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Uploaded by veraicon on 08/07/2008
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Illustration Design - An Effective Medium of Communication
To convey message and represent a concept through online illustration portfolios design like drawing, making photograph of cartoon.
Uploaded by stockphotos1 on 07/20/2010
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Fashion Illustration
The art of fashion assignment illustration is to provide a viewer with an insight to make them immensely aware of what is in the trend.
Uploaded by stockphotos1 on 08/04/2010
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Crockettstudio Design & Art Illustration
Crockettstudio illustrates in a realistic style in color and black & white. Products include advertising illustrations, corporate illustrations, book jacket and interior illustrations, editorial illustrations and interior design illustrations
Uploaded by scstuff on 10/10/2012
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Carrie May Illustration Portfolio
Portfolio showcasing the illustration artwork of Carrie May.
Uploaded by newdivisionillustration on 05/21/2013
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Illustration I frist lecture
Has images showing illustration techniques
Uploaded by kwebb5 on 08/31/2008
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Crockettstudio design & art illustration
Illustration for advertising, corporate, book, editiorial, interiors/architecture
Uploaded by scstuff on 09/16/2012
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Fashion Illustration Exposed Preview
Are you an aspiring fashion illustrator? Maybe just a passionate? Looking to improve your skills of illustrating fashion? "Fashion Illustration Exposed" is a book tailor made for you! Discover insights on designing fashion illustrations from some of the most talented illustrators. Get the Full Book:
Uploaded by fashionarium on 07/05/2010
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Illustration Studio - Urban Design Associates
Urban Design Associates has a long history of communicating architectural and urban design ideas through drawing. Since our formation in the early 1960s, we have always produced our own architectural illustrations. Many of our projects include a dynamic public process and the ability to quickly and clearly portray our ideas in that setting is essential. Because an illustrator works alongside our designers, the development of ideas naturally f lows from plans, sections, and elevations into three-dimensional visualization. In 1998, we formed the UDA Illustration Studio and assembled a team of artists to expand the sophistication and range of media we could offer. Since then, we have led the market creating over 3,000 illustrations for a wide range of projects all over the world while continuing to innovate and evolve the craft of architectural illustration.
Uploaded by urbandesignassociates on 10/27/2010
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Anne Kobsa Illustration Concepts
illustration: editorial, package illustration, storyboard
Uploaded by annekobsa on 03/30/2011
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