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Green Datacenter – New Age Green Datacenter Solutions
Recently there has been an increase in the demand for data centers, which in turn need a lot of power to operate. The modern day datacenters are being set up with a capacity of 300 watts power per square feet. This range is considerably greater than what it used to be couple of years ago, which was a mere amount of 60 watts per square feet, that used to be enough for most installations.
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Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions
Another Microsoft Press eBook for the IT Community
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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing – How to Select the Best Service Provider
IT infrastructure outsourcing affects your business processes, workflows, and SLA’s. When you are trying to decide whether to outsource, it is important to build a solid plan and select the right provider to outsource. IT outsourcing usually happens when a company wants to reduce costs, overcome resource shortage, lack of IT expertise in your organization, IT is not your core competency.
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Infrastructure Management : Aligning IT Framework to Business Goals
The aggressive competition prevalent in today's business world has led organization to look for newer markets and spread their business through the process of globalization. Through the years, technology also played its role in the expansion process and made IT infrastructure the backbone of the modern day enterprise. In other words, business and IT share a symbiotic relationship where IT infrastructure and its management is linked to the performance of the business.
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Tips for the CIO’s to Overcome the IT Infrastructure Management Challenges
As the CIO of your company you are plagued with many concerns that can impact your business influentially. The challenges of providing quality services faster in the market within a limited budget, ensuring a safe environment for storage of confidential business information, providing support for both internal and external customers, aligning the IT processes with the business objectives and optimizing the IT infrastructure to gain maximum benefits are overwhelming.
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Consolidate and Optimize your IT Infrastructure
Organizations today face challenges that require a new approach to how IT is conceived and implemented. They need a dynamic infrastructure that reduces costs and generates more business value while managing risk to the company’s information. Virtualization and cloud computing form an important part of this, unchaining logical resources from physical elements and redelivering them in a fluid fashion – whenever and wherever the organization requires them.
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Outstanding Accomplishments with Remote Infrastructure Management
Outsourcing has provided financial respite to many organizations burdened with spiraling costs. It has helped many businesses to salvage and stabilize their positions, and since then it has become an almost regular feature for businesses to outsource some of their processes. IT infrastructure is the backbone of any business and it requires great amounts of expertise and insight to handle this process. The growing demand for IT infrastructure outsourcing has led to the need for remote infrastructure management.
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The Benefits of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
While the outsourcing of IT services has been a prevalent practice for businesses, the option to outsource the management of IT infrastructure is now quickly gaining momentum.Many enterprise customers are increasingly assessing the benefits of IT infrastructure outsourcing to their businesses.
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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing: Equipped For the Globally Competitive Environment
The aggressively competitive business world today, demands that organizations concentrate more on the development of core competencies while assigning the support and management functions to experts in the field. Today the economic scenario is such that for organizations involved in information technology and software development, the management of IT infrastructure and resources are secondary duties and can be handled by specialist in the field.
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Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach
We were fortunate enough to be able to talk with a lot of very talented people while preparing this book for you. We spoke not only to people who implemented their own cloud solutions, but also those who help develop cloud solutions, as well as officers of several major cloud solution providers.
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