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Firebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age
This book explains digital branding and how to implement it in the current marketplace.

The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding
As we move into the twenty-first century the most important question for businesses everywhere is: What are we going to do about the Internet? The two most qualified people in the country to answer that question may be Al Ries and Laura Ries. Not

La Huella en Internet
A lo largo de este libro aprenderemos a identificar los elementos de nuestra marca personal y a diseñar una estrategia de branding personal efectiva, que nos permita elegir las acciones adecuadas para cumplir nuestros objetivos profesionale

How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity
The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for cats to become superstar "personalities" with revenue-generating multimedia brands-but only if you know how to cash in. With How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity, readers can unlo

How to Start an Internet Business: 7 Ways to Turn Passion into Profit
How to Start an Internet Business - 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion Into Profit" is a straight-forward guide for business owners, entrepreneurs or people with a passion or an idea that need a little inspiration to move forward. This book packs lots of useful information into hundreds of pages without causing confusion for those who have little-to-no experience in the e-business industry. This book is different from many other books on the topic, because it shows in detail how to set up your e-business in terms of websites, sales, e-tail stores, merchandise, and products. It will help those who need the extra push to get started in the e-business world and for those who need help narrowing down a product field. The book will introduce you to 7 different ways to start an e-business. The days of link spamming are over. The popular topic of niche blogging is covered in this book as well, including how to profit from it. The book will also introduce you to several techniques that will help you improve your brand awareness for your readers online. Screenshots from the internet and a comprehensive business plan are included to help along the way. Chefs, do-it-yourselfers, web designers, crafters, business owners, entrepreneurs, fashion lovers, beauty experts, nature experts, trained legal and medical professionals - or anyone who wants to take the leap to become an entrepreneur can benefit from this book.

Da brand a friend
Come si diventa un punto di riferimento credibile su Internet? Come ci si distingue dagli altri quando tutti urlano, pubblicano e condividono a più non posso? Robin Good suggerisce una strategia basata sul posizionamento di nicchia, sulla condivis

Brand Zero
If you are thinking of starting up a business - whether online or in a pushcart or a small café - you need to look into your branding. (how does it work, anyway?), brace yourself…According to Jacky Tai, you should start your branding exercise as earl

Building Strong Digital Brands
Digital branding is a demanding management task, requiring comprehensive attention to detail and the highest levels of expertise. Digital branding means brand management in digital media and technologies. Employing its particular capabilities, dig

Your Brand, The Next Media Company
Content is still king-and if you're a brand marketer, you need to start thinking like a media company, too. Your Brand, The Next Media Company brings together the strategic insights, operational frameworks, and practical approaches for tr

BRAND YOU! Master Your Social Media
BRAND YOU! Master Your Social MediaA Step-by-Step Guide To Create A Powerful Social Media Presence To Establish Your Personal BrandThis ebook will walk you step-by-step through the secrets of how to create a strong personal brand u

Ready, Set, Brand!
This handy guidebook will give you everything you need to get up and running with Canva for Work. It's the missing manual that will help you and your team create beautiful designs in record time. Canva for Work provides an intuitive team design ex

Tag Velocity - How To Get Noticed, Build an Army of Raving Fans, and Create an Insanely Powerful Online Brand
Discover How to Create A Strong And Long-lasting Online Brand to Power Your Blog, Your Business And Your Career.[and without using paid ads! ]Includes Tools, tips, Strategies and Case Profiles

Personal Brand: How to Grow a Following, Boost your Career, and Skyrocket Your Income With a Powerful Personal Brand
TD¾ hD°vD a prosperous buÑ ÑnD Ñ Ñ , Ñ D¾u must undD rÑ tD°nd thD Ñ€D¾wD r D¾f brD°ndÑng. YD¾ur personal brD°nd is mD°dD uÑ€ D¾f the Ô›uD°lÑtÑD Ñ and unÑÔ›uD traits Ñ D¾u rD lD°Ñ D°bD¾ut Ñ D¾urÑ D lf, D°nd Ñt represents thD wD°Ñ Ñ D¾u want

Oscenità di brand
Dopo l'avvento di Internet, l'immaginario pornografico audiovisivo ha assunto nuove e proteiformi caratteristiche. Tanto sul piano della produzione, quanto su quelli della distribuzione e del consumo, le immagini pornografiche in movimento hanno a

Global Brand Power
The branding bible for today's globalized worldToday, brands have become even more important than the products they represent: their stories travel with lightning speed through social media and the Internet and ac

Brand Your Personal Fragrance
We will be looking at ways of how to make your own perfume so that you can produce a scent which is particular to you, and unlike any of those that you can buy either in store or over the internet.

Global Brand Power
The branding bible for today's globalized worldToday, brands have become even more important than the products they represent: their stories travel with lightning speed through social media and the Internet and across countries and diverse cultures. A brand must be elastic enough to allow for reasonable category and product-line extensions, flexible enough to change with dynamic market conditions, consistent enough so that consumers who travel physically or virtually won't be confused, and focused enough to provide clear differentiation from the competition. Strong brands are more than globally recognizable; they are critical assets that can make a significant contribution to your company's bottom line. In Global Brand Power, Kahn brings brand management into the 21st century, addressing how branding contributes to the purchase process and how to position a strong global brand, from identifying the appropriate competitive set, offering a sustainable differential advantage, and targeting the right strategic segment. This essential guide also covers how customer ownership of your brand affects marketing strategy, methods for assessing brand value, how to manage a brand for long-term profitability, effective brand communications and repositioning strategies, and how to manage a brand in a world of total transparency-where one slip-up can go around the world via social media instantaneously. Filled with stories about how Coca-Cola, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc, Marriott, Apple, Starbucks, Campbell Soup Company, Southwest Airlines, and celebrities like Lady Gaga are leveraging their brands, Global Brand Power is the only book you will need to implement an effective brand strategy for your firm.

The Indispensable Almanac Of Internet Marketing
Literally Dominate The Internet Marketing Scene And Brand Yourself As The Next Top Marketer With This Indispensable Almanac Of Internet Marketing! Fully Equip Yourself With Everything You Need To Dominate A Billion Dollar Industry And Liter

The New Internet Marketing Shift
Learning About The New Internet Marketing Revolution Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success! Social media is in the end about relationships. It should be deemed a two-way street. As a brand, you aren't there to mark

Increase traffic to your website. Ensure a global market for your product or service. make your idea, product or service a household name. Enhance awareness about your brand. Unleash the marketing potential offered by the world wide web. Implement
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