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An Overview on Kovair IT Service Management SaaS Solution
Kovair SaaS – ITSM is designed for service organizations looking for efficient alignment between IT service operations and business goals.Read the complete Whitepaper to avail all the features and benefits.
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Cloudy with a Chance of Clarity: Navigating Cloud Computing & IT Service Management
In our latest thought leadership whitepaper, Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL® V3, provides insight on the concept of cloud computing and its impact on IT Service Management (ITSM). In this paper, Taylor clarifies the facts about cloud computing and discusses whether or not cloud computing changes the need for IT Service Management. She also: - Outlines how cloud-based ITSM tools can benefit your organization - Distinguishes the difference between public and private clouds - Proposes trends for the future of managing cloud services and SaaS ITSM
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Journal of Applied IT and Investment Management - Vol3No3
Journal of Applied IT and Investment Management is a financial industry periodical, published and distributed globally by SimCorp A/S. The aim of the journal is to contribute to a better understanding of the strategic and tactical trends in the global investment management industry.
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My Goal Is PMP Certificate!
PMP certificate is an excellent chance to codify all the experience you have in the project management field. It’s true. But. It gives no guarantees of your stable professional life in future. And it’s extremely far away (in our opinion) of being the last point in your development and to be the limit of your aspirations. To obtain the certificate is not easy. Justify its presence for yourself – is unremitting toil.
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My Goal Is PMP Certificate!
The powerful and the bright waits for you to swallow and dissolve then. Now you have all reasons to live up to its expectations. The certificate is the very key, which is so indispensible for becoming the part of the powerful and the bright. But what if – after your eyes get used to the light - it will become clear to you that this key is just a key from the door, which leads to your goal…
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Implementing a Service Catalog – 5 Top Tips by Sharon Taylor
Service Catalog: Are you the Master or Slave? This white paper by Sharon Taylor (Chief Architect of ITIL® V3) explores the art of Service Catalog Management, how to create, and how not to create one, the challenges, benefits and 5 top tips on setting it up and improving it.
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Benefits of an Effective PAAS for IT Service providers
Paas or (Platform as services) is the next logical step of SaaS – Software as a service. Forrester defines it as “An externally hosted service providing a platform that is complete to create, run, and operate applications including development tools, administration and management tools, runtime engines, data management engines security facilities, and user-management services. PaaS is based on Internet protocols and patterns.”
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Three Waves of Change: SaaS Beyond Tipping-Point
This Research Report provides a comprehensive look at the state of the SaaS industry and user adoption. The report is based in part on a new worldwide web survey of 250 senior business and IT executives, 30+ briefings with leading SaaS providers and 15 deep dive interviews with early adopter SaaS users. Among other things, the report provides an update to our SaaS adoption scenario, and fine-tunes our SaaS 2.0 vision in areas such as pricing and licensing, ecosystems and verticalization. “SaaS is beyond the
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Password Management Best Practices
This document describes and justifies password management best practices as applied in medium to large organizations. It offers reasoned guidance to IT decision makers when they set security policy and design network infrastructure that includes passwords. The guidance in this document is focused on how to best manage user passwords. It is not intended to address the special challenges and techniques that arise when managing privileged passwords, that belong to administrators, service accounts, etc.
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A digital eBrochure introducing you to KEDAR Information Technologies and our complete IT Financial Management (ITFM) and IT Services Management (ITSM) SaaS Solutions, as well as our BPM consulting services, ITIL, Six Sigma, and Cloud Training offerings. f
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