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IT Infrastructure Management and Your Enterprise
When selecting a provider of infrastructure management services, every enterprise should check if the provider has a well-qualified technical team that can ably support all your IT infrastructure management requirements
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The Benefits of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
While the outsourcing of IT services has been a prevalent practice for businesses, the option to outsource the management of IT infrastructure is now quickly gaining momentum.Many enterprise customers are increasingly assessing the benefits of IT infrastructure outsourcing to their businesses.
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Excellence in IT Infrastructure Outsourcing
If you looking to get better cost control over your IT infrastructure, system and application or you want to benefit from the changing needs of business or if you want only to improve the service quality, it is best to think about IT infrastructure outsourcing.
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Remote IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Strategy - MSP’s The Real deal Breakers
IT infrastructure outsourcing is the practice wherein organizations contract services and tasks related to the organization's IT infrastructure and operations to a service provider. They may outsource one or more specific services or may simply decide to supplement the capacity of its existing IT department.
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How to Better Manage your IT Infrastructure
Businesses these days are putting into effect infrastructure management strategies for keeping their IT wing functional. This is more like a challenge for them because business acceleration is pacing up and better management of information, processing, knowledge base, data, human resources and internal and external contacts is no longer optional. Business owners, CEOs, IT managers and brand executives need insight on how to better manage their IT infrastructure.
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Ratnakar Bank outsources IT infrastructure to Netmagic Solutions
Netmagic Solutions, an NTT Communications Group Company and India’s largest pure-play Managed IT Hosting Services Provider today announced that it has signed a 5 year strategic outsourcing partnership with Ratnakar Bank.
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Consolidate and Optimize your IT Infrastructure
Organizations today face challenges that require a new approach to how IT is conceived and implemented. They need a dynamic infrastructure that reduces costs and generates more business value while managing risk to the company’s information. Virtualization and cloud computing form an important part of this, unchaining logical resources from physical elements and redelivering them in a fluid fashion – whenever and wherever the organization requires them.
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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing – How to Select the Best Service Provider
IT infrastructure outsourcing affects your business processes, workflows, and SLA’s. When you are trying to decide whether to outsource, it is important to build a solid plan and select the right provider to outsource. IT outsourcing usually happens when a company wants to reduce costs, overcome resource shortage, lack of IT expertise in your organization, IT is not your core competency.
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Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations & Data Center Summit 2012
Netmagic Solutions is the Platinum Sponsor for the inaugural edition of “Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations & Data Center Summit 2012” on 14 - 15 May, 2012. This Gartner Summit would help analyze the relevance of the various emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, Fabric Infrastructure and Virtualization and what are the best practices to ensure risk mitigation. Mr. Sunil Gupta – President & Chief Operating Officer, Netmagic Solutions will be speaking on Financial Model and Framework for Evaluating Your Datacenter Investments at this Gartner Summit.
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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing: Equipped For the Globally Competitive Environment
The aggressively competitive business world today, demands that organizations concentrate more on the development of core competencies while assigning the support and management functions to experts in the field. Today the economic scenario is such that for organizations involved in information technology and software development, the management of IT infrastructure and resources are secondary duties and can be handled by specialist in the field.
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