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JQUERY EXAMPLE for Web Developer (Video Training Tutorial)

jQuery concepts, allowing you to add interactions and animations to your pages adopted by most popular sites on the Internet.Hundreds of plug-ins and function have been developed to extend jQuery's functionality
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jQuery in Action

Good references of jquery
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Manning. jQuery in Action

Manning. jQuery in Action
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The jQuery Library

Understand what the jQuery library is and the benefits it has for Web development.
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Giving a Professional Touch to Mobile App Development with jQuery Mobile

User-friendly and creative apps is the need of the hour and jQuery helps to achieve this target. It is the most popular framework for developing rich mobile apps. Its rich and varied features adds a unique touch of professionalism to all its mobile apps.
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Benefits of Leveraging the jQuery Platform for Business

jQuery has been a blessing for the developer community. It helps in creating attractive and high quality websites that can engage the customers for long hours. jQuery is an easy to use framework and involves less coding in building websites.
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Explore the Colors of jQuery Mobile Framework for Innovative Mobile Apps

jQuery development is being widely used, since the use of touch optimized mobile devices has grown rapidly in the recent years. It is the best framework for developing attractive mobile apps providing the best engagement for users.
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Bring a Web Page Alive with jQuery

Learn about how you can use jQuery to change Web page content and structure and use animation to make a page come alive.
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JQuery Mobile

jquery mobile
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