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Art and Aesthetics in the images
The image in contemporary culture and in the arts
Uploaded by panoptikon on 09/19/2010
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Collect the WWWorld. The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age
The last decade has seen an incredible growth in the production and distribution of images and other cultural artefacts. The internet is the place where all these cultural products are stored, classified, voted, collected and trashed. What is the impact of this process on art making and on the artist? Which kind of dialogue is going on between amateur practices and codified languages? How does art respond to the society of information? This is a book about endless archives, image collections, bees plundering from flower to flower and hunters crawling through the online wilderness.
Uploaded by linkeditions on 11/11/2012
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Spatial Aesthetics: Art, Place and the Everyday
This book examines the most recent shifts in contemporary art practice. By working with artists and closely observing the way in which they relate to urban space and engage other people, locally and globally, Nikos Papastergiadis provides a critical account of the transformation of art and public culture. He shows art has sought to democratise the big issues of our time and utilize new information technologies. While the concept of the everyday highlights the potential for transformation at the level of the individual, at the same time it has to be seen as a critique of broader structures; in this book Papastergiadis stresses the importance of situating a work within art history as well as relating it to its social context. Spatial Aesthetics will help artists, curators and cultural workers think about the ways they intervene in public life.
Uploaded by instituteofnetworkcultures on 06/05/2011
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Metaphor, Memory, and Story
Graphic design MFA thesis research by Matthew Wizinsky. University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012. Every word, image, and action is laden with innumerable potential for meaning. To understand the world we inhabit—and ourselves—we translate our living experiencesthrough both physical and cognitive acts of metaphor, memory, and narrative. This research investigates processes involved in the perception and understanding of visual communications; to discover what happens in those learning experiences at the intersection of image and language. The purpose is to identify the potential for evocative communication to convert visual information into meaningful and memorable learning experiences.
Uploaded by studiojunglecat on 11/30/2011
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Stopmotion Animation: Exploring Techniques and Narrative Structures
IDC, IIT Bombay, 3rd Sem Project 2 M.Des. Visual Communication Project Report
Uploaded by chitrachandrashekhar on 12/16/2011
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In Your Computer
In Your Computer, by Domenico Quaranta, is a collection of texts written by Domenico Quaranta between 2005 and 2010 for exhibition catalogues, printed magazines and online reviews: a pocket version of what the author would save from the universal flood, in a world without computers. It documents most of the fields of research he has focused on critically: from Net Art to Software Art and videogames, from biotechnologies to the debate around curating and the positioning of New Media Art in the contemporary landscape, and back to Net Art again. This itinerary is traced through a selection of essays, monographic texts and interviews with artists and curators, in no particular order: from Eva and Franco Mattes to Casey Reas, from UBERMORGEN.COM to Oliver Laric, from Cory Arcangel to Tale of Tales, from Jon Ippolito to Gazira Babeli
Uploaded by linkeditions on 11/11/2012
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Media Art. Strategies of Presentation, Mediation and Dissemination
Media Art. Strategies of Presentation, Mediation and Dissemination
Uploaded by forumlenteng on 01/10/2013
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The Event as a Privileged Medium in the Contemporary Art World
The summer issue of Maska journal brings contributions to the symposium The Event as a Privileged Medium in the Contemporary Art World held at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana in November 2011, as part of the 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts. The guest editor Beti Žerovc focused on various phenomena of art event in order to investigate the nature of this currently very popular medium in the art field. Due to the fact that in its 'eventification' trend the art field is in accord with many other fields, the theoretical contributions in the new issue of Maska are explicitly interdisciplinary and cover a wide variety of subjects.
Uploaded by zavodmaska on 10/21/2012
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UNFIXED: Photography and Postcolonial Perspectives in Contemporary Art
UNFIXED examines photography in postcolonial perspective through the diverse critical positions of an international group of writers, artists and scholars working within contemporary art, photography and cultural analysis.
Uploaded by unfixedprojects on 05/14/2012
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Massachusetts College of Art and Design Graduate Programs Viewbook
A view book for all the Graduate degrees offered by the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
Uploaded by massartgraduateprograms on 11/04/2012
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