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A Process View of Knowledge Management: It Ain t What you do, it s the way That you do it
Knowledge management needs to consider the three related elements of people, processes and technology. Much existing work has concentrated on either people or technology, often to the exclusion of the other two elements. Yet without thinking about process the way people, organisations and even technology actually do things any implementation of a knowledge management initiative is at best risky, and at worst doomed to failure. This paper looks at various ways in which a process view has appeared, expl icitly or implicitly, in knowledge management research and practice so far, and reflects on how more thinking about process might improve knowledge management in the future. Consistent with this overall viewpoint, the issues generally centre less on wha t a process view would suggest should be done, but rather on the way that it would be implemented in practice.
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Love It Love It Love It Spring/Summer 2013 Preview
Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2013 preview. Many of the images are line drawings and rough cut-outs rather than photos, but hopefully it will give you a taster of the styles and patterns that will be arriving in store over the next few months, including three great new brands; Dis Une Couleur, MUS® and Mussukat.For queries about items, please email [email protected], or comment at www.facebook/loveitloveitloveit or’s looking forward to some brightly dressed babies and children over the summer months!
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IT Executives List - IT Decision Makers List - IT Executives Mailing List
An Exclusive Database of over 220,000 IT Executives List is one of the largest available database in the market with Extensive and geographically segmented lists.
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Social Innovation: What it is, why it matters and how it can be accelerated
This report examines how social innovation happens in NGOs, the public sector, movements, networks and markets. It presents an analysis of the history, the theory and the process, paving a way for social innovation to play an increasingly significant role in society. Huge energies – and resources – are devoted to innovation in science and technology. But far less attention has been paid to social innovation, despite pressing needs in fields as diverse as chronic disease and climate change.
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Weight Loss Guides Which Help You Take It Off And Keep It Off
Slimming down could have many results on your life...
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Joy - Use it or lose it
This Very Simple Guide is a photo meditation whigh reminds the reader that Joy must be sought, grasped and caressed.
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IT Support, Computer Maintenance, IT Support Services
ITswitch Melbourne provides computer maintenance and IT support services in Australia.
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Asbestos: What Is It and How Does It Affect You?
As with any type of cancer
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Is It A Medical Cat Peeing Problem Or Is It Cat Spraying
How to Stop cat peeing now:
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Invest In It Or Rent It - Phuket Villas
Invest In It Or Rent It - Phuket Villas
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