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A Pragmatic Approach to Interoperability Practical Implementation Support (IPIS) for...
In recent years, e-Government interoperability has been a fascinating research and development area in order to facilitate the seamless exchange of information across government sectors. Many researchers have focused on the designingadopting of Government Interoperability Frameworks (GIFs) and of Enterprise Architectures (EAs) for implementing the interoperability. However, merely adopting the GIFs and EAs would be insufficient since there have been several strong obstacles and barriers on the road to its achievement in the field of e-Government, such as human, semantic and technical issues. In fact, the successful implementation in government interoperability needs more practical and implementable approach. This paper firstly describes those obstacles and barriers with the solution and guideline to overcome them. We propose towards more practical approach covering three dimensions of interoperability: Business, Semantic, and Technical. The approach, is called 'Interoperability...
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XML Schema Design and Management for e-Government Data Interoperability
One-stop public services and single window systems are primary goals of many e-government initiatives. How to facilitate the technical and data interoperability among the systems in different government agencies is a key of meeting these goals. While many software standards, such as Web Services and ebXML, have been formulated to address the interoperability between different technical platforms, the data interoperability problem remains to be a big challenge. The data interoperability concerns how different parties agree on what information to exchange, and the definition and representation of such information. To address this problem, the Hong Kong government has released the XML Schema Design and Management Guide as well as the Registry of Data Standards under its e-Government Interoperability Framework initiative. This paper introduces how the data modelling methodology provided by the Guide can be used to develop data interfaces and standards for e-government systems. We also...
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Mobile Emergency Communications Interoperability
A lack of equipment standards, inadequate funding and turf wars among federal, state and local officials have made it increasingly difficult to achieve interoperable emergency communications, a panel of "first responders" said at a House Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness, Science and Technology Subcommittee hearing.
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DPE Briefing paper on Identifier interoperability
Resources of interest in digital networks originate from a wide variety of sources, and may carry identifiers from different established public schemes, official standards, de facto schemes, or private cataloguing numbering. A key step in facilitating preservation, re-use and exchange of information is to enable users to re-use these identifiers (and their associated data) across different applications. Such interoperability of identifiers encompasses not only technical aspects of interoperability but consideration of the purpose and community of use of the identifiers.
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Towards a Semantic Interoperability in an e-Government Application
Research issues have emerged from the rapid introduction of new technologies in government services in order to deliver efficient and cost effective services, information and knowledge through information and communication technologies. However, the complexity of government services and the diversity of actors involved in the processes make the access to the right information difficult and pose several problems. Some problems are linked to the way of presenting and accessing information. Other problems are linked to interoperability among applications and processes of eGovernment services. The objective of the European TerreGov project is to find a solution to such problems. The project focuses on the semantic requirements of governments at local, intermediate and regional levels, needed to build flexible and interoperable tools to support the change towards eGovernment services. We propose, within this project, an ontology to present knowledge and to achieve the required level of...
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Implementing interoperability in e-Justice’s criminal area
This article briefly explains the results and findings of research conducted by the author on interoperability in the e-Justice area, carried out at the Department of Justice of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia in Spain. The research is related to a case study, a court information system called "GRP" that manages the police requests sent by the criminal court (Jimenez, 2010). The article will briefly introduce relevant research from a crime prevention perspective and comment on some e-Justice interoperability elements. The article then goes into the analytical findings and finally gives an overview of the main conclusions.
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CoCo Airport Interoperability
Airports need the ability to connect local, state, Federal and commercial communication networks during emergencies. The solution must be easy to deploy, as airports can not afford to rip and replace all of the different radios and equipment used by first responder and government agencies.
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NIFOG Programming Guide For Interoperability Radio Channels
National Interoperability Field Operations Guide (NIFOG) Programming Template For Interoperability Radio Channels (xls, 48 KB)
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NIFOG Programming Guide For Interoperability Radio Channels 2011
National Interoperability Field Operations Guide (NIFOG) Programming Guide For Interoperability Radio Channels (doc, 45 KB, 3 pages)
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Interoperability of Reconfiguring System on FPGAUsing a Design Entry of Hardware DescriptionLanguage
For a long ago, world of digital design has spread out in the many major and a lot of logics, approaches, and theories has been proposed. The digital emerges as a solution of a daily-life need and applicable on such technology from the developing devices until software-based. All of the designs has a significant point on the spesification, integration, and optimization. The designers have been trying to make a good designs on both hardware and software, latest both combinations have been known as the basic idea of hardware/ software co-design. The state-of-the art computer is very interesting to research because of its implementation can make changes of the cycle of reconfigurable objects. This paper presents a comparison of the two role plays in reconfigurable devices especially FPGA-based, i.e. Altera and Xilinx.
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