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Multi Sensor Image Fusion For Impulse Noise Removal In Digital Images
The digital images are corrupted by impulse noise due to errors generated in camera sensors, analog-to-digital conversion and communication channels. Therefore it is necessary to remove impul
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Neural Network Based Noise Identification in DigitalImages
Image noise is unwanted information in an image and can occur at any moment of time such as during image capture, transmission, or processing and it may or may not depend on image content. In order to remove the noise from the noisy image, prior knowledge about the nature of noise must be known otherwise noise removal causes the image blurring. Identifying nature of noise is a challenging problem. Many researchers have proposed their ideas on image noise identification and each of the work has its assumptions, advantages and limitations. In this paper, we proposed a new methodology based on neural network for identifying the different types of noise such as Non Gaussian, Gaussian white, Salt and Pepper and Speckle noise.
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A Simple Robust Digital Image Watermarking againstSalt and Pepper Noise using Repetition Codes
In this paper a robust, spatial domain watermarking scheme using simple error control coding technique is proposed. The idea of this scheme is to embed an encoded watermark using (5,1) repetition code inside the cover image pixels by LSB (Least Significant Bit) embedding technique. The proposed algorithm is simple, more robust against Salt and Pepper Noise than LSB only watermarking techniques. In this paper comparison is made between embedding different watermark encoding schemes such as (7, 4) Hamming code, (3, 1) repetition code, (5,1) repetition code and without encoding for different noise density of salt and pepper noise. Result shows watermark encoding scheme using (5,1) repetition code provides better robustness towards random error compared to other said scheme, without much degradation in cover image.
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Photoshop Image editing and applications
There are certain bare essentials for each Photoshop editor that works on images. •The brush tool is used for image masking. •The pen tool is used for path clipping • Adjustment of levels •Layer and layer masks •Multiple undos •Adjusting Brightness has always been an issue, most often pictures turn out darker than expected and correcting brightness can be an issue. Photo editing services helps in retrieving the product in such images by using techniques such as photo enhancement, photo restoration. A number of scheduled tasks go into editing an image such as correction of contrast, warming images and reduction of noise. Image editing techniques can bring out the fundamentals that are required for the image to be corrected accordingly
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Speckle Noise Suppression of SAR Image usingHybrid Order Statistics Filters
Synthetic Aperture Rader (SAR) images are inherently affected by multiplicative speckle noise, which is a granular noise that degrades the quality of SAR information content and akes image interpretation, recognition and terrain classification difficult. In this paper, an lgorithm using Hybrid order statistics filter- MM (Hybrid Mean Median) is proposed, which s a combination of mean and median filters to suppress speckle noise in SAR images. The filter is tested with two different mask sizes of *7 and 5*5. The performance of the proposed ilter is tested against the standard filters such as Frost, Kuan, Lee and Median for reduction f speckle noise. The performance metrics hows that the proposed filter performs better in terms of PSNR and MSE.
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Great Sound and No External Noise With The Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Headphones
If you wish to listen to your music without the disruptions from outside, then you will like the Klipsch Image S4 Headphones. The price is easy on the budget, and the sound is vibrant and the comfort is unrivaled. You will get clean, professional sound which is guaranteed by the outstanding noise isolation and improved bass. The headphones are pretty comfortable to wear due to the innovative ear-tip design that has angled nozzles. The Image S4 has a strain-relief design so it works best on the street or fitness center.
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Random Valued Impulse Noise Removal in ColourImages using Adaptive Threshold and ColourCorrection
To remove random valued impulse noise from colour images, an efficient impulse detection and filtering scheme is presented. The locally adaptive threshold for impulse detection is derived from the pixels of the filtering window. The restoration of the noisy pixel is done on the basis of brightness and chromaticity information obtained from the neighbouring pixels in the filtering window. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed scheme yields much superior performance in comparison with other colour image filtering methods.
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A Novel Method for Image Enhancement
In this paper a novel method for image enhancement using PDTDFB (Pyramidal Dual-Tree Directional Filter Bank) and interpolation has been adopted. Generally, in digital images since the different kinds of noise highly affects various image processing techniques it is always better to perform denoising first. Here, first of all the image is decomposed into two different layers namely low pass sub band and high pass sub band after which denoising is being performed on both the layers so as to smoothen the image. The smoothened image is then interpolated using edgepreserving interpolation and then amplified. Finally, the HR (High Resolution) image is being obtained by performing image composition.
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Additive and Multiplicative Noise Removal Framework for Large Scale Color Satellite Images The satellite images are usually contaminated with multiplicative noises and some additive noises [1, 2]. Due to the large size of images, the removal process of these two types of noises at real-time is time consuming.
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15THINGS Issue 01
This is our first issue. The topic is technology and many things concerned with it. How much is it related to what we do and think?
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