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Investment Alternatives Forestry Investments Brochure
Ethical and sustainable investments, carbon credits, carbon offsetting, green investments -
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Support for Gold Investments Backed By AAA
A new report from the World Gold Council, supporting gold as an option for alternative investments, has attracted support from Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).
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Panorama of Investments in Cyprus_2013
“Panorama of Investments in Cyprus” is a program developed by considering the consequences of the economic crisis for the business community, particularly the tourism, construction and real estate sectors, and the urgent need for creating new business opportunities and finding new clients and investors.
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AAA welcomed publication of FSA paper on Alternative investments
AAA has welcomed the publication of the Financial Services Authority’s discussion paper based on EU plans to more closely monitor alternative investments.
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Experts Call For More Alternative Investments Welcomed by AAA
Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA) says it supports calls from expert speakers at this year’s InvestmentNews' Alternative-Investments Conference in Chicago for all investors to put cash into alternatives.
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UK Retail Savings and Investments Databases 2011
The UK Retail Savings and Investments Database 2011 is a definitive guide to the size, trend and interaction between competing savings and investment vehicles in the UK. It includes detailed data about retail investors.The UK Savings and Investments Database is a definitive guide to the size of competing savings and investments vehicles in the UK, the trends surrounding them, and the interactions between them. It is focused on retail investors, providing a picture of UK retail investors' savings and investments holdings. The database is accompanied by further analysis of the market in Microsoft PowerPoint.Assess the relative size and industry dynamics across each savings and investment class, to identify key strategic areas for product developmentUnderstand the how the current economic climate impacts on the future growth in balances of each savings and investments asset classTrack your competition's share of the deposits, unit trust/OEIC and investment trust markets with our compet...
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5 reasons to go for mutual fund investments
Mutual fund investments are preferred more over the routine stocks and investments of various other types. These investments are very convenient to rely on as they are pooled in and merged to make huge funds which are later invested and managed by experts. The investors can derive many benefits by going in for such investments. Here we enlist five important attributes of the mutual funds which justify being the good odd reasons for investors to park their money into.
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Russell Investments Market Volatility Commentary
Provided by the Gaxiola Financial Group
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Impact of IS/IT Investments on Firm Performance: Does Stakeholder Orientation Matter?
Abstract: This research project addresses a central question in the IS business value field: Does IS/IT investments impact positively on firm financial performance? IS/IT investments are seen as having an enormous potential impact on the competitive posit ion of the firm, on its performance, and demand an active and motivated participation of several stakeholder groups. Actual research conducted in the Information Systems field, relating IS/IT investments with firm performance use transactions costs econom ics and resource-based view of the firm to try to explain and understand that relationship. However, it lacks to stress the importance of stakeholder management, as a moderator variable in that relationship. Stakeholder theory sees the firm as the hub cen tric to the spokes representing various stakeholders who were in essence equidistant to the firm, and survival and continuing profitability of the corporation depend upon its ability to fulfil its economic and social purpose,...
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Stock Price Reaction to Investments in Information Technology: the Relevance of Cost Management...
The identification of conditions and factors under which investments in Information Technology (IT) can be expected to yield tangible returns is the subject of many productivity studies. Event study methodology, which examines the reaction in the stock price to announcements of different types of IT investments, is one approach to this kind of research. In the research presented in this paper, we use event study methodology to investigate the effect of cost management systems on payoffs from IT investments. The motivation for our research is based on the assumption that companies possessing reliable cost management systems, such as Activity-Based Costing (ABC), are less likely to make expensive mistakes when investing in IT. Furthermore, the companies that use ABC and thus know the costs of their operation, are better able to single out those IT projects which positively impact the bottom line and competitiveness. In our study, we use a sample of three companies that are adopters...
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