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Introducing Kafka EXTRACT

'What do I have in common with the Jews? I don't even have anything in common with myself.' So said Franz Kafka, described by his friends as living behind a 'glass wall'. Kafka wrote in the tradition of the great Yiddish storytellers, whose stock-in-trade was bizarre fantasy, tainted with hilarity and self-abasement. But alienated from his roots, his family and his own body, Kafka created a unique literary language in which to hide away, transforming himself into a cockroach, an ape, a mole or a circus artiste. David Zane Mairowitz's brilliant text and the illustrations of the world's greatest underground comic artist, Robert Crumb, provide a unique glimpse through the glass wall and into Kafka's world. 'Goes far beyond explication or popularization or survey – a work of art in its own right.' Amazon.com
Uploaded by andrewfurlow on 06/04/2012
Digital publication details: 34 pages.

Kafka Fragmente Programme Note

Programme notes for Kakfa Fragmente tour, May/June 2011
Uploaded by hebridesensemble on 07/05/2011
Digital publication details: 9 pages.

The Suffering of Being Kafka

A second volume of short stories and poetry translated from the Hebrew.
Uploaded by samvaknin on 01/01/2010
Digital publication details: 143 pages.

Kafka is dead (2012). Extract

A few pages of my work for flute, bass clarinet, violoncello, piano and two megaphons.
Uploaded by nurianunezhierro on 01/13/2013
Digital publication details: 4 pages.
Tags: extract · music · score

Turn Your Life Around

Personal development, including positive thinking ...
Uploaded by tastepowder3 on 05/18/2013
Digital publication details: 2 pages.

Issue 12 - Numero 12

Metamorphosis: Ovid - Kafka. Metamorfosis: Ovidio - Kafka
Uploaded by yareah on 10/31/2009
Digital publication details: 52 pages.

Night As It Was

'Night As It Was', a story about the 'Spontaneous Sky Makeover' in KIndle Magazine(June 2011 Kafka issue)
Uploaded by nkaul on 06/04/2011
Digital publication details: 37 pages.
Tags: story · night sky · writing · absurd · fiction · kafka

The Castle - F.KAFKA

The Castle - F.KAFKA
Uploaded by mapat on 10/30/2010
Digital publication details: 238 pages.
Tags: castle · kafka

Kindle Magazine June '11

The Kafka Special issue
Uploaded by kindlemag on 05/30/2011
Digital publication details: 72 pages.
Tags: poetry · literature · politics · essays · art · kafka

The Rooftop Sutras

(SHORT-LISTED N.T. BOOK OF THE YEAR 2011) A collection of strange tales set in a mythologized 'Suburbia', following various inhabitants as they attempt to stay awake amidst hypnotic routine. In the vein of G.K. Chesterton, J.L. Borges, Franz Kafka and William Burroughs. Regard the bizarre parables of modern life contained within -- such as the man whose telephone follows him everywhere he goes, or the woman who becomes stuck in an infinite loop. Then there is the man who is summoned to court to justify his existence, and the band of gypsies who live on the rooftops of the city.
Uploaded by pinkus on 06/12/2011
Digital publication details: 176 pages.
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