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Innovation 360 Group Corporate Profile
Innovation 360 takes a specialized approach to help you plan for your organization’s continued success, create unique and valuable offerings, and develop a culture of innovative thinkers. Our goal is to help your organization profit, grow and succeed through strategic innovation, applied execution methods and leadership competencies development.
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Innovation 360 Consulting Corporate Presentation
Innovation 360 is a global innovation management consultancy that helps companies of all sizes and government organizations bridge the gap between innovation strategy and execution. Our comprehensive offerings — including strategic innovation deployment, innovation management and execution, innovation leadership development and innovation technology enablers — encourage new value creation and enable organizational transformation and growth. We believe that innovation is a holistic process that can lead to significant and sustainable results when correctly planned and implemented, and embraced by the entire organization.
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Creating the Innovation Culture
Geniuses, Champions and Leaders by Langdon Morris As the business world becomes increasingly complex and still more astonishingly competitive, companies are turning to innovation as one of the few durable sources of competitive advantage. Innovation is now among the top priorities for the majority of the world’s large companies. The necessity of innovation is now universally accepted, but beyond their enthusiasm for bright ideas, most leaders know that to be successful over the long term they have to develop a strong innovation culture. Such a culture can be recognized as an organization that is known externally in the marketplace as a genuine innovator, and equally that it is known internally among the people in the organization as a dynamic, innovation-friendly place to be.
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Alma Innovation Services Brief
Services of Board/President Advisory, Interim Management, Part Time Management, Operative Consultancy In the fields of Applied Innovation Management. Corporative Development Internationalization
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Innovation Master Plan Summary
The Innovation Master Plan: The CEO’s Guide to Innovation by Langdon Morris, Director, InnovationLabs This new book, a companion volume to Langdon’s previous book Permanent Innovation, is now in final preparation. Here is a summary of the overall approach and some of the key concepts. overview of the innovation master plan framework Progress in any field requires the development of a framework, a structure that organizes the accumulating knowledge, enables people to master it, and unifies the key discoveries into a set of principles that makes them understandable and actionable. Law, government, science, technology, business, medicine have all evolved such frameworks, and each field progresses as new insights emerge that enhance the depth and effectiveness of the principles, and which are then translated into improvements in practice.
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Application Lifecycle Management Comes Up New Innovation To Save Time
The term Application Lifecycle Management has gained a great amount of prominence in the business sphere. The key market players that provide ALM studios look at ALM solutions catering to various aspects of a product lifecycle right from the requirement capture phase to product release.
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Agricultural Innovation Systems: Part 1
Managing the ability of agriculture to meet rising global demand and to respond to the changes and opportunities will require good policy, sustained investments, and innovation - not business as usual. Investments in public Research and Development, extension, education, and their links with one another have elicited high returns and pro-poor growth, but these investments alone will not elicit innovation at the pace or on the scale required by the intensifying and proliferating challenges confronting agriculture. Experience indicates that aside from a strong capacity in Research and Development, the ability to innovate is often related to collective action, coordination, the exchange of knowledge among diverse actors, the incentives and resources available to form partnerships and develop businesses.
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Global Innovation Index
INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, a specialized agency of the United Nations) co-publish The Global Innovation Index (GII) since 2012. This year in its fifth edition, the GII was previously published by INSEAD. The GII recognizes the key role of innovation as a driver of economic growth and prosperity and acknowledges the need for a broad horizontal vision of innovation that is applicable to both developed and emerging economies, with the inclusion of indicators that go beyond the traditional measures of innovation (such as the level of research and development in a given country). The GII has evolved into a valuable benchmarking tool to facilitate public-private dialogue, whereby policymakers, business leaders and other stakeholders can evaluate progress on a continual basis.
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Path to Innovation
Core Processes to Invoke Innovative Behaviors and Results by Langdon Morris The purpose of this white paper is to examine some key aspects of innovation as it pertains to the challenges and opportunities that many of today’s organizations face. In particular, we describe what we call The Path to Innovation, a set of core processes that we have found to invoke innovative behaviors, innovative activities, and most importantly innovative results within organizations.
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Permanent Innovation
Permanent Innovation is the process of doing it continuously, by developing an organizational culture that embraces innovation as a core value, practices innovation as a core methodology, and produces innovation as a consistent output. The notion of permanent innovation may at first be startling, in that the concept of permanence implies stability and the absence of change, while the concept of innovation implies constancy of change and novelty. Combining these two, however, yields an important hybrid, the practice of innovation not as an occasional occurrence, but as a regular process of value creation and organizational adaptation.
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