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Augmented Service Deliveries with the ITSM Tools
The IT service management process is meant to provide comprehensive services for improving the efficiency and service levels, to determine standardized protocols that are in alignment with your business requirements so that you get maximum value.
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The Significance of Reporting in an IT Service Organization
By reducing the risks and increasing returns, a well-managed IT service organization can still deliver superior IT services, and also achieve the goals of the enterprise. With the use of visual reports, organizations can concentrate on all the process areas of IT Service Management (ITSM) to establish a reputation.
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An Overview on Kovair IT Service Management SaaS Solution
Kovair SaaS – ITSM is designed for service organizations looking for efficient alignment between IT service operations and business goals.Read the complete Whitepaper to avail all the features and benefits.
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Key Features and Benefits of Kovair IT Service Management
Kovair IT Service Management Solution comes with a set of specialized organizational potentials to provide value to the customers in the form of IT Services. Transformation of resources to valuable services remains at the core of Kovair ITSM solution. Its potentiality is achieved by implementing IT-operation processes to manage the services over a life cycle with a well-defined strategy, design, transition, operation and continual improvement. The potentiality of Kovair IT Service Management helps a service organization to experience the three C’s – ‘Confidence,’ ‘Competency’ and ‘Capacity.’ Kovair ITSM comes with wide array of industry leading features.
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Mod 4 - Turning resistance into assistance1.0
Why do people resist change? Will there always be resistance to an ITSM change initiative? As a trainer and consultant in ITSM and personal skills I’ve had my load of resistance thrown at me, during the years. But I’ve learned to use resistance as a valuable source for improving ITSM. In this article some of the lessons I’ve learned. If resistance itself is not the problem, what is it that leads to failure? ©[email protected] 1
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Key Reports for a Well Managed IT Services
In this whitepaper Kovair details you about Kovair ITSM solution that allows for the creation of a wide array of real-time reports for each ITSM process area with completely accurate data.Read the complete Whitepaper to avail all the features and benefits.
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SITS13 Event Preview
SITS13 is the UK's leading ITSM and Support event. Find out everything that's going on across 23-24 April in our comprehensive preview.
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A Proposal and Evaluation of a Design Method in Design Science Research
Information Systems (IS) design science literature offers a plethora of findings on various aspects, such as the general steps in design science, problem identification, objectives of solutions, and evaluation of the artefacts. However, there appears to b
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IT Service Management Tools for a Seamless Business Ecosystem
The technologically enabled business world handles most of the data in digital formats and uses a network system to transfer the data to various locations and end users. However, in face of the aggressive competition, enterprises invest in upgraded infrastructure, which furthers their challenges into delivering quality IT services aligned to business goals.
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Essentials of a Successful IT Service Management Solution
Most businesses these days are managed by IT and it is no surprise that organizations are investing tremendously in IT to achieve customer satisfaction. With major investments in IT, there are several major challenges that IT service organizations can face.
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