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IT Spending Priorities in a Cost Cutting Era White Paper
This white paper highlights the top 5 strategies for IT infrastructure spending that organisations need to adopt if they are to reap the benefits of new technologies whilst maximising IT investments.
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Controlling Public Spending: How to Cut 25%
Edited by Andrew Lilico, Hiba Sameen and Ed Holmes The Coalition government plans to cut departmental budgets by 25% by 2014/15. This major report considers how to achieve this for six key departments: Education, Business, Innovation and Skills, Communities and Local Government, the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office and Energy and Climate Change. For these, we examine the status, feasibility and merit for spending reduction for each programme and consider alternatives means of provision, categorising each new cut as “intrinsically desirable”, “plausible” or “unpalatable”.
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HM Treasury Spending Review 2010
The Spending Review is a Treasury-led process to allocate resources across all government departments, according to the Government's priorities. Spending Reviews set firm and fixed spending budgets over several years for each department. It is then up to departments to decide how best to manage and distribute this spending within their areas of responsibility.
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Defense Budget and Spending/Revisiting the Policy Environment on Peace and Security
Defense Budget and Spending: Alignment and Priorities/Revisiting the Policy Environment on Peace and Security
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Checklist for Congress
Heritage Foundation has issued a set of five simple actions Congress must take in order to meet the electoral mandate of the American people. These five priorities represent the bare minimum of what is expected of our new representatives.
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Regional IT Priorities
Regional IT Priorities Latin America and the Caribbean
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June Budget document
The complete Budget Report as presented to the House of Commons on 22 June 2010, by the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne
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Public spending on the environment (spending round 2004)
This report provides the results of research carried out by the Policy Studies Institute (PSI), on behalf of Green Alliance and four other environmental organizations, into UK government environmental targets and associated spending. The Treasury publishes a spending review, deciding how public money will be allocated over the following three years. While environmental protection and improvement doesn’t require the level of public finance pumped into the NHS or education, some funding is crucial. The spending review is, therefore, an important process in determining short and medium term spending levels, including expenditure on environmental protection and improvement. For the 2004 spending round this report analyses the spending needed in five major areas: sustainable energy; waste management; biodiversity; food and farming; and marine protection.
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Beyond the Annual Budget
What conditions determine the success of Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks (MTEFs)? How should the implementation of MTEFs be sequenced and coordinated with other budget reforms? What role should organizations such as the World Bank, bilateral development partners, and other international agencies play in supporting MTEF adoption? How can country authorities implement a new MTEF or strengthen an existing one?
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2011 - 2012 Budgeting By Priorities
City of Redmond Budgeting by Priorities
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