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Linux (/ l n ks/[ l n ks] or [ l n ks]), Linux) - family of Unix-like operating systems on the basis of a kernel of Linux including this or that set of utilities and programs of the GNU project, and, perhaps, other components. As well as.

Ideal für Neulinge und Umsteiger - mit vielen Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen Linux als optimales Betriebssystem für Job und Freizeit Alles über die beliebtesten Distributionen: SUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Slackware, Gentoo Mit diesem Buch g

Pervasive Linux
Der Band bietet eine grundlegende Einführung in das Thema Linux für mobile Endgeräte wie z.B. PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) oder Mobiltelefone. Der Autor erläutert zunächst die Spezifika sogenannter eingebetteter Systeme und erklärt dann, wa

Linux Shell程式設計實力養成:180個實務關鍵技巧徹底詳解
★免安裝、掛載即可實作的全書範例★內容循序漸進,奠定Shell程式設計基礎★分享180個實務關鍵技巧,輕鬆解決問題★熟悉Shell的運用方法,增進工作效率嚴選180個shell script的活用範例和技巧,讓您馬上活用!Shell Script並不是一個完全獨立的程式語言,而是指令的延伸語法與程式迴圈判斷的綜合工具,需要了解指令的用法與系統的架構,才能發揮它的效能。本書前兩章介紹指令用法、Bash的進階應用並延伸到Shell語法,讓你了解程式結構後,在後面的10個章節以180個實例上的技巧應用

Managing RAID on Linux
Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) technology is becoming a standard feature of computer systems that support mission-critical services like file sharing, mail exchange, or Web servers. RAID offers two benefits to these essential systems:

User Mode Linux
With User Mode Linux you can create virtual Linux machines within a Linux computer and use them to safely test and debug applications, network services, and even kernels. You can try out new distributions, experiment with buggy software, and even

Linux Shell 程式設計與管理實務 [第三版]
系統管理者必備的經典工具書 主機管理的上乘之道,就在於能夠把工作予以自動化;凡是可以交給電腦做的事,就不要由人來做。工作自動化的關鍵,就在於管理者是否具備 Shell 程式設計的能力。我們可以說:對 Shell 的操控能力以及 Shell 程式設計的能力,是每一位主機管理者應具備的基本知能,欲進階主機管理者,不可不熟 Shell! 本書由淺入深,帶領讀者由入門到精通,徹底把 Shell 程式設計一次弄通,書中並含有許多實務

User Mode Linux
With User Mode Linux you can create virtual Linux machines within a Linux computer and use them to safely test and debug applications, network services, and even kernels. You can try out new distributions, experiment with buggy software, and even

Linux Networking Cookbook
Over 40 recipes to help you set up and configure Linux networksAbout This BookMove beyond the basics of how a Linux machine works and gain a better understanding of Linux networks and their configuration

Mastering Linux Network Administration
Master the skills and techniques that are required to design, deploy, and administer real Linux-based networksAbout This BookMaster the art of using Linux and administering network services for enterprise e

UNIX bis Linux
Im Laufe der Jahre hat sich ein riesiger Fundus zu Befehlen und Funktionen des Ur-Systems von Linux, UNIX, Debian und Ubuntu-Linux angesammelt. Verwendet wurden unter anderem auch die unterschiedlichsten open Source-Quellen im Internet. Wir haben

Linux für Dummies
Wollen Sie wissen, was es mit Linux auf sich hat und warum es unter Kennern eine so groBe Fangemeinde hat? Ziehen Sie freie Softwareanbieter den kommerziellen vor? Trauen Sie sich noch nicht zu, die eingefahrenen Pfade zu verlassen, wollen das abe

Como o Linux funciona
De modo diferente de alguns sistemas operacionais, o Linux não tenta esconder as partes importantes - ele permite que você tenha um controle completo de seu computador. Porém, para verdadeiramente dominar o Linux, é necessário entender o seu funciona

Essential Linux fast
Linux has become increasingly popular as an alternative operating system to Microsoft Windows. This is largely due to its improved performance and ability to run favourite PC applications. If you want to make the switch from Windows, this is the b

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Discover Ubuntu, Today's Hottest Linux Everyone's talking about Ubuntu-it's not just 100% free, it's the most useful, practical desktop Linux ever! Now, Linux expert Marcel Gagné reveals Ubun

Stardew Valley Linux Game Guide Unofficial
*UNOFFICIAL GUIDE*Do you want to dominate the game and your opponents?Do you struggle with making resources and cash?Do you want the best items?Would you like to know how to download and install the game?If so, we have got you covered. We will walk you through the game, provide professional strategies and tips, as well as all the secrets in the game. What You'll Discover Inside:- How to Download & Install the Game- Professional Tips and Strategies- Farming- Items- Multiplayer- Cheats and Hacks. - Secrets, Tips, Cheats, Unlockables, and Tricks Used By Pro Players! - How to Get Tons of Resources. - PLUS MUCH MORE! So, what are you waiting for? Once you grab a copy of our guide, you'll be dominating the game in no time at all! Get your Pro tips now-> Scroll to the top of the page and click add to cart to purchase instantly Disclaimer: This product is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, certified, or sponsored by the Original Copyright Owner.

Linux Mint (bhv Praxis)
Ganz einfach von Windows zum kostenlosen Open-Source-Betriebssystem Linux Mint umsteigen - mit dem Buch von Christoph Troche kein Problem. Installation: Installation auf Festplatte, CD-ROM oder USB-Stick; Live-Version oder vollständige Installatio

Elsa Linux à l'Elysée
Le troisième volet de la parodie sexy, branchée et drôlissime du Journal de Bridget Jones! Manipulée par l'entourage du nouveau président de la République Ronald Furioso, Elsa Linux va tenter de torpiller le plan com' de la principale oppo

Puppy Linux Manual
An ebook, "Puppy Linux Manual", Some great Information for the use of Puppy Linux, a Free Operating System which is great on older computers. Puppy Linux is also good for formatting and partitioning hard drives and rescuing data from crash computers.
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