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PROJECT Building 110 (LMCC Artists in Residence, Fall 2012)

Artists: Ruta Butkute, Jessica Cannon, Maya Ciarrocchi, Abigail DeVille, Elizabeth Duffy, Erin Dunn, Laurie Frick, Marina Gutierrez, Sarah Kabot, Jenn Kahn, Patte Loper, Jong Oh, Sarada Rauch, Jaye Rhee, Alan Ruiz, Diana Shpungin, Abraham Storer, Kyoco Taniyama, Jeanne Verdoux, and Jenifer Wightman. Introduction by Melissa Levin
Uploaded by projectbuilding110 on 01/05/2013
Digital publication details: 50 pages.


View the works of: Dan Anderson, Bob Archambeau, Ben Bates, Joe Bennion, Margaret Bohls, David Bolton, Chris Campbell, Linda Christensen, Sam Chung, Bede Clark, Bruce Cochrane, Charity Davis-Woodard, Josh DeWeese, Paul Dresang, Neil Estrick, Adam Field, Julia Galloway, John Glick, Steven Hill, Chuck Hindes, Cathi Jefferson, Doug Jeppesen, Brian R. Jones, Matt Kelleher, Ben Krupka, Jayson Lawfer, Simon Levin, Suze Lindsay, Liz Lurie, Kent McLaughlin, Lorna Meaden, Jenny Mendes, Ron Meyers, Ted Neal, John Neely, Lou Pierozzi, Adam Posnak, Deb Schwartzkopf, Brad Schwieger, Jane Shellenbarger, Linda Sikora, Gertrude Smith, Tara Wilson, Gwendolyn Yoppolo.
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Digital publication details: 30 pages.

Undergrowth #6 > RANDOM MOLECULES

From the quantum to the cosmic, chaos theory to chaos magick, political powerplays to psychedelic activism, free radicals and spiritual anarchism - beware a premature definition of reality. Feature Writers: Rod Baker, John Pace, Rebecca Fitzgibbon, Tim Parish, Rak Razam, Claire Wren, Levin Daistchenko, Hakim Bey, Jonathan Arrow, Dan MacKinlay, Betwixt, Rumi + Hafez... Feature Artists: Gerhard Hillman, Paul Kalemba, Antonia Green, Ben Mastwyk, Tim Parish, Oliver Dunlop, Tom Civil, Webgrrl, Natasa Guistava, Alex Grey, Dan MacKinlay, Jacinda Brown, Andrea Brescianini, Claire Wren and Kieren Sanderson.
Uploaded by undergrowth on 06/01/2011
Digital publication details: 79 pages.

Lily & Migs Fall 2011 look book

Fall 2011 look book Studio: Elevin Studios Photographer: Eric Levin Models: Claudia Snow Ally Redmond Hair/Mua: Rose Fortuna Intern: Asmaa Aman
Uploaded by asmaaaman on 06/08/2011
Digital publication details: 13 pages.
Tags: lily · style · fashion · migs · blouse

2013 U.S.News - Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" Stand-Alone Publication

2013 U.S.News - Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" Stand-Alone Publication
Uploaded by bestlawyers on 12/08/2012
Digital publication details: 260 pages.

Its the Bankers or us!

Problem, Reaction, Solution: Derivatives, Crash, Too Big To Fail, Bailout, Nationalization, Budget Crisis, Privatization, Debt Slavery, Austerity, Evaporating Pensions, Central Banks, Big Government, World Government. It’s been quite a saga,
Uploaded by kynize on 02/18/2012
Digital publication details: 286 pages.
Tags: the founders · world · 911 · ron paul · freedom · goerge · gold · liberty · c.i.a · bush · banks · rand paul · obama · president · f.b.i · silver · tyranny · war · events · n.w.o

Dawsons Accommodation Solutions

Find Hotels and Accommodation Worldwide
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Digital publication details: 300 pages.


Los Angeles Downtown News is a free weekly newspaper distributed in and around downtown Los Angeles.
Uploaded by ladtn on 05/12/2011
Digital publication details: 36 pages.

Melbourne Observer. 121031A. October 31, 2012. Part A. Pages 1-20

Melbourne Observer. 121031A. October 31, 2012. Part A. Pages 1-20
Uploaded by mediaflash on 10/29/2012
Digital publication details: 20 pages.

Gene Therapy & Molecular Biology Volume 12 Issue B - PART 1

Gene Therapy & Molecular Biology Volume 12 Issue B - PART 1
Uploaded by gtmb on 02/15/2009
Digital publication details: 499 pages.
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