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An Enduring Partnership for Development: Central America and the IDB since 1990
This book describes the leading role the IDB played in Central America's development in the 1990s, which was a time of redefining the role of the State, building new relationships with the private sector and civil society, and launching social programs to address the alarming levels of poverty in the region. This publication covers the following topics which were key to the region¿s renewed development: reforms in basic infrastructure, development of financial markets, innovations in the social sectors; significant advances in environmental management, strengthening democracy, regional integration, microenterprise development, natural disasters risk management and donor coordination through leadership of consultative group meetings. The book is the product of extensive interviews and contacts undertaken with literally hundreds of individuals, both in IDB headquarters and field offices, as well as executing agencies, government offices and specialized institutions involved with the p...
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2010 Annual Report of the IDB Cultural Center
For more information, please contact the IDB Cultural Center, Félix Ángel, Director and Curator, 1300 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20577. You may call (202) 623‐3774, fax (202) 623‐3192, e‐mail us at IDB[email protected], or access the IDB Cultural Center’s website at: IDB Cultural Center contacts: • Félix Ángel, Director and Curator (202) 623‐3325 • Soledad Guerra, Office Coordinator (202) 623‐1213 • Anne Vena, Inter‐American Concert, Lecture and Film Series Coordinator (202) 623‐3558 • Elba Agusti, Cultural Development Coordinator (202) 623‐1239 • Debra Corrie, IDB Art Collection Management and Conservation Assistant (202) 623‐3278
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IDB Youth
Brochure describing the IDBYouth program of the IDB.
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IDB and the USA
Brochure for US audiences highlighting the development impact of the IDB.
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IDB LCD series 4665 4670 4680
IDB LCD series 4665 4670 4680
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IDB basic facts sheets
Series of sheets on major development areas in which the Inter-American Development Bank works.
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IDB DLP Series
IDB DLP Series
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Honoring the Past, Building the Future: Fifty Years of Development in Latin America and the Carib...
Although science has unlocked the secrets of the human genome, the causes of social and economic development remain stubbornly enigmatic. Why do some countries adopt new technologies more readily than others? Why does income inequality persist in some regions--even in the face of rapid economic growth? Why do some societies welcome the challenges of globalization while others attempt to turn back the tide? Honoring the Past, Building the Future examines these and many related questions through the experience of Latin America and the Caribbean. In an accessible, journalistic style, author Ricardo Ávila explores a tumultuous half-century in which the region went from backwater to breadbasket, from dictatorship to democracy, and from economic basket case to emerging power.
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IDB in Guatemala
This publication reviews IDB activities and operations in Guatemala, providing an individual section for each major development initiative.
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Mid-term Evaluation of IDB-9 Commitments
In 2010 the Governors of the IDB approved two formal agreements—the “Cancun Declaration” and the “Report on the Ninth General Increase in the Resources of the Inter-American Development Bank”— leading to the Bank’s Ninth General Capital Increase (IDB-9). These agreements tied IDB-9 to a series of reforms broadly intended to strengthen the strategic focus, development effectiveness, and efficiency of the Bank to help it remain relevant and competitive in the years ahead. IDB’s Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) was charged with conducting a midterm evaluation to assess whether these reforms were being implemented fully and effectively. This overview report summarizes the findings of OVE’s evaluation and provides 10 priority recommendations to help the Bank move forward effectively on this broad range of fronts. More in-depth findings and suggestions in individual areas are available in the 22 background papers accompanying this report.
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