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Song of the Sparrow
This eloquent and gripping addition to the Camelot canon -- written in beautiful verse -- has received glowing, starred reviews and early awards buzz! Since the days of King Arthur, there have been poems and paintings created in her name. She is Elaine of Ascolat, the Lady of Shalott, and now there is a book all her own. The year is 490 A.D. and 16-year-old Elaine has a temperament to match her fiery red hair. Living on a military base with her father, brothers, and the rest of Arthur's army, Elaine pines for the handsome Lancelot, and longs for a female friend. But when the cruel, beautiful Gwynivere arrives, Elaine is confronted with startling emotions of jealousy and rivalry. Can Elaine find the strength to survive the birth of a kingdom?
Published by Scholastic Inc. on 06/27/2017
Book details: 416 pages.

The O'Madden: A Novella
Another sexy, adventurous, historical romance from the RITA nominated author of eighteen novels, Lisa Ann Verge Bound by a family curse, Maeve journeys to the Samhain fires of a distant village for one purpose alone: To conceive a child with a nameless stranger. The gentle giant who catches her eye proves a passionate lover. But when moonlight gives way to dawn, Maeve has no choice but to leave him behind. For the strong Irishman she’d spent the night loving is now the one man she can never have.
Published by Bay Street Press LLC on 11/25/2013
Book details: 65 pages.

Excuse Me, I'd Like a Divorce!
About Excuse Me, I'd Like a Divorce! Excuse Me, I'd Like a Divorce! is not a how-to book on restoring your marriage. There are so many excellent Christian ministries, books, and resources in the world today that have filled that need! Besides, if you really don't want to fix your marriage, you're not going to care about how to fix your marriage. That's why this book is for you. Excuse Me, I'd Like a Divorce! jump-starts the will to hold on to your marriage by empowering you with a blunt look at God's Word versus the illusive promise that a divorce will bring happiness. Lisa Lappeus currently lives in Southern California with her husband, Edward, and their three children. After meeting Jesus Christ in 1992 at a Billy Graham crusade, Lisa has devoted her life to serving Christ by encouraging the body to live God's Word. Having spent many years working at a dating service, Lisa firsthand interviewed countless divorced members, gleaning much wisdom from the average Joe. It is Lisa's desire for marriages to know God's true redeeming power. Lisa can be contacted via: [email protected]
Published by Xulon Press on 07/01/2009
Book details: 124 pages.

Wild Highland Magic
She can read every mind . . . except his Gifted with faery blood, Cairenn is blessed and cursed with the ability to read minds, until a naked, half-dead Highland warrior washes up on the shore of her remote island. Challenged by the wall between them, Cairenn nurses him back to life as she tries to pierce his thoughts without succumbing to his charm. For only a fool would fall in love with a man whose world she cannot inhabit, and whose heart she cannot know. Beyond being stabbed at sea, Lachlan doesn’t remember how he’d drifted so far from his home. All he knows is that it’s his blood-bound duty to get back to Loch Fyfe before his enemies kill any more of his kin. But that means forsaking the beautiful, otherworldly woman who must never leave her island. Except she is the key to his clan’s troubles, and he cannot unlock them alone....
Published by Bay Street Press LLC on 11/15/2016
Book details: 124 pages.

The Treasure Trap (The Wish Fairy #2)
What's more incredible than rescuing a fairy and being granted seven wishes? How hard it is to come up with the perfect wish! This time, though, Brooke is sure she's asking Calla for the exact right thing: hidden treasure in her own backyard! What could go wrong? As it turns out, a lot. But with her best friend, Izzy, her cat, Patches, and Calla's help ... this wish might be golden!
Published by Scholastic Inc. on 05/08/2018
Book details: 128 pages.

The Faery Bride
Another sexy, adventurous historical romance from the RITA nominated author of eighteen novels, Lisa Ann Verge “Let yourself be swept away by the utterly enchanting atmosphere of a best-loved fairytale, and you’ll find yourself caught in Ms. Verge’s marvelous, magical tale. As always the author delivers a book that is uniquely wonderful.” --RT Book Reviews “An exciting, fast-paced medieval romance. Lisa Ann Verge is on the verge of climbing to the top of this genre, a position she definitely deserves.” --Affaire de Coeur Rhys is a man accursed, forced to hide his scarred face behind a leather mask. When he hears rumors of a woman with mystical healing powers, he crosses a sea to kidnap her. But this Irish lass is no frightened girl, and she will move the Welsh lord as no blue-blooded beauty ever has. Possessed with the gift of ancient magic, Aileen knows her captor is a man more afflicted in spirit than in flesh. She despises him for stealing her from home, but she can’t deny her duty to heal him—no more than she can deny the passion between them. Time may heal this man, wounded by bloodshed and treachery, but Aileen knows it will take a miracle to change his unbelieving heart. Finalist, RITA, for Best Paranormal Romance –Romance Writers of America Finalist “Best Innovative Romance” –RT Book Review Finalist “Best Time Travel” –Affaire de Coeur
Published by Bay Street Press LLC on 02/14/2014
Book details: 266 pages.

Sing Me Home
Another sexy, adventurous romance from the RITA nominated author of eighteen novels, Lisa Ann Verge "[Sing Me Home]is proof that people can change, one man can make a difference, and that romance novels can be funny, lusty, and still cross into deeper territory." --Detroit Free Press Ireland, 1307 Blessed with an angel’s voice, Maura of Killeigh escapes from a convent determined to join a band of traveling players. They’ll be her protection on the roads while she searches for the parents who abandoned her at birth. But once face-to-face with the seductive, sinfully handsome vagabond who rules the troupe, Maura wonders if she wouldn’t be safer traveling alone.
Published by Bay Street Press LLC on 12/02/2015
Book details: 300 pages.

A Story of Love
The aftermath of Hurricane Rita could be described in a word?devastating. After surviving Hurricane Audrey in 1957, Mr. and Mrs. B were again left with nothing when disaster struck on September 24, 2005. Follow as author Lisa Ann Foret captures the beauty of true love between a man, a woman and God in A Story of Love: Perseverance in Disaster, a true tale of moving forward when everything else is holding you back.
Published by Tate Publishing on 09/01/2007
Book details: 101 pages.

The Captive Knight
From the RITA nominated author of eighteen novels comes a new, passionate romance of adventure and love. After her dowry castle is seized as a prize of war, Aliénor’s hopes for her future are shattered. No dowry means no marriage, no escape from lifelong servitude, and no protection for her beloved, crippled brother. But everything changes when her father captures a prisoner: The very same rogue knight who stole her lands. Jehan is the sole survivor of a family whose English sympathies have taken a grim toll, leaving him nothing but his sword and good name. Now, beaten and bloody in his enemy’s dungeon, he refuses to give up the stolen lands that have finally brought him a measure of security. Not even for the lovely, headstrong heiress forbidden to him by two warring kings—a recklessly brave woman his heart cannot ignore.
Published by Bay Street Press LLC on 11/14/2017
Book details: 101 pages.

Heaven In His Arms
Another sexy, adventurous romance from Lisa Ann Verge, the award-winning author of eighteen novels “An absorbing, exciting romantic adventure!” –RT Book Reviews “Lisa Ann Verge breathes fresh life into the romance genre with a novel that should gather her award nominations.” -Affaire de Coeur Paris, 1670 Struggling to survive on the streets of Paris, Genevieve agrees to a dangerous masquerade: She switches places with a King’s Girl, a young noblewoman about to be shipped to the colonies. It’s a risky venture with a high price—once overseas, Genny must marry a stranger....
Published by Bay Street Press LLC on 10/16/2014
Book details: 352 pages.
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