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A Primer on Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is the ability of an organization to gain insight and understanding from experience through experimentation, observation, analysis, and a willingness to examine successes and failures. There are two key notions: organizations learn through individuals who act as agents for them; at the same time, individual learning in organizations is facilitated or constrained by its learning system.
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The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Learning Disability Strategy 2010-15

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Learning Disability Strategy 2010-15
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Student Learning Outcomes Map

A map designed to see how student learning outcomes are demonstrated in online course via learning activities, measurements, and discoveries.
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A Literature Review of the Factors Influencing E-Learning and Blended Learning in Relation to...

In higher education, e-learning is gaining more and more impact, especially in the format of blended learning, and this new kind of traditional teaching and learning can be practiced in many ways. Several studies have compared face-to-face teaching to online learning and/or blended learning in order to try to define which of the formats provides, e.g., the highest learning outcome, creates the most satisfied students or has the highest rate of course completion. However, these studies often show that teaching and learning are influenced by more than teaching format alone. Many factors play significant roles, and this literature review will look further into some of them. The review has a special interest in professional bachelor education and teacher training, and it focusses on factors that influence learning experiences in e-learning, online learning and blended learning. Thus, the research question of the review is as follows: Which factors are found to influence e-learning...
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E-Learning and the Workplace

Many work arrangements discourage learning. In organizations, classroom instruction is obviously not the most efficient method. However, if e-learning is to justify the publicity that surrounds it, there is a great need to understand its organizational environment and to evolve design principles.
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Is Learning Guitar Online Easier Than Learning In Classes?

Although learning guitar online much more convenient and cheaper than traditional classes, the underlying question in most people's minds - especially who are not so internet saavy is: Is learning guitar online easier than learning in classes?
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Drawing Learning Charters

Despite competing demands, modern organizations should not forget that learning is the best way to meet the challenges of the time. Learning charters demonstrate commitment: they are a touchstone against which provision and practice can be tested and a waymark with which to guide, monitor, and evaluate progress. It is difficult to argue that what learning charters advocate is not worth striving for.
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Excerpts from Project-Based Learning How to Take the Road Less Traveled

People learn best by hands-on experience when “Learning” is defined as: Having a concept in long-term memory that can be recalled at will. Project-Based Learning: How to Take the Road Less Traveled is a practical guide for practical teachers. This book, set out in a workbook format takes teachers and home-school parents through a step-by-step process to planning and implementing successful projects that will result in the learning of targeted concepts. Examples, rubrics, charts, calendars, and graphs are provided to make project planning easy, fun, and painless. In addition, a substantial research section is provided that provides a basic level of understanding for the theoretical underpinning of project-based learning. Finally, a nice Reference list is given for the teacher or parent who wishes to delve more deeply into the educational psychology of learning.
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Easy Or Difficult? Learning to Play the Guitar

Traditionally, guitar tuition has been conducted through direct one on one correspondence, or in a group scenario, which has been thought to provide the optimum level of interaction necessary to perfect technique. Alternatively many people learning the guitar have taken to self-teaching methods, through a book or self-teaching course, and this too works well for some people, albeit results tend to take longer to show.
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Action Learning

Action learning is a structured method that enables small groups to work regularly and collectively on complicated problems, take action, and learn as individuals and as a team while doing so.
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