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Free Blogging on Lifestyle
LifeStyle Weblog for latest lifestyle, hobbies, shopping and business news and blog posts. Discuss Lifestyle news and Join the conversation at Life Style WebLog.
Uploaded by lifestyleweblog on 02/05/2013
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The Barrel of Blogs Aug Sept 2011
An online magazine about bloggers, blogging and blogs. Articles written by bloggers and interesting tidbits of info. Plus totally bogus horoscopes. We've got it all, baby.
Uploaded by melissabastow on 08/19/2011
Digital publication details: 48 pages.

TOD N#9 Geert Lovink, My First Recession
My First Recession starts after the party is over. This study maps the tran- sition of critical Internetculture from the mid to late 1990s Internet craze to the dotcom crash, the subsequent meltdownof global financial markets and 9/11. In his discussion of the dotcom boom-and-bust cycle, GeertLovink lays out the challenges faced by critical Internet culture today. In a series of case studies,Lovink meticulously describes the ambivalent attitude that artists and activists take as they veerback and forth between euphoria and skepticism. As a part of this process, Lovink examines theinternal dynamics of virtual communities through an analysis of the use of moderation and “collaborativefiltering” on mailing lists and weblogs. He also confronts the practical and theoreticalproblems that appear as artists join the growing number of new-media education programs.
Uploaded by instituteofnetworkcultures on 12/09/2011
Digital publication details: 219 pages.

Waves Lifestyle Issue #01 (Jul 2011)
Waves Lifestyle Issue #01 - July 2011 - First Issue
Uploaded by waveslifestyle on 05/15/2012
Digital publication details: 40 pages.

Home and Lifestyle Magazine: July and August 2012 - Issue 22
High quality glossy Home, Garden and Lifestyle Magazine on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar, with features on décor, design, outdoor living, leisure, health, beauty, style and cuisine. All you need for living on one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Europe.
Uploaded by home-lifestyle on 06/29/2012
Digital publication details: 116 pages.

Oh Marie! issue 1 - Alpine Kitsch
Photography - Styling - Vintage - DIY with a twist
Uploaded by ohmarie on 11/22/2012
Digital publication details: 40 pages.

March/April 2010 - Indiana Living Green Magazine
A Hoosiers' Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle
Uploaded by indianalivinggreen on 03/04/2010
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

4 Marvelous Gift ideas a rural hip lifestyle magazine music series Winter 2010 A rural hip lifestyle magazine designed for the Foothills region, including: Black Diamond, High River, Longview, Nanton, Okotoks, Turner Valley. PM 41979554
Uploaded by routes on 04/11/2011
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Tags: music · hip · magazine · rural · lifestyle · gifts

Wairarapa Lifestyle Magazine Summer 2011
People and places of the Wairarapa Region in New Zealand.
Uploaded by raewynwatson on 12/03/2011
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Shufflegazine January 2008
Shufflegazine Apple Lifestyle Magazine for the Middle East. We cover all things Apple from Mac to iPod, iPhone, Apple TV and everything else you need to live the Apple Lifestyle. Published monthly with articles in Arabic and English we are the only Apple Magazine in the Middle East.
Uploaded by shufflegazine on 12/26/2009
Digital publication details: 44 pages.
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