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The ITSM Process Design Guide
The ITSM Process Design Guide: Developing, Rengineering and Improving IT Service Management closes the knowledge gap by providing detailed guidance on assessing, designing, measuring, and integrating ITSM processes. The advice and techniques in this book apply unilaterally to every IT service provider and ITSM framework, standard, and maturity model.
Author: Donna Knapp
Published by J. Ross Publishing on 08/15/2010
Book details: 256 pages.

Servicing ITSM
What services does the IT organization really deliver? Rather than discuss the theory around what a service catalog or service portfolio is, this book gives you the actual IT service descriptions for running, operating, and managing an entire IT infrastructure. It's all here--complete service descriptions, catalog and portfolio templates, service implementation plans, service governance processes, and much more all packed into this one handbook! Just about every IT support service is described in this book. Take the service descriptions you need, mix, match and customize them to quickly create the content needed for your own service catalogs and portfolios. "Many books talk about how to build a service catalog--this book is a service catalog!" "We really struggled to identify and pull our IT services together until we saw this material--it saved us months!" "With this material, we can finally tell the business what IT actually delivers to them!" "A valuable reference resource for ITSM practitioners, service managers, CIOs, procurement managers, and anyone else sourcing the services needed to run an entire IT infrastructure operation!" "One can put together an entire IT service management operation just from the service descriptions in this book!"
Published by Trafford Publishing on 12/01/2013
Book details: 288 pages.

Integrated Measurement - KPIs and Metrics for ITSM
Cleverly utilizes a fictional story to make the subject matter - implementation of a KPI management system - accessible and engaging for the reader. The events in the book are based on the author’s own experience and real third party accounts.
Published by IT Governance Publishing on 05/21/2013
Book details: 175 pages.

ITSM Process Assessment Supporting ITIL (TIPA)
The key to any successful IT Service Management solution are strong, clear processes that are fit for purpose. The continual cycle of service improvements must therefore look at the existing processes and assess how effective they are within changing business requirements. This innovative title not only looks at this fundamental process assessment, it does it using the key ISO/IEC standard in this area. In brief, this title explains the meeting between two standards: ITIL: the de facto standard in IT Service Management. ISO/IEC 15504 Information technology - Process assessment Readers can therefore be confident of a strong, well-thought out and solid approach which will help identify: The concepts of process assessment and process maturity How to plan and perform a process assessment How to use the approach How to launch an improvement process starting with an assessment project Because it focuses on 10 key processes the TIPA framework can be applied with equal success to ITILv2, ITIL v3 or to the ISO/IEC 20000. This manual will also convey valuable information for understanding the roles and differences between: process assessment, traditional conformity assessment, audit and self-assessment suite. Finally, it is illustrated with real-life case studies, which highlight what should be done and what should be avoided. The reader will thus learn process assessment based on genuine experiences.
Published by Van Haren on 12/12/2009
Book details: 234 pages.

ITSM for Windows
The analysis of time series data is an important aspect of data analysis across a wide range of disciplines, including statistics, mathematics, business, engineering, and the natural and social sciences. This package provides both an introduction to time series analysis and an easy-to-use version of a well-known time series computing package called Interactive Time Series Modelling. The programs in the package are intended as a supplement to the text Time Series: Theory and Methods, 2nd edition, also by Peter J. Brockwell and Richard A. Davis. Many researchers and professionals will appreciate this straightforward approach enabling them to run desk-top analyses of their time series data. Amongst the many facilities available are tools for: ARIMA modelling, smoothing, spectral estimation, multivariate autoregressive modelling, transfer-function modelling, forecasting, and long-memory modelling. This version is designed to run under Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later. It comes with two diskettes: one suitable for less powerful machines (IBM PC 286 or later with 540K available RAM and 1.1 MB of hard disk space) and one for more powerful machines (IBM PC 386 or later with 8MB of RAM and 2.6 MB of hard disk space available).
Published by Springer on 12/06/2012
Book details: 118 pages.

ITSM: An Interactive Time Series Modelling Package for the PC
Designed for the analysis of linear time series and the practical modelling and prediction of data collected sequentially in time. It provides the reader with a practical understanding of the six programs contained in the ITSM software (PEST, SPEC, SMOOTH, TRANS, ARVEC, and ARAR). This IBM compatible software is included in the back of the book on two 5 1/4" diskettes and on one 3 1/2 " diskette. - Easy to use menu system - Accessible to those with little or no previous compu- tational experience - Valuable to students in statistics, mathematics, busi- ness, engineering, and the natural and social sciences. This package is intended as a supplement to the text by the same authors, "Time Series: Theory and Methods." It can also be used in conjunction with most undergraduate and graduate texts on time series analysis.
Published by Springer on 12/11/2013
Book details: 105 pages.

The ITSM Iron Triangle
This innovative work of fiction demonstrates how ITIL® best practice can ensure the success of your IT process implementation projects. It is based on real-life, up-to-date situations and offers vital strategies to implement the most important aspects of ITIL into your business and to tailor them to your organisation's particular needs. You will understand: your colleagues and how to obtain their commitment to your objective how to communicate your goals in a way that will enthuse others how to build your own credibility some of the pitfalls to avoid when dealing with leadership, peers and subordinates how to encourage others across the organisation to take ownership of aspects of the process the difference between 'knowledge' and 'solutions' who your clients are and how to ensure they are happy the importance of communicating the 'Why', as well as the 'What' and the 'How' the importance of measuring and communicating your successes!
Published by IT Governance Ltd on 01/05/2012
Book details: 188 pages.

Introduction to Real ITSM
This book is for those who work in Information Technology (IT) and for those who have IT done to them. Service Management is all the rage in IT at the moment, hence "ITSM". The leading description of ITSM is ITIL®. This book is not about ITIL. Really. Real ITSM⢠is a tongue-in-cheek satirical look at what the real-life practices might be, as compared to the idealised models in frameworks like ITIL or COBIT or ISO20000 or ... "[My wife] read the introduction and said it was the first IT book that held her interest past page two" Change Manager, postal service"I experienced numerous moments of amusement, humor and outright hilarity, which made reading this book at my desk during work hours a bit difficult." Bob GrinsellFor more on Real ITSM (and more samples from the book!) come to the Real ITSM website.
Author: Rob England
Published by on 09/10/2008
Book details: 124 pages.

Implementing ITSM
The traditional IT operating model of delivering IT to the business in the form of bundled capabilities and assets is now wearing thin in an age of cloud computing, on-demand services, virtualization, mobile devices, outsourcing and rapidly changing business delivery strategies. The role of IT is rapidly changing from a primary focus on engineering to a primary focus on service integration. How might an IT organization effect this transformation? Finally, there is a book that shows you how! This is not a theoretical treatise but a practical guide that shows you the activities and steps to show results quickly. Learn how to define and build a comprehensive IT service management solution that incorporates process, technology, organization, and governance activities. Discover practical tips and step-by-step approaches for defining your IT Service Management Vision, building your processes, developing a communications strategy, analyzing stakeholders, identifying technology requirements, and building your transformation program. Organizations that have already undertaken a transformation to IT service management are finding game-changing results positively received by both business executives and customers of their IT services. Using this book, start your transformation today!
Published by Trafford Publishing on 03/05/2014
Book details: 458 pages.

Catalogs, Services and Portfolios
Based on the real-life experiences of the author and other ITSM professionals, Catalogs, Services and Portfolios – an ITSM success story is a fictional account of change management surrounding ITSM projects. It tells the story of ITSM practitioner Chris as he learns how to deal with resistance to change and overcome inertia in staff behaviour. Through his experiences, readers encounter the common challenges faced when implementing change in an IT Service Management context. The ‘tips that would have helped Chris’ sections are packed with helpful advice for anyone facing similar challenges.
Published by IT Governance Publishing on 04/08/2014
Book details: 191 pages.
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