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The Land Governance Assessment Framework
"Increased global demand for land posits the need for well-designed country-level land policies to protect long-held rights, facilitate land access and address any constraints that land policy may pose for broader growth. While the implementation of land reforms can be a lengthy process, the need to swiftly identify key land policy challenges and devise responses that allow the monitoring of progress, in a way that minimizes conflicts and supports broader development goals, is clear. The Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) makes a substantive contribution to the land sector by providing a quick and innovative tool to monitor land governance at the country level. The LGAF offers a comprehensive diagnostic tool that covers five main areas for policy intervention: Legal and institutional framework, Land use planning, management and taxation, Management of public land, Public provision of land information, and Dispute resolution and conflict management.
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community service
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Agricultural Land Redistribution
Despite 250 years of land reform all over the World, important land inequalities remain, especially in Latin America and Southern Africa. While in these countries, there is near consensus on the need for redistribution, much controversy persists around how to redistribute land peacefully and legally, often blocking progress on implementation.
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Residential Land Acquisition
Land Acquisition is a phrase which in previous has took position several issues. In a layman’s terminology Land Acquisition indicates a procedure of obtaining by the main or the determine govt of Indian to improve its cost-effective value with the help of structured infrastructural and cost-effective development.
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Land Inventory in Botswana , Processes and Lessons
Successful land policy formulation and implementation depend on a complete and up-to-date inventory of land holdings. Such reliable land inventory, informs land policy choices and implementation priorities. Tribal land management constitutes the largest of the three main tenure types that prevail in Botswana (tribal, State, and freehold). The land inventory is a means to support land administration, land development, land use planning, land transactions and natural resources management in Botswana. The land inventory is currently web based and GIS-enabled through the Tribal Land Information Management Systems and the State Land Information Management System. These systems now play a key role in land-related policy and management decisions. This publication documents challenges, opportunities, processes and lessons learnt for implementing a successful land inventory.
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2013 Land Tax Rates
The NSW Government has released new land tax rates for 2013.
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Report: Advanced GIS - Creating Land Use Map for the City of Galveston, Texas
The creation and utilization of a land use map is critical in the comprehensive planning process. By creating a land use map, a land use analysis can be performed. Land use analyses helps identify incompatible uses or problems areas that require policy actions to correct them. These incompatible land uses can be based on environmental concerns (i.e. development in the flood plain) or human use concerns (i.e. industrial uses near residential areas). Land use analyses also provide information to planners on land supply and land that is developable. A land use analysis provides an evaluation of the spatial distribution of land uses which is useful in the creation of land use policy intended to shape the growth of the city. A land use map was developed for the City of Galveston in order to provide the data needed to conduct land use analyses. This map will serve as an important aspect of the comprehensive plan and provide necessary baseline data for future planning.
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Handling land , Innovative Tools for Land Governance and Secure Tenure
Everyone has a relationship to land. It is an asset that, with its associated resources, allows its owner access to loans, to build their houses and to set up small businesses in cities. In rural areas, land is essential for livelihoods, subsistence and food security. However, land is a scarce resource governed by a wide range of rights and responsibilities. And not everyone's right to land is secure. Mounting pressure and competition mean that improving land governance - the rules, processes and organizations through which decisions are made about land - is more urgent than ever. This book shows how the Global Land Tool Network is addressing these problems by setting an international agenda on land. It features the land tools that the Network has developed .
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Revenue and Homestead Land Act in India
In order to give a safe source of livelihood for socially backward people, PACS has made a special program to provide them with Revenue Land & Homestead Land. For more queries please visit:
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