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Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future
"One of the best Artificial Intelligence books of all time" - BookAuthority Did you know that artificial intelligence is changing our world faster than we can imagine?It will impact every area of our lives.And this is happening whether we like it or not.Artificial intelligence will help us do almost everything better, faster and cheaper, and it will profoundly change industries such as transportation, tourism, healthcare, education, retail, agriculture, finance, sales and marketing. In fact, AI will dramatically change our entire society.You might have heard that many jobs will be replaced by automation and robots, but did you also know that at the same time a huge number of new jobs will be created by AI?This book covers many fascinating and timely topics related to artificial intelligence, including: self-driving cars, robots, chatbots, and how AI will impact the job market, business processes, and entire industries, just to name a few.This book is divided into ten chapters:
  • Chapter I: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Chapter II: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Many Industries
  • Chapter III: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Business Processes
  • Chapter IV: Chatbots and How They Will Change Communication
  • Chapter V: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Job Market
  • Chapter VI: Self-Driving Cars and How They Will Change Traffic as We Know It
  • Chapter VII: Robots and How They Will Change Our Lives
  • Chapter VIII: Artificial Intelligence Activities of Big Technology Companies
  • Chapter IX: Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Part I
  • Chapter X: Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence Part II
  • To enhance your learning experience and help make the concepts easier to understand, there are more than 85 visual presentations included throughout the book.You will learn the answers to 101 questions about artificial intelligence, and also have access to a large number of resources, ideas and tips that will help you to understand how artificial intelligence will change our lives.Who is this book for?
    • Managers and business professionals
    • Marketers and influencers
    • Entrepreneurs and startups
    • Consultants and coaches
    • Educators and teachers
    • Students and life-long learners
    • And everyone else who is interested in our future.
    Are you ready to discover how artificial intelligence will impact your life?This guidebook offers a multitude of tools, techniques and strategies that every business and individual can quickly apply and benefit from.
    Publication date: 02/01/2018
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 320 pages

    Inteligencia artificial: 101 cosas que debes saber hoy sobre nuestro futuro (Spanish Edition)
    La inteligencia artificial nos ayuda a hacer casi todo más barato, más rápido, más efectivo y cambiará profundamente sectores como el de la conducción, los viajes, la salud, educación, comercio, agricultura, finanzas, ventas y el marketing. De hecho, la inteligencia artificial cambiará drásticamente nuestra sociedad de forma global.Este libro incluye fascinantes e interesantes temas relacionados con la inteligencia artificial y también nos da acceso a un gran número de recursos, ideas y consejos que ayudarán a entender cómo la inteligencia artificial va a cambiar nuestra vida.
    Published by: Alienta Editorial | Publication date: 11/20/2018
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 607 pages

    Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook For Business Leaders
    ***Selected as a CES 2018 Top Technology Book of the Year ***"Artificial intelligence" is the buzzword of the day. You've no doubt read your fair share of media hype either proclaiming doom and gloom where robots seize our jobs or prophesying a new utopia where AI cures all our human problems. But what does it actually mean for your role as a business leader? Applied Artificial Intelligence is a practical guide for business leaders who are passionate about leveraging machine intelligence to enhance the productivity of their organizations and the quality of life in their communities. If you want to drive innovation by combining data, technology, design, and people to solve real problems at an enterprise scale, this is your playbook. This book does not overload you with details on debugging TensorFlow code nor bore you with generalizations about the future of humanity. Instead, we teach you how to lead successful AI initiatives by prioritizing the right opportunities, building a diverse team of experts, conducting strategic experiments, and consciously designing your solutions to benefit both your organization and society as a whole. This book is focused on helping you drive concrete business decisions through applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Written with the combined knowledge of three experts in the field, Applied Artificial Intelligence is the best practical guide for business leaders looking to get true value from the adoption of machine learning technology.If you have questions such as... *What is artificial intelligence (AI)?*How do I distinguish true value from AI hype?*What are the best business use cases for AI established so far?*How do I identify the best business case for AI adoption and evaluate opportunities?*Should I build or buy an AI platform?*How do I find and recruit top AI talent for my enterprise?*How will incorporating AI into my business increase revenue or decrease costs?*How can I facilitate AI adoption within my company?... then this handbook provides you with answers.Who is this book for?* Managers and business professionals* Marketers, product managers and business strategists* Entrepreneurs, founders and startups team members* Consultants, advisors and educators* Engineers and data scientists who want to work with business unitsAnd everyone else who is interested in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve business processes.
    Published by: TOPBOTS | Publication date: 06/02/2018
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 607 pages

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Second, Enlarged Edition (Dover Books on Mathematics)
    Can computers think? Can they use reason to develop their own concepts, solve complex problems, play games, understand our languages? This comprehensive survey of artificial intelligence ― the study of how computers can be made to act intelligently ― explores these and other fascinating questions. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence presents an introduction to the science of reasoning processes in computers, and the research approaches and results of the past two decades. You'll find lucid, easy-to-read coverage of problem-solving methods, representation and models, game playing, automated understanding of natural languages, heuristic search theory, robot systems, heuristic scene analysis and specific artificial-intelligence accomplishments. Related subjects are also included: predicate-calculus theorem proving, machine architecture, psychological simulation, automatic programming, novel software techniques, industrial automation and much more.A supplementary section updates the original book with major research from the decade 1974-1984. Abundant illustrations, diagrams and photographs enhance the text, and challenging practice exercises at the end of each chapter test the student's grasp of each subject.The combination of introductory and advanced material makes Introduction to Artificial Intelligence ideal for both the layman and the student of mathematics and computer science. For anyone interested in the nature of thought, it will inspire visions of what computer technology might produce tomorrow.
    Published by: Dover Publications | Publication date: 02/19/2013
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 512 pages

    Artificial Intelligence: What Everyone Needs to Know (What Everyone Needs To Know®)
    Over the coming decades, Artificial Intelligence will profoundly impact the way we live, work, wage war, play, seek a mate, educate our young, and care for our elderly. It is likely to greatly increase our aggregate wealth, but it will also upend our labor markets, reshuffle our social order, and strain our private and public institutions. Eventually it may alter how we see our place in the universe, as machines pursue goals independent of their creators and outperform us in domains previously believed to be the sole dominion of humans. Whether we regard them as conscious or unwitting, revere them as a new form of life or dismiss them as mere clever appliances, is beside the point. They are likely to play an increasingly critical and intimate role in many aspects of our lives.The emergence of systems capable of independent reasoning and action raises serious questions about just whose interests they are permitted to serve, and what limits our society should place on their creation and use. Deep ethical questions that have bedeviled philosophers for ages will suddenly arrive on the steps of our courthouses. Can a machine be held accountable for its actions? Should intelligent systems enjoy independent rights and responsibilities, or are they simple property? Who should be held responsible when a self-driving car kills a pedestrian? Can your personal robot hold your place in line, or be compelled to testify against you? If it turns out to be possible to upload your mind into a machine, is that still you? The answers may surprise you.
    Author: Jerry Kaplan
    Published by: Oxford University Press | Publication date: 09/01/2016
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 181 pages

    Artificial Intelligence with Python: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Intelligent Apps for Python Beginners and Developers
    Build real-world Artificial Intelligence applications with Python to intelligently interact with the world around youAbout This Book
    • Step into the amazing world of intelligent apps using this comprehensive guide
    • Enter the world of Artificial Intelligence, explore it, and create your own applications
    • Work through simple yet insightful examples that will get you up and running with Artificial Intelligence in no time
    Who This Book Is ForThis book is for Python developers who want to build real-world Artificial Intelligence applications. This book is friendly to Python beginners, but being familiar with Python would be useful to play around with the code. It will also be useful for experienced Python programmers who are looking to use Artificial Intelligence techniques in their existing technology stacks.What You Will Learn
    • Realize different classification and regression techniques
    • Understand the concept of clustering and how to use it to automatically segment data
    • See how to build an intelligent recommender system
    • Understand logic programming and how to use it
    • Build automatic speech recognition systems
    • Understand the basics of heuristic search and genetic programming
    • Develop games using Artificial Intelligence
    • Learn how reinforcement learning works
    • Discover how to build intelligent applications centered on images, text, and time series data
    • See how to use deep learning algorithms and build applications based on it
    In DetailArtificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly relevant in the modern world. By harnessing the power of algorithms, you can create apps which intelligently interact with the world around you, building intelligent recommender systems, automatic speech recognition systems and more.Starting with AI basics you'll move on to learn how to develop building blocks using data mining techniques. Discover how to make informed decisions about which algorithms to use, and how to apply them to real-world scenarios. This practical book covers a range of topics including predictive analytics and deep learning. Table of Contents
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Classification and Regression Using Supervised Learning
  • Predictive Analytics with Ensemble Learning
  • Detecting Patterns with Unsupervised Learning
  • Building Recommender Systems
  • Logic Programming
  • Heuristic Search Techniques
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Building Games with Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Probabilistic Reasoning for Sequential Data
  • Building A Speech Recognizer
  • Object Detection and Tracking
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Published by: Packt Publishing | Publication date: 01/27/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 446 pages

    The Future Of Higher Education: How Emerging Technologies Will Change Education Forever
    Do you believe that traditional education could be improved with the development of new technologies?Are you interested in learning the best practices of running a successful and effective online course?Have you ever thought about the potential impact that artificial intelligence could have on classrooms around the world?In today's world, changes in technology are happening much faster than we can appreciate, and we have a unique opportunity to learn from and apply these tools in new and creative ways, impacting the ways that we learn every day.After reading this book you will know:
    • Best practices and techniques for e-learning that you can quickly implement for your own Online courses.
    • How artificial intelligence will impact our world in the not-so-distant future and the changes it will generate in the field of education.
    • How immersive technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality can be implemented in education.
    • A summary of skills that will be most sought after in the world of the future.
    • And a whole lot more...
    You will also find valuable opinions on the world of technology and education from various experts in their fields.Take action today! Scroll to the top and select the "BUY" button.
    Publication date: 10/16/2016
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 98 pages

    Smart Social Media - Your Guide To Becoming A Highly Paid Social Media Manager
    Publication date: 12/10/2012
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 146 pages

    101 Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses
    Would you like to discover the biggest marketing trends in 2018 for growing your business with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp?Imagine being able to leverage the latest Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies to increase the bottom line for your business.Have you seen these impressive numbers?
    • Facebook: 1.59 billion monthly active users.
    • WhatsApp: 1 billion monthly active users.
    • Facebook Messenger: 800 million monthly active users.
    • Instagram: 400 million monthly active users.
    All of these services are owned by Facebook, and together they form a Facebook marketing ecosystem which allows you to access up to 3.79 billion users combined. As a trainer and speaker, I have given Facebook marketing workshops in different corners of the world, from Madrid to Miami and from Dubai to Helsinki, and have met many business owners who are excited to use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, but are unaware of the correct strategies and techniques to follow.That is why I wrote this guidebook offering such a large number of tools, techniques and strategies every business owner can quickly apply and benefit from.After reading this book you will know:
    • How to reach more clients and sell more products on Facebook using the best tools and techniques.
    • How to spy on how your competitors do their Facebook marketing and avoid making the same mistakes they make.
    • What are some of the most beneficial new features on Facebook in 2016.
    • How to set up your security and privacy settings correctly for your personal Facebook profile and improve your personal branding on Facebook.
    • How to leverage the explosive growth of Facebook video marketing and maximize communication with potential customers.
    • Some of the biggest mistakes businesses commit with Facebook advertising and how to avoid them.
    • A secret targeting technique which can significantly improve your Facebook advertising campaigns.
    • Special Facebook Messenger communication strategies that can help you to improve your customer service.
    • WhatsApp marketing strategies that helped one company to expand their business internationally and improve their sales.
    • And a whole lot more... in total 101 action tips and strategies.
    You will also read powerful expert interviews and case studies from the following online marketing experts who share specific strategies you can learn from and apply to your own business:
    • Scott Monty on how to use the new Facebook Live Video to communicate with your audience.
    • Gideon Shalwick on how to leverage Facebook video advertising.
    • Kevin Davis on how to use Facebook video advertising combined with Facebook sweepstakes.
    • Charles Kirkland on how to use a special Facebook targeting option which can quickly improve your Facebook ad results and ROI.
    • Rocco Alberto Baldassarre on how one specific Instagram adversiting strategy generared 343 sales in 30 days.
    • Claudia Araujo on how her company expanded internationally by leveraging WhatsApp marketing strategies.
    If you apply all the strategies in this book, you will have the potential to transform your business and grow revenue.Take action today! Scroll to the top and select the "BUY" button for instant download.
    Published by: Lasse Rouhiainen | Publication date: 02/06/2016
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 193 pages

    101 Video Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses
    How to apply 101 powerful video marketing strategies and tips to your business today!Discover how to plan, record and promote videos to attract more clients and customers to your company. Learn to implement the latest YouTube and iPhone video marketing strategies in this insightful book.Most small and medium size companies are unaware of the huge power of utilizing video as a tool to improve their credibility and confidence with their customers, and to teach and educate them about the benefits of your products.Find out 101 very easy to understand quick tips and clear strategiesThere is a lot of information online regarding video marketing, however most small business owners, marketers and business professionals find video marketing somewhat confusing as there are too many option on how to start.This book provides you with a clear list of the most important topics related to video marketing and explains it in 101 very easy to understand quick tips and clear strategies you can action immediately.The book is divided into five sections:Section 1: PlanningSection 2: RecordingSection 3: YouTube PromotionSection 4: Additional Video StrategiesSection 5: IPhone Video Marketing StrategiesThis book will save you countless hours so that you start producing videos that will impact and improve your online presence right away!Here are just few of the strategies you will discover:Section 1: Planning
    • How to get your clients to record videos by organizing a video contest
    • How to create your video marketing plan
    • (and much more)
    Section 2: Recording
    • How to create convincing "calls to action" on your videos
    • Common mistakes to avoid and making your videos
    • Learn to use NLP in your videos
    • (and much more)
    Section 3 – YouTube promotion
    • How to create professional looking channels
    • How to correctly upload and optimize your videos
    • How to indicate your business's geographic location within the videos
    • How to encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube videos
    • (and much more)
    Section 4 – Additional Video Marketing strategies
    • How to share your videos the right way on Facebook
    • How to take advantage of the "promoted post" advertising feature on Facebook
    • How to get your videos shared on Twitter
    • How to share your videos on LinkedIn
    • (and much more)
    Section 5: iPhone Video Marketing Strategies
    • How to get the right iPhone accessories for video marketing
    • How to use an image stabilizer for smooth filming
    • How to create nice looking video presentations with Videolicious
    • (and much more)
    About the author: Lasse Rouhiainen is an international video marketing and social media marketing expert and trainer, and frequent speaker at business schools and universities on the topics of YouTube, Facebook, and social media marketing. Download this book today and start taking your video marketing to the next level!
    Publication date: 01/23/2013
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 114 pages
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