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Aching for Space Opera with a Female Hero?Lt. Daisy Wong grew up on the wrong side of the law. Now she's a cop with an attitude, an antique sidearm, and an agenda: kick criminal butt.What would it be like to be a cop on a thriving but dangerous space colony?Lt. Daisy Wong, Space Marshal, lives and works in just such a place, Diligence, a Lagrange colony poised between the Earth and the Moon.She never lets go of a case, and her record of arrests stands second to none.And with good reason. As the savvy child of a criminal-tong boss, Daisy knows the solar system’s criminal underculture and she knows the milieu of public legality.Every hour brings Daisy a new challenge, a new threat, a new race between life and death.So come along with Lt. Daisy Wong as she solves crimes, rights wrongs, smokes her beloved opium, flirts with the habitat’s coroner, and kicks up a storm.By your copy now!
Author: Jamie McNabb
Publication date: 01/18/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 292 pages

Daisy Wong: The Hell of the Sitting Ducks

Lt. Daisy Wong, Space Marshal, investigates a man who plays the lottery. A lot. No big deal, but he wins impossibly large amounts of money, consistently, defying the odds. He also loses from time to time, but only to throw the authorities and the criminal element off his trail. Thanks to her poking around, Daisy finds herself plunged into a mob money-laundering scheme, murder, and the Hell of the Sitting Ducks.This epub also contain a sample of the exciting and provocative contemporary mystery novel The View that Disappeared.When octogenarians Jack and Betty Luckner move into a high-rise retirement center, they expect to make certain adjustments. An efficiency kitchen. A one-star dining room.They do not expect their fellow residents to start dropping dead at the dinner table.Armed with only an iron-willed sense of justice, Jack and Betty set out to track down the serial killer . . . before anyone can put a stop to their efforts.Drawing on the traditions of Dashiell Hammett and Monty Python, The View that Disappeared serves up a five-star collation of inventive murders, gallows humor, and courage.Jamie McNabb's website is www.jamiemcnabb.com
Author: Jamie McNabb
Published by: Soapbox Rising Press | Publication date: 04/07/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 54 pages

Kzine Issue 21

Kzine is a kindle magazine of original SF, Fantasy, Horror and Crime short stories. This issue has stories by Matthew Lyons, Lars H. Hoffmann, Jamie McNabb, J.H. Zech, Geoege Sandison, and Anne E. Johnson.
Published by: Kimota Publishing | Publication date: 05/22/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 94 pages


This short story explores the long shadow cast by the Civil War. So imagine you’re the first mate on a 19th century lumber schooner, plying the Pacific Coast routes. Now imagine that you've just found your captain brutally murdered. Maybe he deserved it. Maybe he didn't. Either way he's as dead as a smoked mackerel. What's your next move?The first mate decides the first order of business must be to take the ship into the nearest port as soon as possible. However, he soon discovers that he must reach port before the captain's killer goes on to murder everyone aboard and sink the ship.Contains a preview of Enoch's Folly, a family saga with a strong paranormal element.
Author: Jamie McNabb
Publication date: 11/15/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 65 pages

Fiction River: Editor's Choice (Fiction River: An Original Anthology Magazine Book 23)

Editing an anthology can prove tricky business. Wonderful stories sometimes find themselves on the rejection pile simply because they do not fit in the editor’s vision of that anthology. So, editor Mark Leslie decided to save some of those amazing stories for this latest volume of Fiction River: Editor’s Choice. These tales run the gamut from YA fantasy to cozy crime to slipstream to horror. And they represent the incredible diversity of styles, voices, and genre that inspired Adventures Fantastic to call Fiction River “one of the best and most exciting publications in the field today.”Table of Contents“The Four Thirty-Five” by Annie Reed“Bertie’s Choice” by Jamie McNabb“Mirror Skillz” by Dave Raines“Holding the Door” by Elliotte Rusty Harold“Trees” by Diana Benedict“The Blood is on the Wall” by Felicia Fredlund“The Glass Girl” by Leah Cutter“Breaking Kayfabe” by Kelly Washington“Lemonade and Larceny” by Lauryn Christopher“First Day, Every Day” by M. L. Buchman“Touch” by Michael Kowal“The Rock of Ages” by Ron Collins“He Saw” by Dan C. Duval“Bad Dates Bite” by Kerrie L. Hughes“No Farther” by Laura Ware
Published by: WMG Publishing | Publication date: 06/30/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 276 pages

Cathcart Shoots Back

(Short Story: Science Fiction, Steampunk) Mister Midshipman the Alchemist Basil Dumbarton Cathcart arrives at the Shoreston Hill aerodrome, eager to assume his duties aboard His Majesty's Airship YUKON. Unfortunately, he no sooner pays off his taxi driver than a flight of enemy fighter-bombers sweeps in, low and fast. Their guns blaze, spitting death, and their bombs shriek down through the crisp morning air. The explosions rip up the runways, obliterate the field's fighter aircraft, level critically important buildings, and leave countless personnel dead.Cathcart runs toward YUKON, determined to defend the ship. However, he soon adopts a more direct course of action. He takes control of an antiaircraft gun and shoots back!This ebook includes two novel samples.UNTO DIRT RETURN (Science Fiction)An apparent revenge murder holds the key to the fate of the nearly two million souls aboard NEW MAYFLOWER, a generation ship nearing the end of her voyage and the end of her tether. Disaster looms ahead as surely as does the ship's destination.Isham Ellis's charismatic grandfather gives up flying for farming only to turn up dead. Why murder an old man? A farm worker who taught people about topsoil? Out of revenge? Out of fear?Or did the murderer have a much larger target in mind? Can Isham find the answers? Does he even want to?A generation ship at the end of her twelve-century voyage. The fate of the ship and the colonists aboard. The debts owed to the cherished dead.UNTO DIRT RETURN reduces it all to the ability of one man to speak truth to power and to take charge of his own life.THE VIEW THAT DISAPPEARED (Contemporary Mystery)Octogenarians Jack and Betty Luckner have an iron-willed sense of justice and a street-smart fearlessness. When one too many of their friends dies unexpectedly, Jack and Betty confront the possibility that a serial killer is stalking their jolly retirement community. Armed only with old newsletters and a willingness to bend the law, they set out to stop the killings, but what's to stop the killer from adding Jack and Betty to the body count? With the deck stacked against them, Jack and Betty work through the deadly but fascinating business of bringing a killer to justice in THE VIEW THAT DISAPPEARED.
Author: Jamie McNabb
Publication date: 05/26/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 85 pages


Every wonder what you'd do if someone tried to ruin something you had created?Wonder?! We've all had that happen.This is exactly the situation confronting the old man, the kid, and the swami in "Three Guys and a Bar."The old man, the kid, and the swami build things and they solve problems. They love their projects and stand ready to help in times of need, no matter what.So when the occupants of one of their creations ask for their help, they sail to the rescue. However, when they arrive, no one has come down to the dock to greet them. How very odd?The three guys soon realize that an ancient and deadly fear grips the land.If boundary-pushing allegories beguile you, if you've worn out and had to replace your copy of Oh, God! You Devil, then treat yourself to "Three Guys and a Bar."This publication also contains a sample of Enoch's Folly, a family saga with a strong paranormal element. Enoch's Folly plunges the reader into the dog-eat-dog world of tugboats working on the Columbia River.For years, Alastair MacNaughton and his uncle Chauncey Winston have fought over the future of the family business. To break the logjam, these two willful and determined men make an all-or-nothing bet, gambling their lives and their families.Blending the traditions of John Jakes and Terry Pratchett, Enoch's Folly brews up both an enthralling family saga and a delightful satire, weaving an unforgettable tapestry of ambition, magic, violence, and love.If you love speculative fiction that is exciting, suspenseful, and thought-provoking, then grab your copy of "Three Guys and a Bar, Special Edition" right away.
Author: Jamie McNabb
Publication date: 11/09/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 57 pages


Life and death in the frigid waters of the North Pacific.The prudent skipper avoids reefs, rocks, and shipping containers . . . or tries to.Off the coast of Japan, the freighter Pacific Trading Victor loses a clutch of cargo containers. All but one sinks. The currents propel this sole survivor toward the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Invisible, it enters the same north-south shipping lanes that Damsel, a forty-foot sailboat, plies. And there it lurks.Suddenly, without warning, Damsel strikes the steal-walled monster. In one rending instant, the collision opens a gash in Damsel's fragile hull. Seawater, cold and relentless, gushes in.As the crisis deepens, the boat's owners discover they have much more to deal with than their terror and deadly waters filling their beloved yacht.Contains a sample of The View that Disappeared, a contemporary mystery set on the spectacular shores Puget Sound.
Author: Jamie McNabb
Publication date: 10/23/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 59 pages

Daisy Wong: The Hell of the Comely Cadavers

Lt. Daisy Wong, space marshal, works a tough beat. Diligence. An aging habitat at Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 5.But a beautifully made-up corpse can mean only one thing. That an assassin treated his victim to the Hell of the Comely Cadavers—a very special hell, reserved for very special offenders.How does Daisy know this? Because she grew up the daughter of a tong boss. And because she did, she also realizes that the solution to her newest case lies at the end of a dark and twisted road.An assassin on the loose, the bonds of family, and the jagged line between justice and legality. Daisy never runs from a fight, but can she stand the heat in "The Hell of the Comely Cadavers"?
Author: Jamie McNabb
Published by: Soapbox Rising Press | Publication date: 05/26/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 56 pages


A wizards’ tournament turns nasty when one contestant steals the thunder spell of another. The victim, however, rather than filing a protest, sets herself about the job of getting a little of her own back.Contains bonus material.
Author: Jamie McNabb
Publication date: 07/21/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 46 pages
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