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Align IT Services with Business Requirements with ITSM
ITSM is a process-based discipline that details the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) documented best practices to allocate improved IT services to fulfill business requirements.
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Report Essentials in the ITSM Process Areas
An IT service organization that is well managed delivers excellent IT services by reducing the risks and maximizing the returns, while concurrently accomplishing enterprise goals. To establish a reputation, it is necessary that an organization concentrate on all process areas of IT service management or ITSM. This can be achieved by making use of visual reports.
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The ITSM Solution for Your Enterprise
With the long overdue HIPAA privacy and security compliance audit program scheduled to begin later this year or early next year, it’s time for every healthcare entity to do a reality check and find out if their privacy and security policies really work. Is your organization prepared for the upcoming HIPAA compliance audit? If yes, how well are you prepared?
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Requirement-management-The key to Smoother Project Lifecycle
Major overheads faced by the industries in the present day scenario are from defects and nearly 50% of these defects results from incomplete understanding or incorrect requirement statements. Requirement being the key functionary in every application lifecycle management can be defined as a set of demands, necessities, needs or parameters that must be satisfied within a certain time constraints. In business parlance, this is a standard of benefit, cost, timeliness and value of a product or service as perceived by a customer.
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Importance of OSLC Tools Integration
Software development process or software development lifecycle (SDLC) is a comprehensive framework that describes the various phases and the various activities that need to be performed at each phase of software development.
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ITIL For Those Who Don't Have The Time
Understand and implement ITIL Service Support without shedding blood! The ITIL Heroes Handbook gives you a quick backgrounder on ITIL basics and dives deep into ITIL Service Support with examples drawn from customers. It packs some action; you get to implement a Service Desk to understand how easy it is. Oh, I almost forgot the comic approach keeps you awake while you are trying to read all the stuff.
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Fail-Safe Management
The decision to look at failures for answers is a bold one. Policy makers, planners and implementers have a tendency to look through prisms of success in framing working policies, programs and results when justifying them. Despite this, we still tend to address failures indirectly by looking at risk, critical success factors, unintended outcomes or consequences, and negative impacts to name a few.
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Strengthen Business Processes with Effective ITSM Software Solutions
With a large number of business services being managed by Information Technology these days, organizations are investing in Information Technology solutions to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
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Service Request Management and Change Management in Kovair ITSM
Think of service request management with a number of forms (which are actually Internet pages) as providing the facility to record wide array of requests. It will not create any confusion to service requester and service provider, unless they are allowed to navigate through disparate locations, and the requests based on their types are managed through disparate work flows.
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USCIS, a DHS Organization Procures Additional Kovair Software Licenses
Kovair Software announced that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently procured additional licenses of the Kovair Requirements Management solution, as part of the USCIS Requirements Improvement Program (RIP). USCIS has been working with Kovair for its RIP process since 2008.
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