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Collaboration Tool Integration with Lotus Notes
This project required a thorough understanding of the Domino/Notes programming API. Our customer, a leading Collaboration System vendor wanted to provide ability to manage collaboration events from the user's mail client (i.e. Lotus Notes) via a standard API. It required us to be familiar with the various deployment scenarios for Domino server and Notes Client. We also had to provide backup and rollback features for the users mail file to avoid loss of important data.
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Service Integration Bus for ALM tool integration
The aggressive competitive business environment and demands from techno savvy customers for improved applications challenges the abilities of the IT professionals and the Information technology at large. To meet the ever-growing demands, large corporates make use of the globalized work environment for developing applications.
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Understanding the Significance of Tools Integration
Based on their functions, technologies and geographical locations, developers of any product development lifecycle usually work in isolation. It is often found that tools within the enterprise do not communicate with each other. Be it a requirement management tool not communicating with a test management tool or a test management tool not communicating with an Issue tracking tool.
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Beating the obstacles of unconnected tools with Integration Bus
Integration Bus allows for a two way total synchronization between two tools for a particular Entity and helps keep all the information current in both tools. It also enables integration between multiple tools managing the same type of items.
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Integration Tools : Connectivity For Better ALM
The demands from the globalized business community and growth of technological innovation have paved way for frequent development of software and applications. However, while developing applications, software engineers need to follow a development lifecycle before the application can actually be deployed at the customer sites.
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How to Make Eclipse Integration Easy?
Today software development environment is a collaborative environment with multiple stakeholders, spread across different geographic locations, taking an active role in almost all phases of software development lifecycle.
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Distinguished Results with Requirements Management Tools
Requirements management is a core process that drives your business. When you develop the products you have to have an idea regarding the customers that you want to cater to, the elements and features that you want to incorporate for designing and building a credible product.
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How ALM Technology - Overcome Challenges in a Federal Agency
An integrated tool environment for IT Lifecycle Management (ITLM) is essential to easily re-engineer any organization so as to ensure the least minimal impact to current development and maintenance activities.
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Managing Issues Through Issue Management Tools
Technology innovation and exploitation has paved the way for industries to spread their wings across geographical boundaries. This business explosion on a global level has definitely improved the economic state of the countries and the profit margins of the corporate sectors. This has also brought in issues such as bugs in the software,these can be managed through various issue management tools, which can be incorporated within the application lifecycle management process.
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An Integration bus technology allows a multi-tool integration in bus architecture. It also offers a significant savings in integration effort and cost over ad-hoc point-to-point integrations since the number of distinct integration code pieces for integration bus is ā€˜nā€™ which is substantially less than n*(n-1)/2 for point-to-point integration for ā€˜nā€™ number of tools.
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