twins’ lives. Jane needs protection and the only man who can give it is John Alexander…Tiger shifter and Hollywood music producer John Alexander enjoys his bachelor lifestyle so much, he vows he will never get married. And yet, the moment he laid eyes on a voluptuous human female named Jane Eyre—just like that Bronte novel—all he can think about is how to convince her she is his mate. So when she attempts to blackmail him in to marrying her, John jumps at the chance and says yes.It doesn’t matter if the marriage is supposed to be for show until the twins reach eighteen; Jane has to be his forever, damnit! Doesn’t she know shifters mate for life? If Jane can’t understand that, John will make it his mission to convince his new wife to fall in love with him, by any means necessary. No rest for the wicked and wicked as John comes…
Publication date: 08/22/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 95 pages

Spotilicious: BBW Werejaguar Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance (Jaguartown Book 1)
What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.Kelly Hillock learns it the hard way. What would she do when the hot guy she had a steamy one-night stand with tracks her down to New York and tells her that she’s his mate and she’s pregnant with his baby? Well, she hits him with a shovel, of course.Marc might be super-hot but he’s clearly a grade-A nutjob. True mate? Baby cub? Werejaguar? Right. If she believes him then she’d be a candidate for a straightjacket, too.Only, what he said is true—and more. Marc DaVaca isn’t only an eye-candy hunk and half-human. He’s also the boss of the Las Vegas underworld. Before long, Kelly finds herself swept into her growing feelings, the prospect of motherhood and the undeniable animalistic passion between them. Yup, when his brownie points keep adding up more than the spots on his fur, how could a girl say no?
Publication date: 12/25/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 90 pages

The Last Siren: Scifi Shapeshifter Siren Romance
GarthThey say I’m a disposable hero, bitter and well on my way to a path of self-destruction. But when my mentor, an eccentric admiral, sends me on a fool’s errand, I remain pessimistic, unable to believe that a mystical winged-nymph, a siren, has crashed into a navy ship. That just fucking impossible. Until I see her with my own eyes. She’s a ravishing beauty that bewitches me within moments of our meeting.When the news about the siren leaks to the media, the situation escalates into a full-blown manhunt, the Cercius government sending their finest headhunters to terminate the magical creature. By then I’ve found my purpose in life again and refuse to let anyone get between me and the woman I’ve fallen in love with.Maybe I don’t know that she carries a dangerous secret as well, one that could threaten the existence of one and all. The secret that has made her the last of her kind. Well, do I care? I don’t fucking think so…
Publication date: 12/29/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 104 pages

Tiger In Her Bed
It was a simple dare. Walk to her brooding, hot boss, Quinn Alexander, in the middle of the New Year’s office party and kiss the arrogant smirk off the bastard. Fueled by too much alcohol, Vanessa Lyle impetuously takes up the challenge.The next morning after the hangover fades, she’s mortified. To think she’d been drunkenly brazen enough to steal a kiss from her boss. Quinn will fire her for sure.To her surprise, she gets to keep her job because Quinn demands she fix the problem she’s caused. Someone had taken a video of that scandalous kiss and posted it on social media. The video went viral. Quinn’s mom happens see the video and demands to meet his “girlfriend.” Quinn orders Vanessa to pretend to be his woman just to keep his mom off his back.During a weekend at his parents’ house, Quinn takes pretending to a whole different level. He can’t keep his hands off her, in and out of his bed. But then she discovers his furry secret. Hot guy + big cat = trouble, and curvaceous Vanessa learns it the hard way…
Publication date: 12/23/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 89 pages
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